15 Places to Visit in Mumbai for 2 Days For A Perfect Weekend!
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Places to visit in Mumbai for 2 days includes Gateway of India, Prince Of Wales Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Jehangir Art Gallery, Chowpatty Beach, Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Nehru Science Centre and many other tourist attractions.

Wondering which all tourist places in Mumbai to visit for 2 days? Fret not, because you are in for a treat with this list we have compiled for your short trip. Although this coastal metropolis has a lot to offer you that can’t be squeezed in just forty-eight hours, but with a bit of planning, you can sample around the major sights, art, and glamour of Mumbai.

The first place that comes to your mind when thinking of Mumbai is the Gateway of India. But, there are other places around it, that will charm you with their unique character. Some of them are Prince of Wales Museum and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or still famously known as Victoria Terminus.

If you are here with your folks, then Shri Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai with family for 2 days. With all these and more, pack your journey with excitement in this city of dream.

Places to Visit in Mumbai on Day 1


Gateway of India

Gateway of India

Built in the early twentieth century, Gateway of India is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. It is a massive structure made using yellow basalt rock and indissoluble concrete. The 4 turrets made on the middle arch are the prominent features of the monument.

It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay, so it should definitely be in the list of Places to Visit in Mumbai for 2 Days. Moreover, it is the landmark to catch a cruise or a ferry these days. Besides, there is a decent crowd near it so vendors, food stalls and photographers are attracted towards it.

Location: Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Timing: 24 hour

Price: Free


Prince Of Wales Museum

Prince Of Wales Museum

Now known as 'Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya', Prince of Wales Museum is stunning work of stones and lattice. This work is finely blended with Indian, Mughal and British architectural style giving it a unique appearance.

The foundation stone of the museum was laid on 11 November 1905 by Prince Wales and the construction was completed in the year 1915. But the museum was opened to the public on 10 January 1922 with more than 50,000 of the excellent artefacts related to the affluent and varied history of India put on display. This should be definitely shown to the kids so make sure to elist it among Places to Visit in Mumbai with family for 2 Days

Location: 159-161, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023

Timing: 10:15 am to 06:00 pm

Price: 85 INR for Indian tourists above 12 years and 500 INR for foreign tourists


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus / Victoria Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus / Victoria Terminus

Now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the monument is an excellent example of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture blended with traditional Indian architecture. Initially it was a classic building and later renovated to what it looks like now and then it was named Victoria Terminus. It could never be enough complementing the beauty of the CST so definitely keep it in the list of Places to Visit in Mumbai for 2 Days.

The entrance of the monument has two columns, each crowned with a lion representing Britain and tiger representing Indians. The basic structure is made of sandstone and limestone whereas the interiors are decorated with fine quality of Italian marbles. When the night draws upon, the monument looks even more beautiful to an extent that it is crowned as the second most photographed places in India.

Location: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Timing: 24 hours

Price: Free


Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery is hub of paintings and crafts of various famous artists. The making of the gallery was funded by Cowasji Jehangir and hence named after him. It was established in the year 1952 and it has even hosted the works of various legends like M.F. Hussain and S.H. Raza in its whole life span. You will find the best of the bestest as all the art works have to wait for at least two years before getting a chance to be displayed on the walls of it.

These artworks are placed in either of four halls according to the category they fall in. There is a hall for Exhibition Gallery, Auditorium Hall, Terrace Art Gallery and the Hirji Jehangir Gallery. It would be the perfect outing for your parents so make sure to keep it in Places to Visit in Mumbai with family for 2 Days. In fact the outside of the gallery is no less than an exhibition with all the works of the artists who couldn’t make it up to the gallery.

Location: 161B, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Timing: 11:00 am to 07:00 pm

Price: Free


Chowpatty Beach / Girgaon Chowpatty

Chowpatty Beach / Girgaon Chowpatty

Chowpatty Beach is situated along the Marine drive and always bustling with groups of friends and families. One can come here to sit and relax and enjoy the salty breeze. The spot is also famous for beautiful sunsets for which people and couples arrive here.

While spending some quality time in silence, you can munch on the world famous street food being sold by vendors and hawkers near the beach. It transforms itself into a colourful fair at night which is enjoyed by people from all age groups. It displays the local feel of the city so do not forget to put it among Places to Visit in Mumbai for 2 Days.

Location: Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timing: 24 hours

Price: Free


Bandra - Worli Sea Link

Bandra - Worli Sea Link

Officially named as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, is a marvellous work of civil engineering displaying the elegant modern architecture of Mumbai. It is hugging the arc of the coastline of Mumbai and reduces the travel time from Bandra to Worli. It can cater to around 37,500 vehicles a day.

The bridge is overlooking the waters of the Mahim Bay and one can go at the sea link just to enjoy the harbour of the city. While giving beautiful scenes of the city, you can drive here just to catch some good memories and refresh yourself. It is highly suggested to go on a drive at night to witness the city in its bloom with lighting everywhere.

