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What You Should Know More About Warsaw

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the beggars at bay.

    ·         Do not get over friendly with the guide or the strangers here.

    ·         Make sure you dress in accordance with the local traditions and cultures.

    ·         Do not do anything that hurts the local sentiments.

    ·         Always be alert.

    ·         Do not leave your valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Opt for a hotel that has a room safe.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables or jewelry in public places.

    ·         Make sure you have some idea of the local language before you visit the country.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         If you have a medical condition, carry all the needed medicines.

    ·         Always have with you a first aid kit.

    ·         Do not film without permission.

    ·         If you ever feel lost, take help from the locals here.

    ·         Whenever you interact with the locals, do ensure you are warm and polite.

    ·         Do not let anyone take advantage of you.

    ·         Whenever you are visiting any new destination, it is always a good idea to gather sufficient information about that place before you travel there.

    ·         Always travel in large groups.

    ·         Make sure you do not explore the unknown trails during the night hours.

    ·         Ensure that you have with you at least one identity proof. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Warsaw is 18. 

  • Q. Our recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    The Old Town

    This region is among the best places to see in Warsaw. A large number of tourist flock to this area which has gained significant fame in the whole of Europe. The Old Town was rebuilt from the rubble which was accumulated after WWII. The charm and coolness in this region will surely please your mind & soul. You will get to explore some interesting sites such as the Castle Square before heading off for the cobbled streets that are quite serene. Do not forget to visit the Market Square, where you can examine several renaissance buildings. The appealing architecture adds to the beauty of this place which cannot be forgotten. Travelers also admire visiting several hidden courtyards and gardens. Moreover, there are numerous statues which can be checked out on your way to Brzozowa (on the eastern side).

    The Royal Route


    This route has acquired its name from the start and end point, that is, initiating from The Royal Castle and ending at the suburban royal residence of Wilanow. The Royal Castle and Castle Square are indeed the true highlights of the capital city. It was in the 16th century, when King Zygmund III shifted the capital from Krakow to Warsaw. This led to the transformation of this small trading center into the prime hub for Renaissance Europe’s largest empire. You will feel amazed while touring the Royal Route accessing the cobbles and examining the crowning atmosphere of Royal Warsaw. Make sure you visit the impressive Presidential Palace as well as the 20th century marvel, the Hotel Bristol, which possesses an architecture that is simply majestic. Out of the famous tourist places, the Nowy Swiat or New World Street is where you can visit interesting shops and dining outlets belonging to Warsaw’s ancient townhouses. You can also locate Foksal Street, which is situated right outside Nowy Swiat, to spend a quiet time sipping hot coffee at one of the many cafes present in this region. The large plastic palm tree is tagged as the end of Nowy Swiat near Rondo de Gaulle. This 15 metre art piece is a way to symbolize new Warsaw.

    Lazienki Park

    Lazienki Park is a true gem which is a must visit place for tourists. Warsavians are proud of this greenery-filled region that is perfect for wandering at peace. You can take the central route towards Ujazdowskie Avenue to reach this destination. With every step you will get detached from the city noise and would be stuck at the superb elements which are preserved in this area. Lazienki will surprise you as it houses a central lake (with its own Palace on the Water), stately residences, an amphi-theatre and is also the hosting ground for several concerts during the summer time. A large number of tourists prefer visiting this park for checking out the numerous attractions which are managed in a calm setup. You can always find a quiet shady nook or roam freely in the well-tended lawns to spend a perfect moment of introspection. Out of all the different tours in Warsaw, a visit to Lazienki Park shouldn’t be missed.

    Warsaw Rising Museum

    For the Warsavians, the Uprising of 1944 is an important historic event which focuses on the struggle and will-power of a crushed population against the rulers. It was indeed the biggest rebellion which ended with a terrible loss of life and property. The significance of that event hasn’t been forgotten and can be relived through a visit to the jaw-dropping exhibits preserved in the Warsaw Rising Museum. This structure was established in 2004, managed in an old tram power station. You will surely be stunned by the interactive journey that will enlighten you about the pre-Uprising occupation through a state-of-the-art 3D aerial film. The surrounding ambiance in the museum is quite appealing due to the presence of interesting exhibits and informative details that will always grab your attention. The Memorial Wall is the prime attraction of the Warsaw Rising Museum which engraves the names of over 10,000 who perished in the rebellion. Make sure you mark this landmark in your list of places-to-see in Warsaw.

