Dubai Marina Cruises: Cruises in & From Dubai Marina

Dubai’s summer sun shines throughout the year, letting the crowd get those cold hands and feet a warmer escape. No matter where the temperatures are dropping, Dubai only talks about dropping on the beaches and hitting those waves. The deep blue sea waves of the Persian Gulf hitting the shores gives one more and more excuses to take off on a cruising boat. Among all the luxuries you are looking to indulge yourself in, cruising and sailing tours in Dubai are great indulgences to consider. The luxurious yachts and cruisers are not the only sailing ships taking over the Persian Gulf from the harbors of Dubai. Still holding on to traditions, the dhows or the ancestral boats of UAE are also visible in the waters, especially during the boat race festivals. If you are lucky you may even get to witness the various sailing races organized around Dubai, which is one of the most spectacular and uncommon experiences to encounter.


Most of these races are organized from Dubai to journey out to Muscat. Takes approximately 3 days one way and the best part is as passengers, one can be an integral part of this race. Breakfast in bed is served everyday. The cruise and sailing tours in Dubai organized by Thrillophilia introduces you to all the best sightseeing points on its shores. The choice of boat is up to you, whether you want to sail in leisure on the elite yachts or experience history on the traditional dhows, Thrillophilia can have it all arranged for you. You can either decide to take a day’s trip for sailing or you can go for the long haul, the trips are worth the make. Fishing and watersports are many such activities the adventurous souls can consider doing while the trips last on the waters.

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