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Traveller Tales from Belgaum


Dhanadeepa Gandhi

15 February 2015

When I heard about a waterfall at Belgaum I was not able to believe, I thought Belgaum was all about saris and clothing. But this trek changed my entire opinion. If you are planning for some short time...


Anasooya Jain

15 August 2014

The Phanaswadi waterfall trek is a memorizing trek that I would never forget in my lifetime. Longing to go on this trek again with my family, I had been on this trek last week with my friends. The whol...


Vidur Banerjee

12 June 2014

Legendary Kalsa to Sural Trek, Belgaum is one of the nice treks that one can take. Trekking is fun and what is more fun is trekking in Belgaum. No wonder they call this the legendary trek because it is...


Gautama Achari

17 March 2016

Some treks are heavenly. Legendary Kalsa to Sural Trek is one such thing. Belgaum is a pretty place for those who do not know about it. It is legendary. I completely loved it. I wish I had known about ...


Jagdeep Devar

07 February 2016

The best trek I had ever taken up in my lifetime is this trek. I loved the waterfalls and mainly the tranquillity and peace that I experienced. Waterfall trekking needn’t be always adventurous; this on


Aanandinii Iyer

04 August 2015

This trekking was the best I had all my life. I wish that I had taken this sooner. I recommend all you young travel freaks to take this.


Charuvrat Kapoor

19 May 2015

Great trek planned and executed well. I have no complaints on this trek. As this was my first waterfall trekking I felt it little scary and weird. Otherwise everything went out well. I had a great time...


Bhilangana Achari

14 January 2015

For once I took a trek that is not too cold. Being from Kashmir, I kept going on snowy treks, but this trek was less snowy and more like a proper trek. I liked it a lot. Also, the city is so beautiful ...


Hamsini Gowda

23 December 2014

This is a great and a nice trek. I loved the experience, and I really loved the fact that the trek was not too easy nor too tough. Also, the food and stay were comfortable. It was a relaxing yet an adv