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Traveller Tales from South Coorg


Sumitra Dwivedi

17 May 2016

Best spot for a romantic getaway. Coorg is traveler’s paradise as an avid traveler, I have visited Coorg for treks, but when my boyfriend’s birthday weekend came, we wanted to take a romantic getaway a...

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Minakshi Devar

03 August 2015

Coorg was always been an adventurous location according to me, with rafting, rappelling and stuff, I never knew Coorg can be a place for a relaxed getaway too. Hill Stay in the Coorg was something that...

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Gautam Shah

11 June 2015

Camping in Coorg is a must experience if you are looking for fun, relaxation and amusement. I went for this experience with 3 of my friends and after arriving in Coorg, we found everything that was pro...

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Anilaabh Somayaji

14 January 2016

The package was cheap and inexpensive for the picturesque beauty this place was. Trek to Bramagiri hills was most amazing as whole landscape was covered with greenery. We also went for stream walk and ...

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Sarisha Chaturvedi

13 December 2018

Though I live in Bangalore, I have never been to Coorg before, and decided to make my first visit through this adventure camp, and I feel that was the best decision I could make. The location was mind ...


Bhavani Varman

10 December 2018

We chose a weekend for this trip from Bangalore. Since the traffic was too much, our pick up was delayed. We reached the location two hours late. Hence every activity was delayed. Apart from that the t...


Jitender Sethi

10 December 2018

Never thought Kerala would be this beautiful, and regret not having visited this place before. Thanks to Lokesh, and his team who organised a lot of fun activities, like cycling and trekking for us.


Shresthi Bandopadhyay

10 December 2018

I love camping and so was this tour. It is located in Brahmgiri Hills which is quite beautiful. We also had many outdoor games for our enjoyment.


Chinmayananda Bandopadhyay

23 August 2017

Thanks to Thrillophilia for showing me this package. It was really a surprise for my sister and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt the price was a little higher but since transportation and food were al...