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Best Water Sports Tours in Sabah

A holiday in Sabah is like five-holiday destinations condensed into one. This small island is a rare gem with turquoise fringed desert islands and coral reefs swarming with varied marine life, a trekker’s haven with a hike to the peak of Mount Kinabalu into the clouds and tropical forests and rivers pulsing with a menagerie of bug-eyed tarsiers, gibbons, pythons, and crocodiles. If you are a water baby and an adventure junkie, the best watersports tours in Sabah is the perfect getaway for you. The Mecca of diving and snorkeling, Sipadan Island is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world with incredible colorful coral reefs, turtles, rays, trumpet fish, reef sharks and many other exotic species. It is an experience to swim amongst a huge school of Jackfish as they encircle you in middle of them. Scared of taking the plunge, you can still enjoy the diverse marine life by taking a sea walking tour or through an underwater observatory.


Witness the untouched and unique Mangrove forests in their full splendor while indulging in thrilling whitewater rafting in Padas River. A trip to the iconic poring hot springs to soak away the sores and aches of your muscles in sulphuric healing waters is a must. Time flies in this paradise, so get ready to swim, fish, dive, trek, kayak, raft, sail and explore the dense jungles on a roller coaster holiday in Sabah. We have selected the best watersports tours in Sabah for a fun filled and enjoyable experience here.

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