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What You Should Know More About Bulgaria

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Book your stay hotel or other facilities in advance, after reviewing them online.

    • Get all the permits related to entry to different places, so that there is no problem happening later in your trip.

    • Take care of your safety while you are on hiking and trekking trips in the mountains of Bulgaria.

    • Do not get involved in any type of drug related situations.

    • Bulgaria is a country where the weather keeps changing and hence, look at the weather predictions and pack your clothes accordingly.

    • Take care of all your expensive belongings.

    • Do not carry a lot of cash at a time as there are chances of pick-pocketing incidences.

    • Do not go out alone on lonely streets as it might not be safe to do so.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The Legal age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in Bulgaria is 19 years of age and to be safe, you should carry all your age proof documents when you go out to drink.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Seven Rila Lakes

    Located amid the scenic Rila Mountains, these seven glacial lakes with their own unique names are scattered at the foot of these seven hills and are one of the most famous sight-seeing places in Bulgaria. Reaching here is an adventure in itself and when you reach the ultimate destination, you will be mesmerized to look at these seven wonderful looking glacial lakes. The view from here is something you will never forget for a long time.

    Sunny Beach

    If you want to chill and rejuvenate your mind, party and have some fun, head straight to the Sunny Beach. This place is a super fun place for tourists with a different kind of energy in the air, which will leave you pumped up and rejuvenated. If all you want is a break, you really need to visit here.


    If you are a tourist who loves shopping stylish outfits, you cannot miss out on visiting this place. Even if you do not like shopping, you can just enjoy a coffee at this vibrant place and eat some of the tastiest and most affordable meals at this place. Moreover, Plovdiv is the oldest city of Europe and hence, it is worth a visit.

    Rhodope Mountains

    The Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria are one of the most scenic places you will see in this country. You can either have a mesmerizing view of them or even trek on them. There are different trekking tours operating on these mountains and there is no adventure like this to have. When you reach the summit, you will be completely revitalized and all your tiredness due to the trek will go away after witnessing the view.

    Assen’s Fortress

    The Near Assenovgrad is a fortress located high on hillside, and is nothing less that the fortresses which you see in fairy-tale story books. This place is an amazing site to explore as it has a rich historic heritage and some really old and beautiful paintings inside. If you want to take some of the most fantastic photos of this place, climb to the highest point of this place and get set to click.

    Candlelight bar

    Named as Hambara, this bar is very unique in its own way. What is special about this place is that it is lit using only candles and hence, it makes the atmosphere very calm and romantic. There are no other bulbs or electric lights at this place and hence, you are in a completely serene and peaceful atmosphere when you are at this café. Amazing food and service is a cherry on the cake.


    The Nessebar is a UNESCO heritage town side located on a rocky peninsula of the Black Sea. It is an ancient city which was built over 3,000 years ago and if you are curious and excited about visiting historical wonders, this place is perfect to be visited.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Beautiful Mountains

    Bulgaria is blessed with some of the best mountains and even more scenic trekking and hiking routes. The snowy as well as naked mountains here offer an amazing adventure for the tourists and if you are a mountaineering enthusiast, Bulgaria is nothing less than a paradise for you.

    Crazy party life

    Just like Bulgaria is naturally blessed, it is also a heaven for party and nightlife lovers. There are some crazy clubs, beaches and other themed destinations where you can unwind yourself and give some activity to the party animal and enthusiastic soul which exists inside you.

    Vibrant Beaches

    Bulgaria is a country which is blessed with natural beauty. Along with snow clad mountains, there are also many vibrant and serene beaches at this destination where you can sun-bask, party, sip on cocktails and have the most rejuvenating and relaxing time of your vacation.

    Tourist Facilities

    Bulgaria is a place which is well equipped with tourist facilities like stay, transport, restaurants and other convenience facilities. Hence, as a guest to this beautiful country, you will mostly not face any kind of inconvenience and lack of tourist facilities, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: official website

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  • Q. Books

    Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria (eBook)