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Best Camping Experiences And Activities Around Mumbai

  • 01Pawna Lake Camping - Flat 55% off

    Pawna Lake Camping - Flat 55% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN1303 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7683456
    • 36% Off1,569
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    About the Activity:

    TO BOOK, CALL ON 9079890475 !

    For Holi Weekend, We have special inclusions such as:  Holi with Natural Colors,Water Games, Slush Games,Rain Shower, Rain, Holi Theme Based Team Building Games and Activities by Instructor.
    • A 2 days 1 night camping on the banks of the beautiful Pawna Lake is here. Take part in this adventure to escape from the hassles of your city life.
    • The lake is one of the popular artificial lakes located 10 kilometers away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai- Pune highway.
    • It has become an important camp site after the construction of the Pawna Dam.
    • This package comes with camping, sightseeing around the lake, bonfire with music, barbeque dinner, star gazing, adventure activities, etc.
    • There are different packages you can choose from like Games + Camping, Camping + Gaming+ Camping + Games, Camping + Trekking, and so on.

    Check In : 4 PM
    Check Out : 11 AM

    Distance: From Pune : 60 KM ( Via Kamshet)
                     From Mumbai : 120 KM (Via Lonavala,
     Bhangarwadi Rd)

  • 02Kundalika Rafting Camp with Adventure Activities Flat 50% off

    Kundalika Rafting Camp with Adventure Activities Flat 50% off
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lKolad
    • NNNNN901 ratings
    • Akshay Dalvi
      Akshay Dalvi
    • 33% Off2,354
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    About the Activity:

    TO BOOK, CALL ON 7412020070 !

    For Holi Weekend, We have special inclusions such as:  Holi with Natural Colors,Water Games, Slush Games,Rain Shower, Rain Dance, Holi Theme Based Team Building Games and Activities by Instructor, Rafting,  Special Drinks such as Thandai and much more.

    The Kundalika rafting camp is the perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in adventure in the green escapes of nature! Located at just a couple of hours drive from Mumbai, it is the preferred hotspot for all those eager to escape the mad rush of the city.

    The Kundalika rafting camp gives you a rare opportunity to engage yourself in a multitude of adventure activities in the engaging company of nature. As you take a quiet drive down to the campsite, you can check-in and indulge in the beauty of nature while munching on some yummy snacks and refreshing tea. Fortify yourself and embark on a vast range of activities like kayaking, jet skii and archery! Get your tired but excited selves back to the campsite and relish a delicious dinner before calling it a night. Next day indulge in rafting and other activities post breakfast.

    Available in 2 packages :

    • Stay with Rafting
    • Stay with Rafting and Activities

    Timings:Check-in: 3:00 PM (Day 01) ; Check-out: 3:00 PM (Day 02)

  • 03Lakeside Camping at Bhandardara- Flat 42% off

    Lakeside Camping at Bhandardara- Flat 42% off
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lBhandardara
    • NNNNN190 ratings
    • Pandharinath Khade
      Pandharinath Khade
    • 50% Off1,990
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    TO BOOK , CALL ON 9116664407 !

      For Holi Weekend, We have special inclusions such as:  Holi with Natural Colors,Water Games, Slush Games, Holi Theme Based Team Building Games and Activities by Instructor.

      Bhandardara Lake is one of the most amazing and highly favorite camping and picnic spots for the lovers of nature. Located near Igatpuri in the Western Ghats of India, it is a hotspot of tourism for its natural beauty and the attractions nearby like the many hills, waterfalls, Wilson dam, and Arthur Lake. 

      This camp by the lake is a great place to stay and enjoy a getaway in the lap of nature. Complete with comfortable tents and mattresses, the place even has clean and hygienic toilets to make the place and even more wonderful experience. 

      About the activity:

      - Arrive at the campsite by 5 in the afternoon on your own, and check into the allotted camps.
      - Spend some time exploring the area before settling around the campfire for a session of stories and singing with dancing.
      - After a BBQ session, enjoy a scrumptious dinner before settling in for the night.
      - Wake up to a mesmerizing sight of the lake in the morning hours and get freshened up.
      - Have your breakfast and spend some time here before checking-out and bringing the camping to an end.
      **NOTE: You can also opt for variant in which the transportation is available from Kasara station to Kasara station. In that case, The pickup timings will be at 2:50 PM from Kasara station.

      Check-in- 5 PM
      Check-out- 9 AM

    • 04Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off

      Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off
      • h10 Minutes
      • lKamshet
      • NNNNN903 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 4980405
      • 6% Off3,199
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      About the Activity:

      • Embark on an exciting experience of paragliding in Kamshet with a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts.
      • Kamshet, is a beautiful destination located at about 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune that is decked with the beauty of the Sahyadri Ranges and valleys.
      • A daylong course will take you through paragliding of 3 different types namely; Classic Tandem, Instructional Tandem, and Acro Tandem.
      • A two seater plane will take you high up in the air from where you can take your paragliding flight with a certified instructor.

      Eligibility: For 15 yrs & above
      Weight: Above 45 kgs 

      NOTE : Due to winters afternoon session is not available. Reporting time for flying is 8:00 AM.

