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What You Should Know More About Qatar

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Book your tour through an authorized travel agency.

    ·         Follow a proper dress code when you have to visit mosques and other religious places. Ideally, you should carry a scarf to cover your head when at mosques.

    ·         The climate here is hot, arid and dry and hence, carry clothes accordingly. The weather gets cold at night so carry a few light winter wear clothes as well.

    ·         Take care of your cash and expensive belongings.

    ·         Do not offend the culture and traditions of the locals in any way.

    ·         Do not wear flashy jewelry and clothing on the trip.


  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age to consume alcohol in Qatar is 19 years, for all types of alcoholic drinks. You should carry your age verification proof in order to provide it whenever asked for.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Al Thakhira Beach

    The Al Thakhira beach is a landmark at the Northern side of Al Khor Corniche. The length of this beach stretches to 10km. and all of this is extremely serene, clean and calm. You will have a great time luring at the scenery of the blue sparkling waters touching the shore and enjoy different types of views of the old shore, mangrove trees, outcrops, golden sand deserts and flocks of birds flying over the sea. You will enjoy a goof full day at this sight-seeing destination.

    Aqua Park

    If you are a water sports enthusiast, the themed Aqua Park in Qatar is somewhere you should head. This is a venture of the Al Jazeera Entertainment and has many different rides of different difficult levels of people of all ages. You can enjoy a fun day out with your family at this place. Keep in mind that you have to look into the swim wear dress code before you visit the park and purchase swimwear accordingly.

    Al Shahaniya Camel Racetrack

    Camel Racing, known as the main sport of the Shaikhs is a very popular activity in Qatar, and Al Shahaniya Camel track is a popular race track for this sport. The visitors here can enjoy an amazing race and get to see the royal looking venue, where one of the most expensive sports played in Qatar is held.

    Barzan Towers

    The Barzan towers, standing tall in the blue skies are a place which will give you some of the best views of the blue sea. Initially built as watchtowers for the coast, currently this place is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Qatar. You can spend a relaxing time, admiring the amazing views of the sea from this tower.

    Doha Film City

    The film city in Doha is one of the most authentic places in Qatar. It is a recreation of an antique Arabic Village over here and is a really fantastic site to visit. The site around film city is almost deserted and hence, the tourists feel like they are in an abandoned ghost town. Hence, this arid place is exciting as well as food for curiosity.

    Doha Zoo

    Doha Zoo is one of the most exciting and fun-filled place to see in Doha. Housing a great variety from the animal kingdom, this zoo is a well maintained place which is completely family friendly. If you want to visit a sight-seeing destination where each member of your family enjoys equally, this is a perfect destination to visit. It is a miniature animal kingdom where you will also be able to see some desert creatures.

    Katara Cultural Village

    This place is also known as the Valley of Cultures and it ideally got this name because it is a place which reflects the traditions, art, architecture, folk and theatre native to this place. If you want to experience the real authenticity of Qatar, this is the most perfect place to visit. You are advised to spend a full day here so that you are able to enjoy the destination completely.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Calm Beaches

    Blue serene beaches with amazing landscape views are a jewel in the crown for Qatar. There are many long stretching beaches, which offer an amazing landscape view of deserts, mangrove forests and the nature around Qatar. You can enjoy a really calm time on one of the msny beaches in Qatar.

    Preserved Culture

    The culture and traditions of Qatar are effectively preserved by the locals over here. The culture, traditions and art over here are kept intact in its purest form. The people here are really dedicated towards following traditions in the most charming way.

    Local Cuisine

    Local cuisine, especially non vegetarian food is really tasty in Qatar. Once you try it, you are guaranteed to savour the flavours for the rest of your life. Food in Qatar will be a treat to your taste buds and will get you fall in love with this place.

    Tourist convenience

    Qatar is a place frequented by tourists and hence, you will definitely have a great convenience over here. From stay, restaurants, transport, tour booking and conveyance facilities, everything in Qatar is effectively managed, looking at the convenience of tourists.

    Desert Safaris

    There is nothing better than getting to spend time in vast stretching sand dunes, riding on camels and hummers amid the desert and camping over there. Enjoy your safaris, eat local food amid the desert, click many pictures and enjoy the local alcoholic drinks offered to you. You will surely love the desert safaris over here and enjoy the overall experience.

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