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Traveller Tales from Rumsu


Parth Shah

28 May 2017

"The best view comes after the hardest climb." - This cannot be more true. Few months ago, two of my friends and I were just looking for a small vacation break and wanted to visit the North region of India. As we were a beginner, we were looking for trips with average difficulty. Taking a chance in the unknown, we went ahead to book the Chanderkhani Pass from Thrillophilia. Since this was our first trip into the mountains, we were both, nervous and excited. On reaching there, we did few activities including rappelling and acclimatization walk. The scenic beauty from the base camp was superb as we could see the mountains covered with the snow. The excitement to reach there doubled after that. Day one ended on a good note after we were given a brief orientation about the next three days. We started for the Chanderkhani pass on Day Two. As we were marching towards the Naya Tapru camp, we saw a lot of natural scenery including green hills, snowy mountains and small waterfalls. On reaching there, we had our dinner and a born fire to end the day. Day three marked our marching towards the Chaklani Camp which was our last stop. From chaklani we marched towards the Chanderkhani Pass which was an uphill on snow. After an hour of ascend in the snow, we finally reached the peak of Chanderkhani. The view from this point was incomparable and totally worth watching. For descending, we did snow slides with the help of the guides which was a different fun all together. Taking the memories of the this few moments, we went back to the Chaklani camp. On Day four, we started to descend back to the base camp which was a journey of 4 hours. To sum it up, it was an amazing experience for us and I recommend this trek if you are a beginner. Ending the post with this,"Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer"

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Rajdeep dev

14 April 2015

Like I heard from others, the Chanderkhani Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the best ways to stay cut-off from the rest of the world and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer us. Yes, every bit of this came true as I started this exhilarating trek. It is an ideal way to relax and refresh your mind. Take it atleast once and you will realise this.


Ayush Dwivedi

07 May 2015

Awesome place, and what a weather, you will fall in love with everything there. The beauty of the Himalayas, the camping, the trekking and obviously the weather conditions. It’s the best escape you could get from same old city life. I recommend it to each and every one of you.


Gaurav Jain

07 May 2015

Finally one thing on my bucket list if ticked, I made it. The place has so much to offer in the form of peace, beauty and location that you can’t get over this place no matter how many times you go. I myself have gone here 5 times and i truly find it amazing the each time.


Kshitij Kasthiya

08 April 2015

It’s like so addicting…that you just can’t step down from those hills. Brilliant experience, Beautiful views all around and also an easy trek. It is highly suitable for the beginner trekkers. Beautiful…each and every phase of the trek was like a heaven on earth.


Deepak Goel

07 May 2015

Trekking on snow is not at all easy it may seem easy in cheesy Indian romantic movies. But the view that you get here is definitely the same and much more beautiful then what you see in movies and net.


Acharyasuta Khan

17 July 2015

The place is very attractive untill the landscape changes when you approach the trekking pass. Be prepared for a lot of hard work that will take a toll of your body. First time trekkers must be cautious about the height and the landscape. Trekking is not recommended for families. Overall the stay was good.

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Chandraayan Shah

17 July 2015

You will fall in love with this place while trekking in the mountains crossing the forests. You will be repeatedly pointed that you are alive. Camping was fun but the equipments were not what it was expected. A little disappointed on the management. The trip could have been better if the services were better but overall i would say it was a Good Trip.

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Aryan Agarwal

19 May 2015

Chandrakhani Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh was a very interesting trek. I had a really great time with the trek. I enjoyed the trek a lot. It was a tough trek especially to me as I was not trekking for quite some time now, but it was a brilliant experience to say the least. The tent stay on Day 1 was great. Despite the insects around and a bit of uncomfortable chilly feeling, it was a nice experience overall to stay in tents. The trekking was a short and a nice one that followed.

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