    Praga District

    The Praga District of Warsaw is completely different from the actual setup of the city. You can access different tours in this district which is situated in the eastern part of the capital region. The true elegance of this area is hidden in the architecture that is quite amusing. You will get to learn about the oldest buildings which still exist after surviving the WWII. A pinch of renaissance can also be observed in these structures. The bubbling artistry blooming in this district is quite attractive which should be experienced while you are touring Warsaw. It is regarded as a culturally-rich region where you can visit a number of interesting cafés as well as night clubs. There are several galleries which possess the power to charm you to the core; moreover, the lovely Skaryszewski and Praski parks are known for their open-air concerts and designer sculptures. Over the years, Praga has changed but tourists who visit this place still seek the rawness which has sustained from the past.  

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Bars and Clubs

    When you are in Poland, you simply cannot avoid tasting a zillion versions of vodkas. Apart from this, the strong beer in Warsaw is quite loved by foreign tourists. The nightlife budding in the capital city is worth experiencing as it has different shades that are quite fascinating. Talk about options? You will have to analyze as almost all the bars and nightclubs possess similar grading. If you wish to dress up and spend money, then hit the areas close to Nowy Swiat, Plac Pilsudskiego or Plac Trzech Krzyzy. For people who wish to spend a casual night without accessing their glittery dresses, can anytime visit the bo-ho Praga district that has a lively nightlife along with artistic scenes in the surrounding. Try Warszawa Powisle in order to absorb something new by tasting vodkas mixed with a hint of culture at this interesting party center. Among the popular nightclubs you can visit the vibrant Klubo Kawiarnia or Klub Balsam. Warsaw has indeed something in-store for every party animal who seeks excellent music, booze and music.

    Vistula River Cruise

    River cruising in one of the attractive activities which can be availed in Warsaw. Tourists prefer spending a sunny day to cruise down the Vistula River in gorgeous boats. It is a very pleasant experience as you would get to explore the surrounding natural beauty. For couples, this boat ride would surely prove fruitful as it is managed in an alluring environment. You can observe Warsaw’s riverside beaches and even the Old Town that can be spotted from a distance.

    Polish Hunter’s Stew (Bigo’s)

    One of the most impressive tourist places in Warsaw is the Old Town. You must sit at any of the restaurants in this region and try Bigos, also popular as Polish hunter’s stew. This dish is basically an assortment of several types of meat along with cabbage, served in a bread bowl. It is interesting to know that, no two Bigos recipes can be similar. It depends on the choice of the customers if they wish for beef, pork, veal, rabbit or venison. Bigos is an excellent winter dish and is easily available in almost all the restaurants during the cold season. However, there are several eateries which manage Bigos on their menu card throughout the year.

    Green Spaces

    The green spaces in Warsaw are quite unexpected, as the city was built out of rubble around 69 years ago, moreover, was ruled by the Soviet for several years. Warsaw is filled with parks and gardens along with other green patches which are wonderfully preserved. You can tour through ?azienki Park (the Royal Baths Park) on any chilly afternoon to feel blossomed. Moreover, the stunning greenery present at Saski Park (the Saxon Garden) and close to the Jewish Cemetery (where the greenery is overgrowing) is cherished by tourists as well as locals. Among the famous green-spaced resorts, you can even check out the library at the University of Warsaw.

    Local Cuisine

    The Polish and Slovak food is quite relishing that would push you to visit different restaurants in Warsaw.  Tasty dishes such as pierogi shouldn’t be missed while you are in the city. Moreover, a visit to any of the “milk bars” (Bar Mleczny) will surely make you feel blessed. Don’t be confused, as these milk bars do not serve milk but traditional Polish food at a very nominal cost. Do take out time to access food tours in the city so as to explore a variety of recipes which are popular in Poland.

    Street Life

    Warsaw has a vibrant street life that would illuminate your senses. Ranging from the milk bars to other cheap places popular among university students; all should be discovered by travelers. You can check out the neighborhoods which possess shrines of Virgin Mary that are truly enlightening. Apart from this, the rooftop garden located at the upper section of the library in University of Warsaw offers a pleasant view. The little Neon Museum in Warsaw is another popular destination which highlights the rawness that is supremely appealing. Your things-to-do list must include a stroll to the local streets in order absorb the classic magic of Warsaw. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?