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  • 01Ticket to Skyline Luge Sentosa and Skyride, Singapore Flat 30% off

    Ticket to Skyline Luge Sentosa and Skyride, Singapore Flat 30% off
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    About the Activity:
    • There’s no other ride that allows you the freedom to be in full control yet delivering a rush of adrenaline like Skyline Sentosa Luge.
    • Both kids and adults can safely enjoy this award winning Singapore attraction which is a local and international favorite.
    • Take your pick from the 688 metre Dragon Trail or the 628 metre Jungle Trail that are specially designed with hairpin corners and exciting slopes.
    • Feel the wind in your hair as you zip down the tracks that is bound to keep you coming back time and time again.
    • Board the Skyride for a scenic bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island, Singapore city Skyline and South China Sea.
    • The site opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 08:30 PM.

  • 02Singapore Cable Car Tickets - Flat 25% off

    Singapore Cable Car Tickets - Flat 25% off
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    With an amazing history and amazing purpose, the Singapore Cable Car is one of the most amazing features of the city-state. Connecting the Faber Peak on the mainland Singapore to the entertainment world of Sentosa Island, the Singapore cable car was the first in the world that was built to cross a sea. Spanning over the Keppel Harbor, the cable car provides some of the most amazing views of the trifecta that make up the entire experience of Singapore. Riding in the gondolas will serve you aerial views of the most amazing attractions of Singapore, Sentosa Island and the ocean around.

    While on the Singapore cable car, you can get breathtaking views of the Universal Studios, S.E.A aquarium, Maritime Experiential Museum and the Adventure Cove Waterpark from the ride. Also, the view of the harborfront that falls somewhere in between the two end destinations is equally breathtaking. If you are in Singapore and are planning to go to Sentosa, then the best choice will be to ditch the private and public transport on roads and choose to instead soar high above the waterfront by taking the more scenic aerial route.

    As the island offers many experiences, alighting at different stations would bring you various experiences. For example, if you get down at the Merlion station, you will get amazing sandy beaches, the way to Underwater World Singapore, Madame Tussauds, and many more such amazing adventures here. Similarly, every stop offers some unique experiences, and are a must try.

    This ticket includes the fees for the Singapore cable car ride.

    About the Activity:

    • Soar high above the two destinations through the sky on the most scenic highway in Singapore for priceless views.
    • Fly high above the hill from Faber Peak Singapore, through a skyscraper and cross the harbor on the Mount Faber Line before landing in Sentosa Island.
    • Along the way, look out for the dolphins down below at Resorts World Sentosa’s Adventure Cove.
    • Choose your stop at the Merlion station, to enjoy the sandy beaches, Underwater World Singapore, Madame Tussauds and many more.
    • Be spellbound and enthralled by the setting sun as the night unfolds a picturesque Singaporean landscape with a transparent compartment providing you with a stunning 360-degree read of the Southern city district with its clear enclosure.

    Operational Hours- 08:45 to 22:00 (Last cable car leaves at 21:30)

    Group Size- Minimum 1 and maximum 60

    Ticketing Counters: 

    Merlion Station:
    • Address- 2 Siloso Road, Singapore 098973
    Sentosa Station:
    • Address- 50 Imbiah Road 
    Harbourfront Station:
    • Address- Harbourfront Tower 2, 3 Harbourfront Place, Level 1, Singapore 099254
    Siloso Point Station:
    • Address- 81 Siloso Road, Singapore 098979
    Imbiah Lookout Station:
    • Address- 60 Imbiah Road, Singapore 098466
    Mount Faber Station:
    • Address- 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203

    Singapore Cable Car Route:

    Sentosa Line Stations: 
    • Merlion Station
    • Siloso Point Station
    • Imbiah Lookout Station
    Mount Faber Line Stations:
    • Mount Faber Station (Faber Peak Singapore)
    • HarbourFront Station (HarbourFront Tower 2)
    • Sentosa Station (Imbiah Lookout – next to Gift Shop)

  • 03Night Safari Singapore - Flat 28% off

    Night Safari Singapore - Flat 28% off
    • h4 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lSingapore City
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    About the Activity: 
    • Embark on the world’s first Night Safari Singapore, set in 40 hectares of secondary jungle and explore the charm of the tropical jungle after dusk with stunning effects.
    • See a myriad of nocturnal animals, from predators to timid forest dwellers in their natural habitat under the moonlight.
    • Pass by a large reservoir and weave through selected habitats designed to imitate the natural environment from the Himalayan Foothills to the Southeast Asian rain-forest.
    • The guide will take you on a walking trail to view some animals at close quarters. 
    • There will also be an opportunity to catch either the Thumbuakar performance of fire-eating skills or an animal extravaganza at the Creatures of the Night Show.
    • You can choose to add on a buffet meal composed of local favorites and international cuisine in a charmingly rustic setting at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.
    *Note- You can avail for just the tickets to the Night Safari Singapore or tickets with a shared transfer.
    Time Slots Available: 19:15, 20:15, 21:15, 22:15

    About the Singapore Night Safari:

    Night Safari Singapore is a ‘one of its kind’ adventure in Singapore and a first of its kind experience in the entire world. A nocturnal zoo in the very heart of Singapore, the night safari, along with the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, covers the biggest part of the rainforests of Singapore near the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

    Spread in 86 acres of land, the Night Safari is home to more than 2500 animals from more than 130 species. Out of the so many species that call this place their home, almost 40% come under the category of threatened. With the annual footfall of about 1.1 million visitors, this place is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore, owing to its uniqueness on many fronts.

