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Known for its industrial ballooning, Manesar has successfully acquired a space in the list of adventure lovers. Earlier it was nothing but a sleepy village found in the tureen of Haryana but now, it has metamorphosed amidst a briskly flourishing region of the state. Innumerable locales for sightseeing with an alluring aura accompanied with thrilling sports are the key features of the town. This city in Haryana state beholds some of the famous and best adventure tours in Manesar. If you are looking forward to get lost in the wilderness of the vast forest, you can definitely zero down to this place. Here, travellers can witness innumerable locales which are ideal for adventures. Camp Mustang in Manesar which is situated on the Aravali range possess a beautiful picturesque-postcard panorama. It has some wonderful one day workshops for the beginners who are here to admire and appreciate the actual adventure.


Besides this, every individual especially adventure lover has a dream to fly like a free bird once in a lifetime. Another adventurous activity is an air safari which includes actual flying which will eventually become the most wonderful and pleasure giving experience of your life. It is encountered under experienced pilots and professional mentors who take you up in the vault of heaven to witness lush frondescence below and the captivating trees that are beneath you. Some of the other best adventure tours in Manesar one can experience are hot air ballooning to rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, dirt biking and many more in the heart of Manesar. The government has also begun to execute a new concept called farm tourism. Besides, being the adventurous hub, Manesar is blessed with a pleasant climate and beautiful accommodations with fascinating infrastructure. The crevice has proved to be the most preferred weekend getaway among tourists.

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06 October 2015
This was an exciting experience for sure especially for the kids who got to ride the smaller bikes.
10 February 2016
The ride was amazing and well worth the time and money! Go for it, guys!
18 September 2015
I think they have one of the best ATV track !! i have done this activity alot of times and in different region in india. but this track just killed it. good elevations, nice concept of bridge and uneven track a perfect for ATV ride. i think iwill be going here alot of time. SSO all the ATV lovers you have to do this track its really amazing!!
08 August 2015
Muudy is the good kind of dirty!! :) Had fun on this adventurous experience. Something different than spending the weekend drinking with friends. Good execution and location too.
23 July 2015
I am a adventurous person, and i always like trying new thinks. so my friend had recommend me to do an atv ride in malpura. so me and my friend decided to go fro it. it was such a good ride for me. track looked very good and riding was very good too. will recommend to do an atv ride here!!! its very exciting specially the first time i did..
03 April 2016
Adventurous and very safe. Had a great time with my family and the service was superb.I would definitely recommend it to all the friends.
21 March 2016
Very Good
Cost wise it's worth it. But I did not have as much fun. It's a bit more exaggerated than the actual experience.
29 February 2016
Very Good
Have done the same thing before. There is no new addition , it is still the exact same path. Becomes monotonous after a few times. Its not bad just that I expected something new this time.
23 February 2016
Very Good
They should check driving skills beforehand. They just give away the vehicle without checking license or anything else. It's not a healthy practice for other people. Hisghly disappointed by the method. guys please take a notice of this. hopefully!!
13 February 2016
Very Good
They should inform about everything beforehand. The brakes for my vehicle were rigid. They would just not press. I really hope they learnt from the experience and improved their customer attendants behaviour.

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