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Most Popular Places Around Zhuhai

What You Should Know More About Zhuhai

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you do not travel alone in the night hours.

    ·         Ensure that you have had sufficient research before going to any new place.

    ·         Nudity is strictly prohibited.

    ·         If you are visiting a temple or a religious place, make sure you dress accordingly.

    ·         Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public place.

    ·         Always ensure that you book a room in an area that is known to you.

    ·         Avoid booking a hotel in any shady region.

    ·         Beware of thefts. Make sure you have kept all your cash and valuables safely.

    ·         Enquire about the room safe before booking a hotel.

    ·         Do not leave any of your valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Do not get involved in any fight with anyone.

    ·         Make sure you double check the seal of the water bottle before buying.

    ·         Check the quality of the street food before ordering for it.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Girls make sure you do not get over friendly with the locals here.

    ·         Learn some words from the local language prevalent in the region.

    ·         Do not book any cab or taxi without negotiating the fare for the same. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Zhuhai is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    New Yuanming Palace

    There are several tourist places in Zhuhai and one such impressive location is the New Yuanming Palace. It is situated at the foot of Lanpu Dashilin Mountain. This palace occupies an area of 1.4 square kilometers which has been designed similar to the imperial Yuanming Palace in Beijing. You will be amazed after observing the interesting architecture which is quite exquisite. The New Yuanming Palace in Zhuhai has numerous scenic spots which are highlighted with modern features. Tourists can check out different sections such as the complex of royal palaces, Royal Food Street and Fuhai Lake.

    Statue of Fisher Girl

    The Statue of Fisher Girl is listed among the top places to see in Zhuhai.  This prominent landmark is situated at the majestic Xianglu Bay. The statue is made out of granite and possesses a height of 8.7 meter. A large number of tourists travel to this landmark in order to examine its true beauty. You will observe that the fisher girl has a very beautiful depiction with a hint of shyness. Moreover, she offers an elegant pose raising a bright pearl in both her hands flying high in the air. This marvelous statue was planned by a famous Chinese sculptor, Panhe.

    Pearl Amusement Park

    Pearl Amusement Park is surely the best fun-filled resort in the whole of Zhuhai. This amusement park is located in Tangjia Bay which faces the sea and rests close to the mountain. The CuiHeng villiage is also present in the vicinity. Tourists love this destination which is spread out in an area of more than 400,000 square metres. The best part about Pearl Amusement Park is the presence of dense woods and blooming flowers which makes the surrounding quite refreshing and lively. You would cherish your stay at this place due to the unique architectural design which is evident in various sections of the park. There are cafes as well as Chinese food restaurants present inside the park. You can even check out the Italy biscuit shop which offers interesting food items. 

    Meixi Royal Stone Archways

    The Meixi Royal Stone Archways is situated at Mei Xi Village present in Qianshan town, Zhuhai City. This stunning stone structure was constructed in the late 19th century. Meixi Royal Stone Archways covers an area of 126,000 square meters and possesses a marvelous appearance. The landmark is divided into 3 main parts: Meixi Paifang (royal stone archways), Cemetery and the former residence of Chen Fang & the Chen’s Garden. You will fall in love with the beautiful garden scenery which is available in the surrounding area. It is recommended to access guided tours so as to absorb the true magic of Meixi Royal Stone Archways.

    Dong’ao Island

    Out of all the popular tourist places in Zhuhai, “The Kingdom of Plants” or Dong’ao Island acquires a special place among the locals and travelers. It is a historical naval fortress which possesses a history dated back to 270 years. This island is regarded as the home to Dazhu Bay, Nansha Bay and Xiaozhu Bay. The landmass acted as a frontier garrison during the start of 1729, you can still check out the remains that are well preserved at this location. One can spot rusted cannons sealed on the top of the city wall which offers a contemporary image. The island is majorly popular for its Guanyin (bodhisattva) sculpture which is known to offer fertility to the ones who pray there. You can access the beach area to enjoy different activities such as fishing, scuba diving, surfing and sailing in the sparkling blue water.

    Jintai Temple

    This temple was established during the late South Song Dynasty and is located close to Huangyang Mountain. Jintai Temple occupies a total area of more than 3,000 square meters. This religious landmark has three main entrance halls which are managed in a supreme architectural setup. The location of the temple is quite scenic since it rests to the left of Baohu Mountain and to the right of Qinglong Mountain. Today, the temple is regarded as one of the famous resorts for Buddhist pilgrims as well as tourists from different parts of the globe. Several facilities available in the temple are funded by the local government along with Buddhist donations.

    Flying Sandy Beach

    Flying Sandy Beach is a superb place for visitors who wish to access fun activities. It is located on the southeastern side of Gaolan Island, marked west of Zhuhai. The beach extends to a length of 600 meters and holds a width of 200 meters. Dense subtropical plants are present at various sections of Flying Sandy Beach which make the whole area appear captivating. If you have the time to stay and explore, then do check out seven spectacular beaches that are present nearby such as the Xisha Island, Dameisha Island, Baisha Island, Sanlang Island, Xieqian Island, Wenzhou Island and Xizhen Island. The best time to visit the Flying Sandy Beach is during the summer season when the region blossoms in its true colors.


    Shijing Mountain Park

    Shijing Mountain Park is indeed a gorgeous sightseeing location managed in Zhuhai. It is regarded as one of the most systematic natural parks in the whole of China. If you view from a far distance, the Shijing Mountain appears as if a rhinoceros raises its head and looks up in the sky. The classic mountain range behind the eponymous rhino has a lovely setup which is admired by tourists. From the pinnacle of Shinjing Mountain you can access the panoramic views of the city of Zhuhai. Shijing Mountain Ropeways is the designated tour program which is a great blessing for the tourists. The two-day tour or three-day tour can be accessed for exploring this park. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Landscape in Zhuhai

    Zhuhai is known for its breathtaking landscapes that will surely keep you interested throughout your stay. The long promenade close to the South China Sea is full of attractive locations.  Lovely sea views, as well as green patches, are worth visiting if you are in the city. There are different accommodation sources that are available near the seaside to cherish the picturesque scenery.

    Fantastic Recreation Area

    There are several exclusive resorts in Zhuhai which are visited by the locals as well as tourists to stay happy and entertained. Gardens, parks along with other recreational areas are specially established for the citizens. You will be amused to know that, some of these parks are even located on mountains. One can also plan a picnic with their friends and family in any of the green spaces or sections close to the lakes.

    Bars & Pubs

    The local bars and pubs in Zhuhai should be visited for spending a relaxed time. You can easily locate a number of bars scattered in various parts of the city. The regions of Gongbei, Jida, as well as Qinglu Road, are the perfect places to search for quality bars & pubs. The Shuiwan Bar Street is an outstanding location filled with classic Zhuhai bars. With the cooperation of the municipal government, this bar street is managed to support tourism in the area. The arrangement of this whole street, which is 300 meters in length, comprises a European style merged with Chinese modern garden sights that appears quite alluring. The nightlife in this region will help you experience numerous party scenes and related themes.

    Night Sea Cruise

    There are several ports in Zhuhai from where you can access a night sea cruise, mainly on the Pearl River estuary situated close to Macao. This is one of the most attractive activities which is preferred by tourists who wish to enjoy a soothing breeze while exploring the waters surrounding Zhuhai. You will get to observe the city lights from a distance which is indeed a serene view at night. There are several private cruise operators who are easily available at the various ports in Zhuhai. 


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