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National Museum

National Museum is certainly the best of its kind and is a must visit tourist attraction. It is nicknamed the 'Ganesh Museum' accredited to the large elephant sculptures out front.

Highlights: The massive collection of the museum begins around the 1862 building’s open courtyard that is stacked with humongous statues that are over 1000 years old. There is also a gigantic 4.5 meter stone image of the Bhairawa king. To best explore the museum, you can take a guided tour in English language. Tours are also available in Korean, French and Japanese language at the other times of the day.

Location: National Museum is located at Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10110, Indonesia.

Timings: Tue-Fri: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Sat-Sun: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The museum is shut on Monday.

Price: Adult: 10,000 Rp and Child: 2000 Rp.

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What You Should Know More About Jakarta

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Before planning a visit to Jakarta, it is always a good idea to check out the weather report once.

    • Touts must be strictly avoided.

    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form. It can land you in deep trouble.

    • Never consume liquor more than you can handle.

    • Avoid traveling in secluded places during night hours.

    • Girls, please ensure that the clothes you wear are not indicative of any wrong intensions.

    • If you travel during the night hours, go in a group.

    • Avoid carrying too much cash with you.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you. It is good to attain enough information about the place before you go there.

    • Do not flash your valuables or cash in public. This can be an invitation for the pickpockets.

    • Beware of the cheap and fake liquor.

    • Never drink water from the bottle that has its seal broken.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the hotel room.

    • Make sure you keep your visa and passport safely.

    • Do not get over friendly with your guide or the hotel staff.

    • Cross check the bills before paying.

    • Opt for a metered cab or a prepaid taxi only.

    • Don’t entertain the beggars here.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    Countrywide there are no bans on liquor.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Museum Nasional

    The National Museum is one of the top tourist places in Indonesia. You will be charmed with the marvelous collection that begins from the open courtyard of this 1862 building. The impressive millennia-old statuary includes a colossal 4.5 meter stone image dedicated to Bhairawa king from Rambahan in Sumatra. The ethnology section is quite fabulous where you can check out wooden statues from Nias sporting beards, Dayak puppets along with some fascinating textiles. Tourists must not miss a chance to examine the modern wing which has four floors with separate sections highlighting the origin of mankind in Indonesia. One would be stupefied after viewing the gold treasures from Candi Brahu in Central Java. There are glittering armbands, necklaces and a bowl which depict scenes from the Ramayana. The back side of the courtyard is filled with architectural pieces that are quite superb. This museum also houses a textile collection with the presence of vibrant fabrics such as koffo from Sulawesi.

    Jin De Yuan

    There are several religious landmarks in Jakarta, but this Buddhist temple has a classic architecture that dates back to 1755. Jin De Yuan must surely top in your list of popular places to see in the city. The main structure has an exquisite roof which is crowned by two dragons. Whereas, the interior is highly atmospheric due to the presence of incense smoke floating over ancient bells, drums and Buddhist statues. Do not miss to check out the wonderful calligraphy which is the strongest aspect of Jin De Yuan.

    Museum Bank Indonesia

    This museum is one of the eminent tourist places in Jakarta. It is known to possess strong traces of the history of Indonesia through a loosely financial perspective. All the displays along with audio visuals are wonderfully presented with the availability of exhibits related to the financial meltdown and spice trade of 1997. You can also check out the gallery dedicated to currency that consists of notes from various countries across the globe.

    Taman Fatahillah

    This central cobblestone square is surrounded by attractive colonial buildings that also include the old town hall. Tourists can rent a bike or simply access a tour that would suit perfect for learning about this area. Both local as well as foreign travelers would be inspired by Taman Fatahillah. During the Dutch domination, it was known as Stadhuis Plein. Later the region was named after the commander who captured Sunda Kelapa in the 16th century from the Portuguese. You can plan a stay close to Taman Fatahillah as there are several fully equipped hotels nearby.

