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In-City Experiences in Udaipur - Flat 70% Off

  • 01Udaipur Food Tour Flat 31% Off

    Udaipur Food Tour Flat 31% Off
    About the Activity:

    - The best taste of a place is only when you get to indulge the amazing food of the region. In Udaipur, this food tour brings to you the opportunity of tasting more than 5 local dishes, from places that are known only to the locals. 
    - Serving quality, this tour brings you to the best of the locals' favorite restaurants and food joints. You will stroll the lanes and streets of this place, witnessing the keepers prepare the mouthwatering snacks and cuisines. 
    - A professional storyteller will accompany you on this venture and will tell you interesting stories about the place and the cuisine that you will be trying out. Although this is a food tasting experience, the basic guideline will be to bring an appetite with you.
    - Enjoy the sweets, delicacies and sweets, the famous Masala Tea, a unique mouth freshener and then end the experience with Udaipur's favorite dessert.
    - The starting point of this experience is the famous Ghantaghar in the Silawatwari region of Udaipur.

    Timings: 2 slots available through the day: 12 PM and 6 PM

    Minimum number of people required to book this tour:1

    How to Reach?
    The Tour starts from the Ghantaghar in the Silawatwari region of Udaipur and you can easily reach the starting point by public transport.
  • 02Udaipur Countryside Cycling Tour Flat 40% Off

    Udaipur Countryside Cycling Tour Flat 40% Off
    • h3 Hours
    • lUdaipur
    • NNNNN132 ratings
    • Lokendra Pal Singh
    • 38% Off2,090
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    About the Activity:
    - Udaipur happens to be amongst the top most beautiful cities in not just India, but also the world. With such immense potential for greatness, Udaipur scopes out every kind of possibility of a memorable experience, much like this countryside cycling tour.
    - Start by arriving at a designated location in Udaipur, where you will also meet your guide for the experience. After a proper briefing, start the tour and take to the many lakes, hills and small hamlets on the countryside, which will start passing you by as soon as just 2 km of cycling.
    - Stop for refreshments on the halfway mark which will be at the Tiger Lake. From here, you will cycle again to reach the city and bring the experience to an end in the city of Udaipur. 
    - Minimum required to book this package is 2 people.

    Timings: Winter 8 AM | Summer 7 AM
    *Note: The starting point for this activity will be a designated point within the walls of the old city.
  • 03Walking Tour to Tiger Lake, Udaipur Flat 36% Off

    Walking Tour to Tiger Lake, Udaipur Flat 36% Off
    About the Activity:
    - The city of lakes right in the middle of a desert, Udaipur is a true oasis of Rajasthan. A great source of its fame, the lakes of this place have been attracting a large number of tourists from all around the world.
    - This walking tour to one such famous lake of Udaipur takes you through the Aravalis towards the famous Tiger Lake. The tour starts from the village of Morwania. As you arrive, you will meet the navigator for the tour, who will then begin walking you towards your destination. On the way, you will pass a number of villages and get to interact with the locals here. 
    - After a stop midway for refreshments, you will start a climb uphill to reach the amazing lake, and be treated to enticing views of the city of Udaipur.
    - Minimum number of people required to book is 2.

    Timings: Winter 8 AM | Summer 7 AM
    Starting Point: Morwania Village
  • 04Aravali Nature Trekking in Udaipur Flat 64% Off

    Aravali Nature Trekking in Udaipur Flat 64% Off
    • h4 Hours
    • lUdaipur
    • NNNNN115 ratings
    • Lokendra Pal Singh
    • 60% Off1,226
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    About the Activity:
    - Udaipur the city of lakes have had the pleasure of being the most beautiful and pleasant city in the state of Rajasthan. And that is because of the gift of the Aravalis. This walking/hiking tour of Udaiur takes you into the lap of the Aravalis in Udaipur.
    - The tour starts with your arrival at the starting point of the trek, which will be the Ubeshwar Temple. From here the local navigator will take you on this hike of about 4 hours and 10 km. You will stop midway for a short break for refreshments. 
    - Enjoy the view of the Mewar Plains from this vantage point, before moving on with the trek to reach the Morwania Village, where the experience will come to an end.
    - The interactions during the trek will be a memory for a lifetime, whether your fellow trekkers, or with the locals who live in these areas.
    - Minimum number of people required to book is 2.

    Timings: Winter 8 AM | Summer 7 AM

    Start Point- Ubeshwar Temple
    End Point- Morwania Village