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What You Should Know More About Manama

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         The city is considered to be relatively safer however it is still advisable for you to avoid carrying excess cash with you in the public areas.

    ·         Do not flaunt your cash or valuables in the public areas.

    ·         Do not leave your important documents or valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Make sure you book a hotel only where there is a facility of room safe available.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Carry at least one proof of your identity with you at all times.

    ·         Do not leave your VISA or passport carelessly.

    ·         Do not entertain the touts.

    ·         Make sure you check for the quality of the street food before you begin eating it.

    ·         Do not try and get over friendly with the strangers.

    ·         Keep yourself away from all forms of drugs.

    ·         Do not indulge in physical or verbal fights with anyone.

    ·         Make sure you adhere to the local rules and traditions.

    ·         If you buy bottled drinking water, make sure you check for the seal.

    ·         Do gather enough information before you travel to any new destination.

    ·         In case you are going to a restaurant, check online for the dress code applicable.

              Make sure you negotiate the fare before booking a cab or a taxi. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    Drinking in public is illegal

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Bahrain National Museum

    Situated along the Bahraini Corniche, Bahrain National Museum is the Kingdom’s national museum. It is a source of pride for the locals and that of course for a very good reason. The museum is excellently maintained and offers you a deep insight on the history of Bahrain. A beautiful collection of pictures and displays can be found on the ground floor. These exhibits explain the extraordinary work of the Danish archeologists who unveiled the ruins of the Dilmun civilization. One extraordinary item that you’ll find on display here is the tableau from the Epic Of Gilgamesh in which Bahrain is described as a haven. The museum is definitely a must visit for all.

    The Currency Museum

    The Currency Museum is a home to the rare Islamic currency and ancient currency coins. It is a rare treat for the building numatist. With 8 display cabinets, the museum is a home to different examples of coins starting from the 1993 BMA second issue of Bahraini dinars, Arabised Sassanite silver dirham, BD0.5 banknotes, foreign metal coins that were used during 550 BC/1950 AD in the Arabian Peninsula to the Byzantine gold dinar. On the upper floor of the museum, you can find a number of library books on Islamic as well as the world currencies. You can find some really rare and valuable books both in English and Arabic on Islamic coins. This definitely is an important tourist attraction of Manama.

    Fabric Bazaar

    On the streets outside, you’ll find an authentic fabric bazaar which is one place to visit, no matter how long you stay in Manama. Situated at the center of the Souk, it is where the swathes of fabric in every texture and color imaginable will brush against your skin as you try and navigate the narrow streets of the city. You can find a plethora of inexpensive fabrics here. You can buy fabric in meters at price as cheap as chips. Take note if you are shopping for a superior quality yarn, you are expected to pay a little bit more. Whether it is man made or natural fabric, you can find it all here. It is definitely one place to see during your visit.  

    Gold Souk

    For all the glitter and glamor, you must make your way towards the Bahrain Gold Souk. It is a choc brimming with jewelry shops dripping silver and hold from their windows, making Gold Souk just the most famous tourist attraction of the country. The collection of glittering jewelry, precious stones and gold within this vault, will make you feel as if strolling amidst the treasure trove. All in all, it will be one dazzling experience, quite literally. Souk may look intimidating at times but the service you receive here is very friendly. Unlike the European gold, the Bahraini gold begins from 18 carat. However, you can buy gold up to 24 carat here. It is sold by the weight on its current market price.    

    Heritage Centre

    Locate just a few km walk from the Bab Al Bahrain building, these archaic courts have today been metamorphosed into a museum that covers subjects such as modern art, diving, falconry, fishing and weapons. The Heritage Centre also comprises of a huge archive of photographs which offer the visitors a deep insight into the past of the Bahrain.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    There Are More Locals and Less Tourists

    Unlike Qatar and Dubai, where the nationals are not more than 10% of the total population, the population of Bahrain rather teems up with the nationals. 50% of the population of the country is Bahraini, meaning when you are out on a holiday there you’ll actually get a real experience of Bahrain.

    Enjoy Scorching Temperatures

    If you love warmer places, Manama is surely not going to disappoint you. On an average the lowest temperature here never goes below 10 degrees Celsius. Even in the dead of winters, you can get a temperature that is fairly above 20 degree Celsius. From June to September, the country experiences Summer which sunshine all round. During these months, rainfall is just negligible. Even off the season, there is very less rain accumulation all round the winter and the autumn months.