    Merdeka Square

    Merdeka Square, meaning independence square, is basically a trapezoid which measures almost 1 sq. km. In the 19th century, it was called as the Kings Square that was highlighted as the focal point since the government had to be shifted to this area. Numerous tourists prefer Merdeka Square for sightseeing since it used to be a prime hub for different governmental buildings. But after the start of mid-1990s almost all the buildings were cleared.

  • Q. What you will like here?

    The Mouth-watering Food

    The mouth watering food of Jakarta definitely makes it a popular tourist attraction especially amongst the foodies. It is a home to some of the most high-end restaurants as well as the trendy eateries that lure the visitors. For some, the best food scene of Jakarta happens on its streets. Don’t miss out on the deep fried goodness that can be literally translated to the ‘fried things’ -  Gorengan. Another dish that you must try on the streets of Indonesia is its noodles, Aceh. It is basically a spicy and a curried noodle soup that will just awaken your senses. Your holiday to Jakarta is incomplete with you hogging onto the flagship dishes of Indonesia which is a very subtle, simple and definitely delicious meat skewers that is known by the name of sate. For those feeling brave, sampling the popular durian desserts like the sweet durian pancake is an important thing to do.     

    The Historical Sites

    Undeniably, the history of Indonesia and Jakarta is definitely one of the most fascinating ones in the world. This often gets overwhelming for the tourists who come here for sightseeing. Jakarta offers a dozens of places to see that will help you understand the rich and complex history of the country. One example of this rich history is the Catholic Cathedral and the Istiqlal Mosque that are two of the largest of their kind in Asia. The two are an exemplary of the harmony and religious tolerance with the city. Another must see historical site in the city is the National Monument in Monas that lies near the National History Museum which is a commendable place to learn about the history of Indonesia.

    The Malls and Markets
    Indonesia is a home to more than 150 mega massive shopping malls. The giant malls of the city definitely attract a lot of shopaholics to the city. Such malls offer the requisite air conditioned relief from the burning heat outside. They also assure the best shopping experience in whole of Asia that too at a price lower than what you’ll find in the surrounding countries. So, if you wish to rub your shoulders with the locals while experiencing a great shopping experience, plan a visit to one of the malls in Indonesia. If you are not a mall friendly person, then you can head to one of those sprawling outdoor markets. The most hyped outdoor markets of Indonesia include Tanah Abang and Menteng. The two offer an array of products at a very budget friendly price especially if you are good at the art of bargaining.  

    Wonderful Weather

    Indonesia is one of the most loved tourist attraction in Asia. Reason? The weather here stays relatively warm all round the year. Climate here is tropical and the average temperature noted here ranges from 28 to 30 °C, almost every day. If you plan to tour Jakarta during the months of October to May, you’ll have to embrace the rain. Majorly, the city experiences two types of seasons – Dry and Wet. The dry season is a popular time for those who come to Jakarta for some sightseeing. You can experience the dry season between the months of June to September. During this time, the humidity is low and travel is easy and comfortable. This doesn’t mean that you must delay your trip. Wet season in Jakarta is equally beautiful. The rain shouldn’t bother you rather it can be a good idea to visit then as the number of tourists making a visit then is fairly less. Jakarta also sees some dry and sunning days despite the wet season. Rain here just lasts few hours so there is enough time for you to enjoy your travel. When the weather is subtle, you can enjoy some water sports like river rafting. Trekking the mysterious and the very attraction Halimun national park, is an important thing to do here.

    Best Nightlife City in Asia

    Want to experience the best nightlife in Asia? Head to Jakarta. The party and night scene here is incredible. Jakarta is very people friendly so you’ll never face any issues even during the night hours. Most of the night clubs and the bars of the Jakarta are lined with a mix of Western expats and the upper class Indonesians. This makes it easy for you to converse with the people and have a safe night out venture. Partying in Indonesia is a little pricey affair and you can budget your night at around $ 150 per night. Entry to the night clubs can be as much as $ 20 and the cocktails usually start at $ 10.

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