Location: Mahim Bay, Maharashtra 400030

Timing: 70 INR per Car, 110 INR per Tempo/LC V, 145 INR per Truck/Bus

Price: 24 hours


Shri Siddhivinayak Temple

Shri Siddhivinayak Temple

The temple was built in 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. As the couple did not have any children, they decided to build a temple to pay their tribute to God with a hope of fulfilling the wishes of the other infertile women.

The people believe that the idol of Lord Ganesha placed in the temple actually grants wishes which attracts devotees from across the world. It also owes its popularity to the film stars coming here to pray. It is among the richest temple in Mumbai, so make sure to keep it among the Places to Visit in Mumbai for 2 Days.

Location: SK Bole Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Timing: Wednesday to Monday: 5:30 AM to 9:50 PM; Tuesday: 3:15 AM to 12:30 AM

Price: Free

Places to Visit in Mumbai on Day 2


Nehru Science Centre

Nehru Science Centre

Nehru Science Centre is a hub for science education programmes, activities and competitions. They benefit the people and students to learn and experiment more. It is a free and natural environment where science enthusiasts enjoy learning more about the subject.

They can get familiar with the technology by spending time amidst it and among various professionals. Also, the centre tries to innovate the way of communicating the knowledge of science which helps keep the curiosity in students alive. You must keep it among Places to Visit in Mumbai with family for 2 Days even if you aren’t a ‘science person’ because you never know which future scientists is growing up in your house.

Location: Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

Timing: 9:30am–6pm

Price: INR 20 per person


Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is a very beautiful example of Indo-Islamic style of architecture. It is located on a small islet in the Arabian sea which is surrounded by water from all sides. Being connected through a thin strip of land, one can travel to the dargah easily.

However, it can only be accessed in the day time as the tide is low at that time but once the evening draws upon, the tides rise covering the avenue to the dargah. Though you can not go inside the dargah at night, but you can surely witness the divine scene of the lit shrine surrounded by nothing but sea.

Location: Dargah Rd, Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timing: 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Price: Free


Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum / Victoria & Albert Museum

Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum / Victoria & Albert Museum

Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, considered as Mumbai’s oldest museum was once also known as the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is the very first colonial monument built by the Britishers to serve the purpose of a museum for exhibiting India’s rich culture and tradition to the world.

It was opened for public in 1857 and had its charm across the world. After independence, it was renamed after Dr Bhau Daji Lad in the year 1975 to show respect to the man who made the establishment of the museum possible with his vision and dedication.

Location: 91 A, Rani Baug, Veer Mata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027

Timing: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

Price: INR 10 for Indian adults; INR 5 for Indian kids; INR 100 for foreign tourists


Sri Babulnath Temple

Sri Babulnath Temple

Sri Babulnath Temple is an excellent example of Indian architecture. It is situated on a small hill at the end of the Queen’s Necklace near Girgaum Chowpatty. The temple is one of the oldest in Mumbai where you will get to witness fine carvings on the outside of the temple.

The main idols were placed in the temple in the 12th century. By the passage of time, the temple got layered under the earth and got lost. But later these idols were re-discovered in the 18th century and the present temple was constructed to place these idols.

Location: 16, Near, Babulnath Rd, Chowpatty, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004

Timing: 05:00 am to 10:00 pm

Price: Free


Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens

Located on the slopes of Malabar hills, Hanging Gardens are one of the favourite spots of the locals. The gardens is overlooking the magnificent Arabian sea and also shows some of the best views of high rise buildings of the city. Built in 1880, the garden is dedicated to Barrister Pherozeshah Mehta and so you will see the letter PMG from the top view as a short form for Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens.

You can witness animal shaped hedges in the garden which looks stunning with backdrop of lush green vegetation. The clock made from flowers is also a piece for attracting people. You can use this garden as a place for jogging and yoga like other people do.

Location: Ridge Rd, Simla Nagar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006

Timing: 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

Price: Free


Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda is a meditation hall which is shaped like a dome. It can have 8,000 people inside it at one time. It is the quietest place amidst the very loud city of Mumbai. Devotees across India and the world come here to have sessions of meditation.

You can also come here and get a free 10 minutes session and further decide if you want to enroll in it or not. It is a true eye opener as you will know the importance of mediation and connecting to yourself after having a session or two here.

Location: Global Pagoda Road, Near Esselworld Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091

Timing: 9 am–7 pm

Price: Free


Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala is India’s oldest and Mumbai’s only aquarium located on the candid Marine Drive. You can witness an array of more than 100 species of colorful marine and freshwater fish. Included in that, there are coral fish from Lakshadweep Islands and bottles containing fossils, preserved fish and rare sea-shells.

They have also placed a 360-degree acrylic glass tunnel where you can walk through the colors and freshness of the sea. Also, they have introduced special pools where children can touch harmless fish. All over the experience will prove to be a good one.

Location: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive, Near Charni Road Railway Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002

Timing: 10am–8pm

Price: INR 60 for an Indian adult; INR 30 for kids; INR 20 for students; INR 200 for foreign adults; INR 100 for foreign child


Castella de Aguada

Castella de Aguada

Castella de Aguada is also known as Bandra Fort. It is an ancient fort which is located at the Land’s End in Bandra and shows panoramic scenes of the magnificent Arabian Sea to the west passionately going back and forth the coast of Mumbai. It is also overlooking the Worli to the south and Mahim to the south west.