    Apart from the obvious night time safari expedition, the place is also famous for the new and unique way of exhibiting the animals. The place employs almost invisible and camouflaged ways of separating the visitors from the animals while maintaining an uninterrupted and undisturbed view for the visitors. These include glass walls, wet and dry moats.

    The park is divided into 7 geographical zones, this open-air zoo in Singapore opens only at night. One can explore this place on foot as well as on the trams, and see animals lightened up by artificial lighting that resembles moonlight. And apart from the usual animal sightseeing, there are many shows that also take place in the Night Safari.

    The animals that call this place their home are the Asian Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Malayan Tiger, White African Lion, Fishing Cat, Red, and White Flying Squirrels, Spotted Hyena and many more such amazing and rare creatures. You can visit these in special zones created especially for them like the leopard trail, fishing cat trail, east lodge trail. Wallaby trail and 3 other such special regions of biodiversity in the rainforest.

    The night safari Singapore ticket includes the entrance fee to the park, services of an English Speaking guide, tram rides to explore the place and entry to the animal show that is happening on the day of your visit.

  • 04River Safari Singapore - Flat 17% off

    River Safari Singapore - Flat 17% off
    • h9 Hours
    • lSingapore City
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    About the Activity:
    • Reach the site and visit River Safari Singapore, Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. 
    • Inspired by the world’s iconic river habitats, this exotic park is home to 200 land and aquatic animal species. 
    • Stroll alongside freshwater aquariums and walk-through exhibits, including attractions such as the Giant Panda Forest and the world’s largest freshwater aquarium – the Amazon Flooded Forest. 
    • End your tour with a 10-15 mins peaceful and rejuvenating boat ride. And if this is not enough, the ticket entitles you to 2 boat rides
    Operational hours- 10:00 to 19:00

    About the Place:

    The first of its kind, river safari Singapore is a zoo and aquarium in Singapore based on the river theme. First of its kind, as the attractions here are boat rides in the freshwater river streams which are the home to many marine and wild animals. The 30-acre property is so famous that it attracts almost close to a million visitors every year. The park is also the home to a tropical rainforest, which along with the animals housed here, makes it an amazing and favorite attraction in the heart of Singapore.

    An informative and immersive experience, the Singapore River Safari is an experience for everyone. No matter if you are coming with your family, kids, friends, partner or with your solo self, the River Safari is an adventure for all. Home to more than 200 species of marine and land animals, this adventure park features a number of aquariums and biomes housing different creatures. The biomes here include many famous names like the Giant Panda Forest and the Amazon Flooded forest to name a few. You can ride through many famous rivers like Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, and others, to learn how they affect the life inside and around them.

    Singapore River Safari is also home to about 42 endangered species of animals including anacondas, electric eels, freshwater stingrays, manatees, giant catfishes, Pandas that are on a loan from China, alligators, red pandas, jaguars and many more that have been specially transferred from various parts of Asia to make the entire roster more elaborate and attract people of all ages. Also part of the amazing and award-winning zoo attraction of Singapore is the elusive squirrel monkeys that are famous for being the only species of their subfamily.

    You will be picked up from your hotel and be taken directly to the spot which is a complex housing three of the main zoo attractions. one of which is our very own River Safari Singapore. For the next few hours, enjoy the many attractions of the safari, witnessing some of the most amazing creatures in their natural habitat, in the many aquariums and walk-through exhibits of the Singapore  River Safari. At the end of it all, enjoy a boat ride, called the Amazon River Quest, with live commentary and bring the trip to an end. But don’t be disappointed, as the ticket entitles you to not one, but two boat rides, so you don’t miss out on any fun.

    Wondering what you can do and see at the River Safari Singapore? You can visit the Amazon Flooded Forest to see a wide variety south American aquatic life in the record holding freshwater aquarium. Or you can go visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the giant Pandas from China. Or you can enjoy the boat rides called Amazon River Quest and River Safari Cruise to see various animals like Brazilian Tapirs, Capybaras, Jaguars, Black Howler Monkeys, Giraffes, and Asian Elephants.

    Operating Hours:

    Daily, 10:00 to 19:00

    How To Reach:

    Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

    Public Buses: 138 and 927