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What You Should Know More About Chile

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Take care of your luggage and wallets when you go out.

    • Carry copies of passports and other important documents whenever you go out.

    • Do not wear flashy jewelry or carry valuables when you walk on the streets.

    • Avoid going out alone on the outskirts of the city or lonely streets at night.

    • Always carry a guide map and important telephone numbers like Police, ambulance and your hotel contact number whenever you go out.

    • Carry your first aid kit whenever you go out on long excursions.

    • Write your name and contact details on your purse in Spanish so that even if it gets lost, someone can contact you for it easily.

    • Book your stay facilities in advance by reviewing them beforehand.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal are to consume and purchase all types of alcoholic drinks in Chile is 18 years of age for beer and wine as well as spirits.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Chiloe Churches

    The Chiloe is an isolated cluster of islands, which is known for the splendid churches built in a particular architectural style known as the Chilota. This style is a blend of aboriginal and European influence and hundreds of churches on this island were built in this style in the seventeenth century. The churches are effectively restored for touring and you will be awe-struck to see this superb architecture here.

    Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

    If you love witnessing natural wonders, you should head to the largest penguin colony in the southern part of Chile. You will get to see over 120,000 penguins together at this sight. Ornamented with a pretty lighthouse, this place is best to be visited in September or October when the birds migrate back in order to find a mate.

    Cero San Cristobal

    The Cero San Cristobal is a hill in the northern part of Santiago which gives you a wonderful view of the city from its top. There is a church and a big statue of Virgin Mary located on the hill. You can reach the peak by a fun cable car ride and if you are seeking for an adventure, you can even hike up to the place. There is also a park on the hill with two swimming pools and a zoo as well.


    Valparaiso is a colorful treat to your eyes because of the brightly colored houses, Boho culture followed by people and the pretty mesmerizing seaside vibes. Valparaiso is filled with colorful alleyways, streets, and houses built on hill-steps, giving you splendid views of the sea. A stay here would be one of the most peaceful experiences you will have in Chile.

    Valle De La Luna

    Valle De La Luna is a destination in the Atacama Desert and this is where hundreds of sand dunes are formed by winds blowing in this area. The sand dunes here look like a moon’s surface, which give it the name. If you love seeing wonders of nature which are unadulterated with anything manmade, you should not miss out on visiting this place.

    San Rafael Glacier

    If you are in for some crazy water sports and adventure, head to get the view of San Rafael Glacier, located in the San Rafael National park. You can reach here by boat or plane and you should preferably go by boat in order to get some spectacular views. The magnificent glacier extends 9 kilometer further from its source and is one of the most scenic places in Chile.

    Lauca National Park

    Located in the Northern end of Chile, the Lauca National park is one of the top sight-seeing attractions in Chile. It boasts of having the Lago Chungara, which is one of the world’s highest lakes, located in the backdrop of twin volcanoes. This place promises you of some of the best landscape views you will get to experience in this wonderful country.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Variety of Landscape

    Chile is a place where you will find large lakes, green grasslands, ice-glaciers and deserts and hence, it is a place of landscape wonders as there are very few countries which have mixed terrains on their geography. You will get to experience all types of landscape and nature’s pampering at this place, all in a single trip.

    Friendly Locals

    The local people of Chile are extremely mannered, polite and welcoming. They will always come forward to help people in need and if you are in any problem or inconvenience, you can ask people for help. The locals here will always make you feel like home and will help you in times of need.


    From the culture in daily life to festivals and important event, everything is celebrated here in the most energetic and positive way. The culture and overall atmosphere here is rich in tradition and fun-filled at the same time. People here have a very positive and lively way of life

    Safety for tourists

    Whenever we go out on a trip, we are always concerned about the place being safe and convenient for tourists. In Chile, you need not worry about the safety of tourists because it is a place totally welcoming for tourists. You will find all the facilities like restaurants, hospitals and police help whenever needed and you are guaranteed to have a comfortable and safe trip over here.

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