    Fun Water Activities On Al Dar Islands

    You’ll not find too many beaches all across Bahrain as can be seen in the other Gulf States. However, the Al Dar Islands can be a playground for all of you who enjoy water sports. If you wish to reel in some fish or if you are up for some skiing, this place is more than just perfect. It is also one of the best places for swimming and is ideal for anyone seeking seclusion and relaxation.

    A Thriving Art Scene

    A lot of you may be surprised but Manama is actually a home to some of the most award worthy pieces of art and a range of exquisite places. If you enjoy visiting galleries and museums, there is a lot in store for you at Manama. The best part is, you can actually get your hands on some of the most beautiful art pieces at a significantly low price. Do take best of an advantage of the currency exchange center while here so that you can get your hands on some of the most exquisite pieces of art. Shopping for art is an interesting thing to do for all you art lovers.

    It’s The Vegas of Saudi Arabia 

    As of 1986, the capital of Manama, Bahrain is linked to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway. Located not more than 15 miles away from Saudi Arabia, Saudis regularly come   here to enjoy the lively and vivacious nightlife that Manama has on offer. Given the tons of restaurants, bars and clubs on offer, it is indeed the most ideal place for you to loosen up and party. 

    More Personable

    It is true that just about each one of you knows about Dubai and United Arab Emirates, and when everyone is up for visiting Dubai, how many of you will actually plan a holiday to Bahrain? Now think rather more practically. You get to have an island all by yourself without all the touristy crowd which usually swamps Dubai. More, if you actually go and visit both Dubai and Bahrain, you’ll feel that the latter has a more local touch associated with it. It is way more warm when it comes to people and culture. People here are very proud of their roots and this is very well depicted in the manner they conduct themselves.

    Open Minded: 

    Okay, let me just confess it, I do know what all you might be thinking. A country that is not more than 20 minutes from Saudi Arabia, is open minded? Yes, it is still as open minded as it ought to be! In fact, when the weekend comes, the Saudi Bahrain causeway is congested with people as most of the Saudis making their way to the country. So, during that time what is usually a mere 30-40 minute ride takes anything between 3 to 4 hours. In Bahrain, you can spot bars, restaurants and theatres where both the sexes mingle together and enjoy. A lot of beach clubs can also be found here. As a result of all this, the country has become a very comfortable society for you to live in without having to lose a local charm.


    If we say, there is ALWAYS something to do here, it just wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Be it any day of the week, any time of the day, Manama has something on a platter for you. This can be a good thing, especially for the party lovers. From F1 after parties that see some of the most celebrated names like Pitbull to the simple gathering alongside the beach, nightlife of Manama is vibrant and exciting. You can find a number of lounges, bars and clubs have to offer something or the other for you to do. Beach parties here are simply incredible especially during the summer or the spring time. However, a little tip here is, you must not forget that it is still an Islamic country, so just don’t go and make a fool of yourself out in open.    


    Yes, foodies can rejoice too at Manama. The city does have something unique for every type of foodie. Whether you are craving for the famous burger chain Jasmis or the authentic Bahraini machboos, you will find it all here. You can spot everything from the small hole in the wall joints to the high end boutique restaurants, so depending on your choice and preference hog on as much as you desire. However, no matter how much you eat or what you eat, you cannot forget to take a stopover at the “Shawarma Street” when you are spending a night out of the town. You can thank me later for this!

    Outdoor cinema.

    Imagine the joy of enjoying a movie, right under the stars? Relaxing and romantic, isn’t it? Well, you do get to do this in Manama. Some of the places where you can head for such an experience is the The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, The Royal Golf Club and La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa.

    Alternative medicine

    People of the country are very open minded especially when it comes to medicine. Alternate medicine is a widely accepted practice here. Everything from Ayurveda to crystal healing, nutrition therapies and Reiki are all widely practiced and accepted here.  

    Pearl diving

    The Al Dar Islands organize trips to the hidden destinations that will take you amongst the sea life and an old shipwreck. If you are really lucky, you might just get your hands on some of the most authentic and opulent pearls.

    Horse riding by the beach 

    Another thing to do when here is horse riding along the beach. This activity can also be romantic if you do it with your partner.


    The country is very tolerant and diverse towards the other nationalities and religious however it is still very true to its own customs and traditions. It has phenomenal dance and music scene to keep you entertained. 

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