Veuve Reserve Overview
Located at the very heart of La Digue, the Veuve Reserve is the island’s primary nature reserves. The reserve is home to the country’s only few black paradise flycatchers, which the locals call ‘veuve’ or widow in French. Several other birds can be spotted here as well, such as moorhens, fruit bats and terrapins.

Photography and birdwatching are some of the most enjoyed activities here. Several walking trails snake their way across the uninterrupted forests here, making the reserve one of the best go to destinations for hiking sports. Guided tours are organized here as well, taking tourists to those secluded areas where the flycatchers can be spotted.

Location: La Digue Veuve Reserve c/o National Park Authority, Anse Reunion, La Digue

Timings: 10.00AM-02.00PM between Mondays and Fridays
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