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    When vacationing in Chikmagalur, the first things you will be captivated by will be its scenic beauty, wholesome vibe and warm hospitality. In addition to this, what will add to the excitement of this vacation will be the places you get to stay in. Be it a homestay, resort, eco-lodge or plantation stay, the 'coffee land' of Karnataka has them all.

    Whether travelling with your beloved, family members, friends or alone, Chikmagalur offers visitors with a range of delightful options to stay in. Here are a few choices for your stay in Chikmagalur that will guarantee an ideal and pleasant holiday experience.

    Best Resorts to stay in Chikmagalur:

    1) Eagle Eye Holidays:

    Image Credit: eagleeyeholidays

    The Hoscodu Estate that spreads across 130 acres of scenic plantation area is the abode of the Eagle Eye Holiday Resort. Located between the Bhadra and Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuaries, among the popular places to stay in Chikmagalur, this is ideal for pleasure-seeking and adventure-craving travellers as well. Keeping in mind the lavish demands of the patrons, it also satiates their adrenaline requirements by providing several adventure activities like white water rafting, jumaring, Burma loop, trek and several others.

    Pedal through the scenic valleys,the evergreen Shola forests and several other natural marvels]


    2) Silent Valley:

    Image Credit: silentvalley

    Ideal for families travelling with kids, corporate groups, couples and backpackers, Silent Valley boasts of its stunning location. Surrounded with scenic paddy fields, mesmerising waterfalls and evergreen forests, it is located on the footsteps of the Kudremukh Reserve Forests. The resort holds a specialization in Jain foods and also serves vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods.

    3) The Serai:

    Image Credit: theserai

    With elegant and opulent services, The Serai captivates all its visitors. This splendid accommodation in Chikmagalur is nestled amidst stunning coffee estates extending a warm hospitality to its guests. With an array of activities and a restaurant that serves up an array of international cuisines, it keeps the visitors entertained.

    4) Jenukallu Resort:

    Image Credit: jenukallu

    Standing tall on the foothills of the Jenukallu Mountains, this resort in Chikmagalur lies covered with mist. Nestled amidst aromatic coffee, cardamom and pepper plantations, this place to stay in Chikmagalur serves its visitors with utmost sincerity and glee. While the flora and fauna around Jenukallu makes it a photographer's delight, its other offerings make it an ideal holiday home.

    [Kudremukh Trekking is one of the most beautiful yet moderate two day treks]


    5) The Gateway Hotels & Resorts:

    Image Credit: heritagehotelsofindia

    Also an ayurveda resort, the Gateway Hotel & Resorts has very intricately refurbished a colonial appeal and charm. Offering the warmest hospitality and contended services to its patrons, this resort is ideal for families, couples, backpackers and corporate groups. Whether you opt for some rejuvenating ayurvedic massages or want to come into close interaction with nature, this resort and its facilities will never disappoint you.

    6) Tusk and Dawn:

    Image Credit: tuskanddawn

    Nestled amidst the lofty mountains and Shola forest ranges, Tusk and Dawn is located around 14km from Chikmagalur town. With the Western Ghats serving as its backdrop, the surrounding of the resort is the sprawling ground for several exotic species of flora and fauna. Ideal for families with kids, couples and backpackers, this retreat serves some delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

    Best Homestays to stay in Chikmagalur:

    7) Lotus Pond Homestay:

    Image Credit: lotuspondhomestay

    The Lotus Pond Homestay in Chikmagalur boasts of winning the prestigious 'Best Large Scale Garden' award 3 years in a row. Nestled amidst the fascinating Mullayangiri Range, it is elegantly located in a charming garden. Surrounded by coffee plantations, this is one of the finest places to stay in Chikmagalur and is ideal for families, corporates, couples and solo travellers.

    [The Mullayangiri Peak is one of the fascinating peak in South India.]


    8) Shanthi Kunnj:

    Image Credit: shanthikunnj

    The winner of the 'Golden Category Recognition Award' from the Karnataka Government, Shanthi Kunnj is aesthetically architected to meet all the requirements of a blissful holiday. Adjacent to the Bhadra River, this property that was once a piece of barren land, today thrives with its bountiful nature. It is an idyllic holiday home for families, couples, backpackers and nature lovers.

    9) The Hidden Valley:

     A 4.5 hour drive from Chikmagalur town located in the Handi town, The Hidden Valley is one of the most idyllic homestays in the vicinity. An escape away from the humdrums of city-life, it caters to a diverse background of people. Even families travelling with children are welcomed in The Hidden Valley.

