Tungabhadra Dam is the largest dam in Karnataka and is situated 5 km away from Hospet town.

Tungabhadra Dam offers beautiful landscape and thousands of visitors come here every year to enjoy all the beauty. The road to this place is pretty interesting. On the way once can see surrounding hills and coffee plantations.

One cannot go straight ahead once reaching the dam as the entry is restricted due to security reasons. But there is a light house near the dam where one can climb and take in the fantastic site of the place.

There is also a garden near the dam which has been funded by the government of Karnataka. The garden remains closed from May to June during monsoons. The best time to be here would be in the month of August. On 15th August, water is released as a sign of Independence.

How to Reach

Bangalore - Tumkur - Hiriyur - Bellary - Hospet - Tungabhadra Dam

Exact Location: Tungabhadra Dam is located near Hospet in the Bellary District

Nearest Town: Hospet (5 km), Bellary (70 km)

Distance from Bangalore: 383 km

Best Time to Visit: August

Other Attractions in the Vicinity

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