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What You Should Know More About Mexico

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you do not travel alone in the night hours.

    ·         Ensure that you have had sufficient research before going to any new place.

    ·         Nudity is strictly prohibited.

    ·         If you are visiting a temple or a religious place, make sure you dress accordingly.

    ·         Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public place.

    ·         Always ensure that you book a room in an area that is known to you.

    ·         Avoid booking a hotel in any shady region.

    ·         Beware of thefts. Make sure you have kept all your cash and valuables safely.

    ·         Enquire about the room safe before booking a hotel.

    ·         Do not leave any of your valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Do not get involved in any fight with anyone.

    ·         Make sure you double check the seal of the water bottle before buying.

    ·         Check the quality of the street food before ordering for it.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Girls make sure you do not get over friendly with the locals here.

    ·         Learn some words from the local language prevalent in the region.

    ·         Do not book any cab or taxi without negotiating the fare for the same. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Mexico is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Cancún and the Mayan Riviera

    Sprawling across a beautiful stretch of coastline nestled on the Gulf of Mexico are the prominent resort destinations of Playa del Carmen, Cancún along with the island of Cozumel which is collectively famous as the Mayan Riviera. The alluring region on the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula seems to attract over 5 million visitors on annual basis. This also leads to a generation of over 20% or even more of the total revenue of Mexico. Despite all this, you are more or less unlikely to feel like being a part of the crowd because of the wide spread beaches of Riviera and the endless azure waters. This area also is a massive playground for an array of fun activities such as stingray and dolphin swim, snorkeling and swimming among the tropical fish and the reefs. If you enjoy water sports like scuba diving, you can head to the world’s biggest underwater museum.

    Puerto Vallarta

    Another magnificent beach destination that is located in the Pacific coastal region of Mexico is the Puerto Vallarta. Shortened as Vallarta, this city is majorly untouched by the modern development. It first appeared on the vacation radar in the 1960s for it being the playground for the social elite of North America. Ever since then, it has become hugely popular amongst the foreigners who are seeking a second home in the relatively warmer climate. At present, the city is more or less likely to attract an older cruise ship audience who might come here seeking a good swim with the dolphins. You can also enjoy adventure activities such as jet skiing and paragliding. Shopping for art and crafts is another fun thing to do here.

    Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Corridor

    On the southern end of the majestic Baja Peninsula, lies the Los Cabos that is commonly regarded as the Cabo. It is regarded as the top beach destination of Mexico. It comprises of a vast stretch of coastline which extends from the towns of the San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas and is more commonly referred to as the Los Cabos Corridor. Los Cabos Corridor is a 30 km stretch of pristine beaches which is known to attract a variety of visitors for its crystal clear water which is ideal for activities such as fishing, snorkeling and diving. A number of resorts are also found here catering to every budget and taste.

    Copper Canyon: Mexico's Grand Canyon

    One of the northerly states of Mexico, Chihuahua shares its border with the US and New Mexico. Copper Canyon is one of the most visited natural attraction of the city. The magnificent beauty nestled in the region known as the Sierra Madre Occidental comprises of a spectacular group of deep canyons, Copper Canyon which is deeper and larger than its more prominent, the Grand Canyon.  

  • Q. What you will like there?


    One thing about Mexican people is that the level of friendliness in people here is highest in the world. No matter where you go, there will be someone out there who will be ready to lend you a helping hand. All you need to do is, say please and give a nice smile and you have the world at your service. Only tip is never be rude to the locals there. You can even seek directions to some of the best places to see and tourist attractions in Mexico from the locals.


    In Mexico your dollar can actually go a long way. The price to value ratio is high. Just when you travel into the interiors of Mexico and away from al the significant beach destinations, you’ll come across a significant difference in price. Be assured to avail a budget friendly holiday in Mexico.  


    When it comes to Mexican food, all you’ll experience is sheer delight. From diversity in flavors to freshness in ingredients and produce, the quality of Mexican food is unbeatable. Every region of Mexico presents to you a wide array of distinct traditions. Be it the roadside stands or the Michelin starred restaurants, you’ll get it all in Mexico. Undoubtedly, Mexico is a home to some lip smacking eats. And yes, if you wish to savor on the world’s best shrimp burrito, make a visit to Sayulita. More so, when in Mexico don’t let the foodie in you compromise. Go ahead and eat at Anatol and Dulce Patria. Trying out the local food is indeed the most important thing to do.  