    10) Valley of Birds:

    Image Credit:  valleyofbirds

    Valley of Birds, located on the foothills of the Kemmanagundi Range, is one of the most quaint homestays in Chikmagalur. Standing at 3,500ft, it is garlanded with the spectacular scenery which is why it is a treasure trove for all nature lovers. Be it the warm hospitality or the exemplary services and amenities provided here, this accommodation in Chikmagalur does not have room for a dull moment.

    11) Nammane Homestay:

    Image Credit: nammane

    Moving only 6km from Kalasas in Chikmagalur, one can reach the homestay called Nammane. Representing the splendour of nature in its most pristine form, it is truly a home away from home. Ideal for families, couples, corporate travellers and nature lovers, it offers several team-building exercises, plantation walks, bird watching and trekking opportunities as well.

    [Rising above all the surrounding peaks and hillocks in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri takes you to another world]


    12) Bluemist Homestay:

    Image Credit: bluemist

    The delightful ambience, scenic location and warm hospitality of Bluemist Homestay make it the ultimate retreat to escape to in Chikmagalur from the frenzy of city life. Located around 12km from Chikmagalur, it is nestled amidst fascinating mountains and lush greeneries. During your stay in Bluemist, guests can pamper themselves through ayurvedic massages, bonfire camps and barbeque sessions.

    13) Makki Thitta Homestay:

    Image Credit:  makkithitta

    Built in the indigenous Malnad form, Makki Thitta Homestay is located around 23km from Sakleshpur and can be easily reached from the Chikmagalur town. Surrounded by scenic coffee plantations, the exotic avifauna around the homestay adds more to its beauty and appeal. The homestay entertains all kinds of guests from families, small group of friends to solo backpackers and nature lovers as well.

    14) Coffeeland Homestay:

    Image Credit: coffeelandhomestays

    An ideal getaway to break away from the frantic city-life, Coffeeland Homestay in Chikmagalur is where one can attain peace of mind and complete solitude. Surrounded by luxuriant plantations, Coffeeland is perfect for families, friends and corporate gatherings. Moreover the homestay serves a gastronomic platter of dishes that tickle the taste buds. It is located around 14km from Chikmagalur and is open to both domestic and international travellers.

    15) Halliberri Cottages:

    Image Credit: halliberri

    Surrounded by picturesque coffee plantations on the foothills of the Baba Budangiri Hills, this homestay belongs to one of the oldest coffee growing families in Chikmagalur. Also renowned for its coffee shops, Halli Berri offers a rustic charm that entices family members, couples and solo travellers. During the stay, the visitors can also participate in activities like estate walks and bird watching.

    [Experience nature’s finest attributes in Thirumaleguppe as you trek through steep hills and valleys]

    16) Hunkal Woods:

    Image Credit: tripadvisor

    The stay in the Hunkal Woods is fondled by the enchanting beauty of the low-floating clouds, fascinating forest ranges and the Western Ghats. Located around 30km from Chikmagalur, this quaint homestay cuddles its visitors with warm hospitality services and delightful offerings. It is perfect for family vacations, honeymoons and corporate outings.

    17) Shivekaa Homestay:

    Image Credit: shivekkahomestay

    With the most comforting examples of Indian hospitality, this is one of the most preferred places to stay in Chikmagalur which is surrounded by pictorial plantation areas. Located around 12km from the main town, it also lies within a close proximity to the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. The Kemmanagundi Peak is also easily accessible from this holiday home. Plantation walks, evening bonfire and barbeque sessions in Shivekka Homestay make it for a fun frolicking vacation.

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    18) Thangaali Homestay:

    Image Credit: wikimedia

    An eco-friendly homestay located amidst the enthralling Western Ghats, Thangalli Homestay lies in a rustic village called Galigaandi. Ideal for almost all kinds of travellers; either domestic or international, the vicinity of this retreat is also the birth place of four rivers: Thunga, Bhadra, Netravathi and Hemavathi. During the stay in here, guests can also explore the opulent beauty of the environs by undertaking a short trek and sightseeing tour.

    [Reach to the Kudremukh Peak , indulge in lunch and witness the astounding views]

    Best Plantations Stays in Chikmagalur:

    19) Halligadde Homestay, Chikmagalur:

    Image Credit: halligadde

    Also a homestay, Halligadde Homestay towers at a height of 3,000ft above the sea level. Located within the vicinity of the Belur and Halebid, two pious temple towns in Karnataka, it is one of the most charismatic plantation stays in Chikmagalur. On offerings here, are stunning brooks, fascinating peaks and heart warming greeneries.