It is because the purpose of constructing this fort was to keep an eye on the surroundings of the kingdom for any upcoming threats. But now you can enjoy the beauty around it. The fort is made on several levels giving an array of view along with a beautiful sunset.

Location: Byramji Jeejeebhoy Road, Bandstand Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Timing: 6am–6:30pm

Price: Free

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mumbai

  1. What are the best places to visit in Mumbai?

    With something for everyone, Mumbai is a city that will bring you the thrill you cannot find anywhere! Click Here to Know More.

    Gateway of India: 25 km from Mumbai Airport
    Marine Drive: 22 km from Mumbai Airport
    Chowpatty Beach: 20 km from Mumbai Airport
    Juhu Beach: 6 Km from Mumbai Airport
    Siddhivinayak Temple: 11 km from Mumbai Airport
    Worli Seaface: 14 km from Mumbai Airport
    Haji Ali: 17 km from Mumbai Airport
  2. Which are the best places to visit near Mumbai during Monsoon for weekends?

    There is a bucketful of places to visit near Mumbai during Monsoon for your next trip during monsoons. Go high in clouds and live in the beauty of nature.

    Karnala - Famous for River Rafting located at 50 km from Mumbai
    Panchgani - Famous for rock climbing, paragliding, camping and located at 243 Km from Mumbai
    Matheran - Famous for rock climbing, trekking and located at 83 Km from Mumbai
    Igatpuri - Famous for trekking, camping, rappelling, zip-lining and located at 121 Km from Mumbai
    Alibaug - Famous for bird watching, water sports, temple hopping, waterfall rappelling and located at 282 Km from Mumbai
  3. How can I visit Mumbai for 2 days?

    You can visit Mumbai for 2 days and enjoy your trip while travelling to all the significant places. Here is the itinerary for 2 days:

    Day 1:
    Gateway of India- 30 mins to 1 hour
    Prince of Wales Museum- 2 hours
    Jehangir Art Gallery - 1 hour
    Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus - 30 mins
    Marine Drive- 30 mins to 1 hour
    Chowpatty Beach- 1 hour

    Day 2:
    Sri Siddhivinayak Temple- 1 hour
    Bandra-Worli Sea Link- 30 mins
    Nehru Science Centre- 1-2 hours
    Haji Ali Dargah- 30 mins
    Mahalakshmi Temple- 30 mins
    Bhau Daji Lad Museum- 1-2 hours
    Sri Babulnath Temple- 30 mins to 1 hour
    Hanging Garden - 30 mins - 1 hour

    This itinerary is made according to the closing hours of the place, the best time of the day to visit and the route you will have to follow.
  4. How many days should I spend in Mumbai?

    3 days is the ideal number to spend in Mumbai. However, if you are short on time then covering the entire city in 2 days is not difficult. You can choose the most important places in the city and cover them. Thrillophilia brings various packages to help you customise your trip in an efficient way.

    You can choose any of the packages considering your budget and the time in hand and have a great experience.
  5. How can I visit Mumbai in 3 days?

    You can easily cover all the important places in Mumbai within 3 days. You just have to book your hotel at a good spot which connects to all the important places in the city. This way you can save time roaming around the city and visit all the best spots of it. Here is a general idea of the itinerary you can follow:

    Day 1: Gateway of India Colaba and Colaba Causeway Sassoon Docks Apollo Bandar Slum and Market
    Day 2: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Jyotiba Phule Market Dhobi Ghat Haji Ali Dargah Marine Drive Chowpatty Beach
    Day 3: Elco Pani Puri Centre Bumblebee Rickshaws and Juhu Beach ISKCON Temple Mount Mary Church and Bandra Fair
  6. What is famous in Mumbai to buy?

    Mumbai is famous for a lot of things which you can take home as souvenirs and use too. Being a part of the western ghats, Mumbai houses aromatic and pure spices which you can take home.

    Decoration pieces from The Bombay Store gets a lot of attention when it comes to souvenirs which you can take home for yourself or to gift your near and dears. You can buy jewellery from Colaba causeway. Saris and Clothing could also be bought as Mumbai is a hub of fashion and you will be able to pick some exclusive pieces from here. Art pieces and Retro Bollywood posters are another good choice to take from the very talented Mumbai.
  7. Where can I go for a weekend in Mumbai?

    Being filled with a lot of places, Mumbai offers numerous spots to spend the weekend. You can find a variety of fun at distinct places. Here is the list you can consider for the weekend:

    1. A stroll at Marine Drive Binge on the renowned fast and street food
    2. Go at one of the local beaches like Juhu or Chowpatty
    3. Hit the Imagica with friends or family
    4. Shopping at a local market for example Colaba Causeway, etc.
    5. Visit a holy place like Sidhivinayak Temple or Haji Ali Dargah Meditation at Pagoda

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