    The Pacific Coast

    If you ask about me, I’ll tell you over and over again, I’ll visit Mexico even years from now, for its Pacific Coast. There is a bountiful of coastline for you to explore. The most preferred spot is the area around Puerto Vallarta. There are small villages both north and south of the city which will bring back you to a tranquil and calm state of mind. Another Sayulita beach town to visit isthat lies only about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.

    Escape from it all

    Mexico has always been known for being the best hideout in the world. Right from the beaches of Oaxaca and Tulum to the haciendas in Yucatan, you really don’t need to search for long and hard to find that one perfect escape. One of the best hideaways of the city is the La Casa Que Canta. Other hideout is the Amansala in Tulum. Make your choice now!  Indigenous culture

    Spare some time during your visit to Chiapas, and you’ll develop a fascination towards the indigenous culture of Mexico. Textiles here are beautifully hand woven and the people here use patterns and clothes as a means of communication. True that, Chiapas isn’t one of the most traveled region of Mexico, however there is still a plenty of opportunity for you to explore beneath the surface.  

    An easy long weekend

    Regardless of where you live in the United States, Mexico is not far away. If you travel from the West Coast, Baja is just a couple of hours away. However, if you travel from the East Coast, you have the Yucatan. So, whenever you are up for a long weekend, consider traveling to Mexico.  

    The music

    Mexico will pulse you up with its infectious tunes. From modern rock to mariachi, you can hear it all the clubs, bars and the restaurants of Mexico. This also justifies the vibrant nightlife of Mexico. You can travel to Guadalajara, if you wish to spend some time in the place which is mariachi’s home. More so, when you are in the Mexico City, you can take a trip to the Plaza Garibaldi. If you are more of a modern fan, you can download some of the best tracks of Mana. 

    Tequila and mescal

    Undoubtedly, the Mexican spirits are fantastic. In order to understand the variety and depth of the flavor of tequila and mezcal afford, you can take a trip to Oaxaca and Jalisco. You can shake off the awful memories of getting drink on Cuervo as a teenager and begin exploring the real flavor of 100% agave made tequila. Oh, leave your hangover at home and drink all you can.  

    Architectural ruins

    Mexico is home to few of the richest archaeological sites of the world. Several thousands of pyramids can be found in the Mexican landscape. To spot the best tourist attractions of Mexico, you can visit the Mexico City and Tulum. Pyramids of the Guachimontones and Teotihuacan can be an equal delight. Majestic sights here will take your breath away!  

    The mystical Mayan ruins

    You can easily spot the remarkable ruins of the once great Maya civilization in Mexico. Surprisingly for many, the ancient Mayans were very ahead of their time especially when it was about the advanced infrastructures, agricultural systems and majestic temples. One of the best places to explore the Mayan ruins is the Chichén Itzá. They are believed to reflect the Maya civilization right when it was at its zenith. You can even spot the world famous Kukulkan Pyramid that is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  

    The unreal beaches

    Beaches just don’t seem to get more peaceful than in Mexico. Mexico boasts of a whooping 450 beachy paradises that are spread over 6,000 miles of pristine coastline. What tops the list is indeed the Tulum. You can also find the Playa Paraiso or the Paradise Beach that is famous for its slow pace, lax vibe and minimal crowds. Another top pick could be the Campeche region that is known for its stunning rainforest views and the touting limestone cliffs. If you seek something that is a little livelier, head to the Playa del Carmen. At this beach, you can play volleyball at the day and party during the night. For phenomenal dining options, Playa del Carmen is top notch too.   

    The irresistible artwork

    Art scene of Mexico is a blend of modern folk art and classic works. The illustrious murals are sprinkled all across the country. They reflect back the telling stories of the people and the very culture of the Mexico. When it comes to the muralists of Mexico, some of the most prominent icons include David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco. If you wish to experience the traditional works from the most celebrated painters such as Gerardo Murillo, you can head to the Museo Nacional de Arte: MUNAL of the Mexico City. When you wish to experience some performing arts, Palacio de Bellas Artes can be a great visit. The marble exterior is grand and awe inspiring. You can even watch some live performances here. 

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