    20) Jungle Greens Homestay:

    Image Credit: junglegreens

    Jungle Greens Homestay practices the traditional Indian belief that states guests are next to the Gods. The homestay delivers above and beyond your expectation with regard to hospitality services and the warm ambience is solely dedicated to make the guests feel at home. Located within a close proximity to the Bhadra Tiger Reserve, this place to stay in Chikmagalur is a part of a heritage home.

    21) Athithi Homestay:

    Image Credit: athithihomestay

    Whether on a vacation with your family or better half, you will always cherish the memorable time spent at the Athithi Homestay. Located only 11km from Chikmagalur, this lovely homestay offers warm hospitality and cosy amenities making you feel pampered like if you were in your own home. In addition to all this, it also offers some flavoursome food options to its visitors.

    22) Kalgreen Valley Resort:

    Image Credit: kalgreenhomestay

    Set in the heart of a 200 acre coffee plantation in Chikmagalur, Kalgreen Valley Resort is one of the most serene plantation stays in the suburb. Situated at a towering height of 3,000ft, it offers panoramic views of the entire region and is easily accessible from Bangalore and other nearby cities.

    It is the ultimate destination for families, couples, smaller groups, nature lovers and corporate groups as well.

    [While at the Amedhi Kallu peak,relish in picnic lunch in the mountains]


    23) Gonakal Homestay:

    Image Credit: gonakkalhomestay

    Surrounded by verdant evergreen coffee plantations, this plantation stay is around 24km from Chikmagalur. Located exactly on the road connecting Chikmagalur and Tarikere, it makes for a delightful abode for families, couples and nature lovers. Misty landscapes, warm hospitality and the scrumptious food are the main attractions of Gonakal Homestay.

    24) Gubbachi Goodu Homestay:

    Image Credit: gubbachigoodu

    Showcasing the ultimate way to enjoy a tranquil vacation for one to seek solitude, the Gubbachi Goodu plantation stay is surrounded with flourishing coffee, spice and silver oaks. Located only 1.6km from Chikmagalur, the bountiful nature around this plantation stay is truly a visitor's delight.

    25) Beanstalk Bagmane:

    Image Credit: team.bhp

    Cosseted by lush and evergreen greeneries, this plantation stay is located on the way to Mallandur and around 22km from Chikmagalur. Well maintained with open meadows and standard amenities and facilities, it is quite the vacation home for families travelling with kids, couples, backpackers and corporate teams.

    [Enjoy a picturesque hill town, Kemmanagundi which is ringed by the Baba Budan Giri Range]

    26) Honeyvale Homestay:

    Image Credit: thrillophilia

    Offering a splendid backdrop of the hills, plains, rugged terrains and lush vegetation around, Honeyvale Homestay, also a plantation stay makes for an alluring vacation home. Set in a 200 acre coffee plantation, this holiday home is one of the most ideal places to stay in Chikmagalur for families travelling with kids, honeymooning couples and nature lovers searching for rare pristine beauty.

    Best Guest Houses and Eco Lodges in Chikmagalur:

    27) Flameback Lodge:

    Image Credit: vak1969

    The perfect mixture of luxury and serenity, Flameback Lodge in Chikmagalur is located in the suburb called Mudigere. With appetizing traditional cuisines and the warmest hospitality services, it proves to be an ideal host to domestic as well as international travellers. Laced with all modern amenities and facilities, this lodge is nestled amidst a scenic plantation and entertains with activities like Jeep Safari, bird watching and the likes.

    28) Jhari Ecostay:

    Image Credit: goxcursion

    One of the best eco-lodges in Chikmagalur, Jhari Ecostay is embraced by stunning waterfalls, pictorial environs and an array of activities. Located 18km from Chikmagalur, visitors frequenting the lodge can also indulge in adventure activities like rope climbing and trekking. Bird watching and walking tours around the lodge are other activities enjoyed by the visitors.

    29) River Tern Lodges (Jungle Lodges):

    Image Credit: junglelodges

    If you are desire the excitement of thrilling water sports clubbed with a serene holiday experience together, River Tern Lodges (Jungle Lodges) is the only place to be! Located in a fascinating hillock beside the Bhadra River and around 28km from Shimoga, this lodge plays home to families as well as friends. Solo travellers also find this destination equally appealing.

    [One of the greenest and scenic regions, Chikmagalur is also known for fascinating terrainsand trails]

    30) Rd’s Nature Retreat:

    Image Credit: rdnature

    With jungle themed interiors, artificial caves and fountains, Rd's Nature Retreat fulfils all your desires for an enthralling holiday experience. Located around 25km from Bangalore, the retreat is one of the best eco-lodges in the vicinity. Complete with nature-loving vibes, this lodge is an idyllic destination for families, couples, backpackers, corporate teams and adventure seekers.

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