Hospet Tourism, India 2020 ( Tours & Activities)
Hospet has some of the most fascinating places to visit in Karnataka which includes historical ruins from the Vijayanagara Empire. Located near the Tungabhadra River, the speciality of Hospet is the magical blend of old world charm with modernization. It is 325 km from Bangalore and offers a unique travel experience to its visitors. 

Being a riverside city, it offers the great sights of the river along with a dam. People that are coming from Goa or the west coast stops here to witness the beauty on the way. But you will need more than 1-2 days to explore this beautiful place and things that this place has to offer. Hospet is also known as the Fort Town of Karnataka as there are many historical old forts here. Apart from the forts, you can visit Anantasatanagudi, Tungabhadra Dam, Virupaksha Temple, King's Balance, Ragunath Temple, and many more.

As the city is located near the Tungabhadra River, most people tend to do boating, swimming, and other water-related activities. Apart from this, you can climb the big rocks and reach many top hills and mountains. One of the unique things that you can do in Hospet is the zorbing. You can also trek and camp in the hills along with enjoying the great views.

The best time to visit Hospet city is the winter November to February to experience the best weather conditions. The temperature is most suitable for exploring all that Hospet has to offer. Try to avoid taking a trip to Hospet in February, as at this time the temperature tends to reach the highest.

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