2-in-1 Park Hopper Plus Singapore by Mandai Wildlife Reserves

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2-in-1 Park Hopper Plus Singapore highlights

  • Unleash your inner explorer with Mandai Wildlife Reserve and choose your combo adventure across Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Paradise, and River Wonders.

  • Get your Singapore Zoo tickets and see over 4,200 animals of over 300 species from elevated platforms, glass observatories, and more.

  • Explore the world's first nocturnal wildlife park with over 900 creatures from nearly 100 species together under the night sky on Singapore Night Safari.

  • Spot colourful, attractive and rare birds like American flamingo, starlings, penguins, and many others, in the Bird Paradise.

  • Embark on a journey through River Wonders - Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, and observe wonderful animals like otters, eels, piranhas, catfishes, etc.


Singapore Zoo, Singapore
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

2-in-1 Park Hopper Plus Singapore cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
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INR 107

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2-in-1 Park Hopper Plus Singapore overview

About 2-in-1 Park Hopper Plus Singapore by Mandai Wildlife Reserves:

Roam a recreated rainforest with more than 4,200 animals. Go on Night Safari at world’s first night safari park. Discover over 1,100 species at River Wonders, Asia's first river-themed park or immerse yourself in Bird Paradise's vibrant landscapes. Interact with and know more about rare creatures like barking deer, African penguin, two-toed sloth, red panda, scarlet macaw, and many others. Choose your combo and embark on a Singapore wildlife adventure!

About the activity:

  • Uncover nearly 21,000 animals representing almost 1,000 species of land and aquatic creatures at Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore.
  • Open-concept enclosures in Singapore Zoo mimic natural habitats, keeping animals active and happy, unlike zoos with caged animals.
  • Embark on a thrilling Night Safari adventure. Hop on a tram and observe over 900 fascinating nocturnal animals under the starry sky including the Asian lion and buffy fish owl.
  • Explore iconic rivers like the Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mekong, and Yangtze at the River Wonders, encountering playful pandas, giant salamanders, and a host of intriguing creatures.
  • Spot over 3,000 colourful birds from 400+ species at Bird Paradise, Singapore. From flamingos, macaws, spoonbills to hornbills, meet your countless other feathered friends. 
  • Watch amazing presentations like Animal Friends, Splash Safari, etc., and know more about our fellow living beings of Earth.
  • Witness the natural talents of otters, fennec foxes, and other fascinating nocturnal creatures at the Night Safari's "Creatures of the Night" presentation.
  • Purchase the 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 Park Hopper Pass of your choice and enjoy the wonders of the animal kingdom.
  • Click pictures and share them with your friends and family.