    • 05Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala

      Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala
      • h1 Hour
      • lLonavala
      • NNNNN533 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 5113246
      • 12,000
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      About the Activity:

      • Take off on an unforgettable flight up high in the sky with a hot air balloon safari in Lonavala. A stunning hill station, it is located in the misty Sahyadris at a close distance from both Mumbai and Pune.
      • The hot air balloon ride happens at different time slots all through the year and lasts for an unforgettable hour.
      • Lonavala holds within its natural embrace a vast horizon of greenery, stunning valleys, gigantic hillocks, and luscious lakes and the sights that you will see will delight your soul with long-lasting peace.
      • The activity can be availed at the following timings:
                      Oct-Nov    6:15 AM
                      Dec-Feb   6:45AM & 4 PM
                      Mar-May   6:15AM

      Duration: 1 hour

    • 06Leisure Sailing in Mumbai - Flat 39% Off

      Leisure Sailing in Mumbai - Flat 39% Off
      • h2 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN552 ratings
      • Sai
      • 39% Off1,905
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      About the Activity:

      • This stunning experience begins as you set off from the gateway of India, 10 minutes prior to your booked time. A speedboat will then take you to your assigned boat; post which your sail into the wide open waters begins.
      • Set off on a leisure sailing in Mumbai over the magical Arabian Sea in an international class keelboat which will give you a feel of having left your worries far behind!
      • The sight of the endless blue seas and the rim of horizon peeking over the end will surely make you sigh in exultation. 
      • The luxury sailing experience is far from anything you have ever imagined and the boat is well equipped with luxuries as well as safety procedures in the presence of the sailor and the skipper.
      • At an additional cost, you can also learn to sail over 2 hours of 10 sessions each; 1-3 participants can take part in this activity at a time.

      The options to book the package are given as two variants, Join a Group and Private Tour. You are requested to either book Join a Group which shows the cost for adults or Private Tour which shows the cost of one Sailing boat.

      Timings: 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM

    • 07Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai

      Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai
      • h2 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN478 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 6512381
      • 28% Off17,500
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      About the Activity:

      • Arrive with your partner at the Gateway of India and set off on a cruise on the waves. As you board the ship, you will be welcomed on board with a glass of wine or fruit champagne.
      • Gaze into the open sea with nothing but the cooling sea breeze amidst luxury of a yacht that is equipped with a 2 BHK, Pantry upper deck and lower deck. 
      • The sailing experience lasts for two hours (6 PM to 8 PM) and gets you back to Gateway of India in all pomp and splendor!
      • For a true romantic candle light dinner cruise in Mumbai with your loved one, take to the alluring shores of Arabian Sea in Mumbai. 
    • 08Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

      Scuba Diving in Tarkarli
      • d1 Day
      • lMalvan
      • NNNNN547 ratings
      • Shrikant Khopade
        Shrikant Khopade
      • 29% Off1,200
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      About the Activity:

      TO BOOK, CALL ON 9079890475 !

      • The beautiful Tarkarli is a beachside haven to be explored in the company of family and friends!
      • Be amazed by the exotic underwater creatures with this scuba diving experience.
      • Embark on the breathtaking Dolphin Safari and the Tsunami Island Safari, and be taken by a rich past with a visit to Nivanti Fort.
      • Be surrounded by fascinating flora and fauna during the Sangam Safari, and witness the elegant crocodiles languishing in their natural habitat at Crocodile Point.

      Reporting Time : 9:30 AM
      Departure Time : 3:30 PM

      Distance : From Pune (340 KM)
                        From Mumbai (536 KM)

      Stay: Chargable at the location. Choose out of stay options available there only.

    • 09Group Adventure Day Out at Wada

      Group Adventure Day Out at Wada
      • d1 Day
      • lWada
      • NNNNN100 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 2075404
      • 11% Off1,700
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      About the Activity with Details:

      • Get away with your choicest mates and companions to a campsite that offers you the best of adventure activities on a platter! The camp, set amidst the rural settings, has been deliberately kept in an untouched setting which enhances the overall rustic feel of the experience. It is here that you can experience the true pull that rural life has on your senses and being.
      • To kick start your day adventure at Wada, arrive at the campsite on a fresh and early morning at 09:00AM and have a delicious breakfast. Post this, you can choose from a full range of activities that offer the best of adrenaline rush!

      Duration: 09:00AM – 05:30 PM

    • 10Rafting in Kolad

      Rafting in Kolad
      • h6 Hours
      • lKolad
      • NNNNN40 ratings
      • vaibhav chorge
        vaibhav chorge
      • 17% Off1,451
      • Book Now
      About the Activity:
      • Pack your bags for one of the most enthralling weekend getaway trips near Mumbai and Pune with this rafting package in Kolad river amidst picturesque landscape and cloud touching peaks.
      • Along with rafting, you will be able to take part in different adventure activities as well as indoor games, depending on the package that you take up.
      • There are multiple packages available for the weekday and the weekend.
      • Report at the starting point of rafting around 08:15 am and the activity ends at 12:30 Noon. Have an enthralling experience doing the 12 KM rafting and if you have selected rafting and lunch package, you can have lunch after the activity at the campsite between 01:00 and 02:30 PM

    • 11Camping and Adventure Activities Near Wai - Flat 25% Off

      Camping and Adventure Activities Near Wai - Flat 25% Off
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lSatara
      • NNNNN764 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 2784943
      • 25% Off4,667
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      About the Activity:

      • Indulge in array of  activity at camping resort in Wai, situated right in the midst of the beauty of nature, at the foothills of Kate's Point.
      • Reach the campsite around 12 noon to get checked into the camp and freshen up for a briefing session, followed by an introduction.
      • Spend the day outing in the open and indulge in some activities like never before for a fun day with family. 
      • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like cycling, kayaking, rifle shooting, barring trail, star gazing and camping.
      • Experience the lush greenery enveloping the hills, that will add an extra dose of fun and excitement to your adventure. 
      • Get away from the city and enjoy the sight of millions of twinkling stars in the night staying in a retreat tent or in a quechua tent 
      • The next day enjoy the delicious breakfast and depart from the camp site around 11:00 AM