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What You Should Know More About Suzhou

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Be wary of the touts

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Always carry with you a first aid kit.

    ·         Do not let anyone cheat you.

    ·         Sit only in a prepaid taxi. If you are unable to find a prepaid taxi, you must always negotiate the fare before hiring the taxi.

    ·         Do not indulge in any form of physical or verbal fights with anyone.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

    ·         Drink only bottled mineral water.

    ·         In case you suffer from any medication, make it a point to carry with you all the necessary medications.

    ·         Always keep your passport safely.

    ·         Make sure you have a pre made photo copy of your passport.

    ·         Do not trust anyone with your valuables or cash.

    ·         Do not leave your baggage containing cash and valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Enquire about the room safe before booking a hotel.

    ·         Do not click a picture in the religious place without the permission from the authority.

    ·         Never film without permission.

    ·         Dress only in accordance with the prevalent cultures and traditions.

    ·         Learn a few words from the local languages. This shall remove the communication barrier that you may encounter in a foreign country. 

    ·         Keep away from drugs. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    In Suzhou the legal age for drinking is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Humble Administrator’s Garden

    China has a number of amazing tourist places which are managed in a serene environment. Humble Administrator’s Garden was constructed in 1509, which has now acquired great fame after being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This classical garden is the largest in Suzhou and portrays an exquisite Chinese landscape design. Tourists prefer visiting the interlacing bridges which leads to the garden’s romantic water features, preserved pavilions and other stunning relics. What more? For the relaxation of the visitors, there is a garden teahouse where people can sit and savor a hot beverage. The garden area also houses a museum which can be visited if you have sufficient time to spend.

    Lingering Garden

    The Lingering Garden should be on your list of places to see in Suzhou. This lovely garden was built in 1593 and is popular for its striking architecture. The Lingering Garden is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site in China, which is spread out in an area of almost nine square miles (23.31 sq km). You will be amazed to know that, the garden is segregated into four distinct themed sections- East, West, North and Central. Each section has a special significance and should be explored using a connecting corridor which is decorated with gorgeous ancient calligraphy.

    Master of the Nets Garden

    Suzhou is an interesting garden town located west of Shanghai. Out of all the popular resorts in Suzhou, Master of the Nets Garden possesses a grand setup. This complex was established in the 12th century that has been preserved in its pristine form. Moreover, the tag of the UNESCO World Heritage Site makes this garden an impressive tourist destination. You will love the ambience close to Kunqu opera present in the garden were several performances are held. But the main glamour is hidden in the architecture which is beautifully active in the rooms, windows and courtyards along with the gardens which make the whole area appear larger than it actually is. The significance of the Master of the Nets Garden is quite renowned and the Ming Hall Garden situated in New York is modeled after it.

    Lions Grove Garden

    Tourists flock in huge numbers to have a look at the multi-story rock maze present in Lions Grove Garden. The rock maze is around 23 feet (7 m) high and is listed among the famous Suzhou gardens, all of which are tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be pleased after locating this landmark which possesses beautiful natural scenery as well as the famed manmade mountains. Tourists can catch a glimpse of the stunning rock formations made out of limestone which are mainly concentrated close to Taihu Lake. The garden’s exclusive architecture has a vibrant history which should be understood during your trip to this garden. There is a marvelous waterfall in this area that should be visited for spending a peaceful time. You can access guided tours so as to gain extra information about the site.

    Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill has an interesting history which is popular among the locals of Suzhou. As per the legend, in 496 B.C. the King of Wu buried his father on top of a hill; after three days a white tiger appeared and stood next to the tomb. You will surely experience an active feed of history as well as folklore while exploring this area. Tourists can check out the cultural symbol of Suzhou, that is, the Yunyan Pagoda (also called Huqiu Tower). It is known to be the park’s rising thousand-year-old pagoda that is created in an artistic manner.  If you wish to relax in the region, then the Sword Pool is among the major resorts which can fulfill such desires. This pool was supposedly the king’s final resting spot for his swords.

    Water Towns

    The Suzhou countryside will help you travel to a calm distant place away from the hustle & bustle of the city. ‘Water towns’ as it is commonly referred is an alluring region which is indeed one of the charming spaces of the world. It is visited by a large tourist crowd who wishes to stay for absorbing true Chinese natural greatness. Do not miss a chance to visit Zhouzhuang located in Kunshan City resting close to Yangtze River. The region is nothing less than a fairytale for every visitor who is new to this place. You can surely spot the impeccably sustained residential architecture as well as artistic stone bridges merged with colored traditions in the town of Zhouzhuang.

    Hanshan Temple

    Hanshan Temple is counted as one of the ten great temples situated in China. The temple’s current structure is connected to the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), however, the original architecture is quite ancient dating back to the Southern dynasty (502–557). This structure holds a history of more than 1,500 years which makes it one of the best places to see in Suzhou. The religious structure is also called as the ‘Cold Mountain Temple’ which is basically a Buddhist monastery.  You should visit the temple for experiencing the 108-bell-ringing ceremony which takes place during the annual New Year’s Eve and is admired by locals & visitors both. Do not forget to make your way to the top as the pagoda will help you access some superb panoramic views of the city.

    Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP)

    Suzhou Industrial Park is an evident landmark representing modern-day Suzhou. You will get to see several contemporary hotels, restaurants and shops in this region. Apart from this, SIP also houses several modern marvels such as the Suzhou International Expo Center, Jinji Lake (the largest inland city lake in China), two manmade islands (Peach Blossom Island and Exquisite Island) as well as the largest Ferris wheel in Asia that offers an exciting sight. You will also be amused by the musical fountain that is simply magnificent. Do make sure that you access planned tours to this place so as to learn precisely about its various sections. 

  • Q. What you will like there?


    Suzhou is an inspiring tourist destination in China which possesses more than 2,500 years of history. You can gain useful information about various aspects related to the place and its cultural richness through the fascinating museums present in the vicinity.  Suzhou’s pristine culture and heritage is valued by visitors who are quite frequent at the museums that house interesting exhibits. The ancient history of silk production, also known as Suzhou’s cultural fabric, can be understood in a very simplistic manner at the Suzhou Silk Museum. You will get to know about the silk lifecycle by observing the artisans hard work and expertise. Moreover, you can also visit Suzhou Museum that was built in 2006. This structure was established by the famous architect I.M. Pei. The city’s largest museum showcases a large variety of culturally vibrant elements that would surely fill your heart with joy. The museum’s design has been inspired by the Classical Gardens with a strong presence of water and bamboo as the prime elements. Its galleries manage a collection of more than 15,000 pieces ranging from ancient paintings to porcelain crafts along with interesting ornate calligraphy. These museums are some of the most classic places to see in Suzhou that will rest in your hearts forever.

    Sightseeing Locations

    You should plan out tours to explore Suzhou’s enigmatic landmarks and hidden gems. One can head to Shantang Street that is known for its old temples, memorial arches and ancestral halls. Moreover, you can also visit Shiquan Street in order to examine the blooming architecture belonging to the Ming and Qing dynastiesy. The dumplings at Guanqian Street are truly relishing which shouldn’t be missed. You will cross several narrow canals as well as charming stone bridges during your tour to different sections of the city. For shopping freaks, Jinchang District’s Shilu Shopping Street is the perfect place to access several retail stores where a number of goodies are available for everyone.  

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