Thun Tourism, Switzerland 2020 ( Tours & Activities)
The town of Thun lies in the Bernese Oberland region. It’s breathtaking natural beauty comes from its location near Lake Thun, which is considered to be amongst the most stunning lakes in Switzerland. It’s famously said that Thun has everything that a dream Swiss vacation should have! Its medieval castles and churches, old town area, charming cafes & charcuteries, are cradled in beautiful panoramas of snow-coated Bernese Alps and the calm blue waters of Lake Thun everywhere that you look. In fact, it is regarded as the gateway to Bernese Oberland.

The fact that Thun is not visited by many travellers, who are in favour of the more popular cities, makes it perfect for those who love a bit of solitude and quiet. The city is laid out around the lake, which is a huge vantage point in itself that looks onto the majestic Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Travellers love to stay at the wooden chalets surrounded by alpine meadows that reverberate with the sounds of clinking Swiss bells. Charming bridges thread across the city connecting one beautiful attraction to the other. The flower-laden cafes are lovely and not only offer amazing pastries, macaroons, bread, and artisanal coffees but regularly hold musical performances and mini-concerts.

There is a town church dating back to the 13th-century and a 16th-century town square, both so well preserved that they immediately take you back to the rich Renaissance era. And so is the Old Town area, famous for its old cafes and shops. Take a day trip to the Thun Castle sits atop a hill. Don’t miss to see the museum inside and roam in the flowering courtyards. A fun thing to do here is to take a ride on the famous Ferris wheel to see views of Aare River and the entire city framed by the mountains in the foreground. Else, to see this beautiful city from a different perspective, ride on a historic 19th-century streamer and cruise along the length of Lake Thun.

Here, you can attend special beer tours that let you taste the most amazing spirits and take you to some of the oldest watchmakers’ shops to see and learn about the timeless art of Swiss watchmaking. Thun has a very unique weather system with great variations. While the first half of the year feels cool and pleasant, the second half of the year is cold and rainy accompanied by snow. The warmest month is July with temperatures of around 25°C and January is the coldest with temperature often falling below zero.