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What You Should Know More About Isfahan

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         The most important travel advice to be followed while visiting every destination in Iran is keeping in mind the laws for tourists. You should not breach any law for tourists.

    ·         Remember the dress code, especially for women. Women should ideally wear full-length clothes and a scarf over their head, especially at religious places. It is advice to not put a lot of makeup and wear tight fitting clothes.

    ·         Isfahan is a place where it is not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. Hence, do not try to drink illegally.

    ·         Do not step out at late hours at night, especially if you are a solo traveler.

    ·         People here are very sensitive about their culture and religion and hence, do not offend the locals or their customs or religion in any way.

    ·         Check the list of items which you can carry to Iran so that you do not have to face problems at the airport.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    Iran is an Islamic country and hence, it is not allowed to consume any types of alcoholic drinks in any of the city of Iran. Do not try to illegally consume alcohol as the laws here are very strict and you might end up getting caught in serious trouble.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Imam Mosque

    Imam Mosque, which was built in the year 1020 is one of the most iconic examples of Islamic architecture. The construction and decoration of this palace are one of the most beautiful sights you will have in Isfahan. The work on stone and tiles is very special over here. The interesting feature of this mosque is the echo of sound generated in the centre of the huge dome of this monument.

    Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

    This mosque is another epitome of grand Islamic architecture which you will get to see in the beautiful city of Isfahan. It took a period of 18 years to complete the construction of this mosque. The most stunning feature of this mosque is the mosaic tiles work on the interiors and the decorations of the plinth. Many archeologists have called it a monument which is hardly considerable to be a man-made product. Hence, you can imagine the beauty of the architecture and décor of this mosque.

    Friday Mosque

    The Friday Mosque is one of the most important monuments of Isfahan with respect to historic heritage. It was built in the 4th century and later expanded during the Shah Abbas I’s reign. This mosque indeed reflects beautiful architecture but along with it, there are also different prose and poem lines carved and written on the walls of this structure. The mosque is a big complex of buildings and artistic structures.

    Chehel Sotune Palace

    This palace and its garden stretch over a phenomenal area of 67,000 sq. meters. This palace was constructed during the rule of Shah Abbas I and is one of the grandest constructions of Iran. With dynamic gates, pillars, little complexes and an amazing reflection of Islamic architecture and the beauty of additional decorations dolls up the palace even more.

    Chahar Bagh School

    Also known as Madraseh-ye Madar-e-Shah, this is one of the very few architectural masterpieces left from the Safavid era. This school was constructed in 1116-1126 and is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city. This place is charmed with the beautiful tile work all over the building complex. This place is one of the grandest schools you will ever see in your entire life.

    Khaju Bridge

    The foundation of Khaju Bridge was laid during the Timurid period, constructed during 1060 AH. This bridge is built according to the traditional Islamic architecture and is grandly decorated with painting decorations and tile work. This place was used as a residence of the royal family for a short period of time and is a very magnificent sightseeing place for tourists visiting here. Visit this place in the morning in order to avoid trouble due to hot afternoon sun.

    Vank Cathedral

    The Vank Church is one of the most famous churches of Isfahan. It was constructed during the reign of Shah Abbas II and is richly dolled up with paintings, decorations, mosaic tile works and amazing oil paintings which depict the life of Jesus Christ. There are also many paintings of Italian and Netherland originating paintings put up inside this church, apart from which everything else is of Iranian origin.

    Old Qaisarieh Bazaar

    Famous as one of the most luxurious shopping destinations of the Safavid era, this place is currently a treasure of handicrafts, paintings, mosaic tiles and other authentic items. You will also get to buy precious fabrics, show-pieces, and spices over here. This place is not only a vibrant and loaded market, but also a place which mirrors the local culture effectively.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Beautiful Monuments

    Isfahan is a home to some of the most beautiful monuments and structures in the world. With amazing interiors and splendid exteriors constructed according to typical Islamic form of architecture, these monuments ooze with beauty and grandeur all over.

    Religious Shrines

    Isfahan has a lot of religious shrines, mosques, and tombs. Isfahan is a place frequented by many Iranians because of the many important mosques it has. Not only are the mosques important from a religious point of view, but also very beautiful and magnificent when it comes to their appearance.

    Cultural Heritage

    Isfahan or the entire country of Iran for that matter follows all its cultures and traditions dedicatedly even today. Some people tend to call this primitive, but it is actually a very good feeling to see people so dedicated and respectful towards their culture, that even age old cultures and traditions are effectively preserved till date.

    Tranquil Atmosphere

    If you want to experience sheer peace and rejuvenation by getting away from your overactive and hectic schedule, you should definitely take a trip to this place as the overall environment over here is very quiet, calm and positive.

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  • Q. Books

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