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Best Adventure Experiences in Uttarakhand (Upto 32% Off)

  • 01Beach Camping & Rafting In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

    Beach Camping & Rafting In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off
    Rishikesh is a small town near the holy city of Haridwar, famous for being a spiritual getaway and a hub for adventure sports like white water rafting, cliff diving, rock climbing and many other such heart-pumping activities. But the one thing that it is the most famous for is the white water rafting on the rapids of the river Ganga. Rishikesh is the country's best spot for rafting, and if you throw in the excitement of camping at one of the sandy beaches in Rishikesh, then this trip becomes an unbeatable one. This is unforgettable experience which you will experience near Laxman Jula.

    This camp offers the comfort of living in cozy quarters with common washrooms, a view of the hills nearby and adventures to last you a lifetime. Enjoy the convenience of all basic amenities at camp to make your stay in the tents comfortable. The river Ganga is just 50 Metres away from the campsite making it a beach camping experience wherein you have an access of river. The location of camps is in Laman Jula.

    Also part of the camp are the various indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy, in tandem with the white water rafting like body surfing, rope walk, nature hiking, and camp games (volleyball, football, cricket, badminton). And to make your stay even more wonderful and memorable, an evening bonfire will be lit so you can sit around in its warmth and enjoy singing and storytelling with your campmates. Dinner will be under the shade of the billions of stars and will come with the option of both, Veg and Non-Veg. 

    About the activity: 

    • Enjoy a rendezvous with the thrill and charm of Rishikesh.
    • Spend 2 days and 1 night in a Beach camp and explore the pristine beauty of nature.
    • Charge up your adrenaline while on adventure quest besides the gurgling rivers and dense forests.
    • Enjoy all the beauties and shades of nature in their full glories.
    Child below 14 years will not be provided.

    Check-in - 11 AM
    Check-out - 11 AM

  • 02Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

    Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKanatal
    • NNNNN130 ratings
    • Himalayan Cove
    • 18% Off1,850
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    About Kanatal:
    Kanatal is a small town in Uttrakhand, very near to Mussoorie and Dehradun and is well studded with natural beauty like lush green trees, beautiful trails etc. Such a scenic beauty in abode of clouds shall not be missed if one is visiting Uttrakhand.

    About the Camp:
    The camp site is situated at 8500 feet above sea level and placed at a position which allows travelers to view some amazing range of HImalayas, landscape and a beautiful garden to sit in and enjoy.
    - Surrounded by the foliage of Oak trees, the beauty is enhanced naturally and makes you to stay in the place while soaking all the calmness in the eyes.
    - For a corporate booking and group of friends, this place is a perfect set out.

    About the stay:
    The camp in Kanatal offers 5 ultra swiss tents that can accommodate 5 people in each and 10 swiss tents for 4 each. Apart from them, 5 alpine tents are present on the site with attached washrooms and a 10 bedded dormitory for your comfortable night. For the extra convenience, 8 common washrooms are present at the site. A total of 160 people can stay here at a time.
    CHECK IN TIME: 11:00 AM
    CHECK OUT TIME: 10:00 AM

    About the Activity:
    - Once you reach the site in morning, you will be welcomed with a traditional drink and smiling hosts. Relax for some time and settle before you indulge in various activities like Zipline and Skybridge. 
    - Once done with activities, lunch will be served. Now you can play some indoor games like chess, carom or spend time in reading books while basking in the sun.
    - After the Evening tea, you will be going for a general jungle walk to experience a difference in the wild.
    - When the sun sets in, enjoy bonfire with snacks. After this, have a sumptuous meal and retire for the night while relaxing in your tents.
    - The trip ends next morning after breakfast and check out with amazing memories and new friends that you made in these 2 days.

    How to reach?

    It is on the Chamba-Mussoorie road and nearly 300 km from Delhi and 75 km from Rishikesh. Kanatal is 78 km from Dehradun, 38 km from Mussoorie and 12 km from Chamba.

    Buses and taxis are available from major locations to Kanatal. The campsite is 150 m away from the main road and can be covered by a short walk.

    Minimum number of people required: 2

  • 03Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

    Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off
    • h1 Hour
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1525 ratings
    • Yogendra Rawt- Jumpin Heights
    • 26% Off4,826
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    About the Activity: 

    - Experience India’s first fixed platform bungee jump destination at Mohan Chutti (52km), a pristine location tucked in the Shivaliks further ahead of Rishikesh.

    - This day trip is bundled with a ride giving you a glimpse of the mountains, crisp a, r and virgin greenery.

    - You can choose from a convenient time slot between 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM and 02:30 PM. and you can opt to travel to Mohan Chutti on an A/C luxury coach at an additional cost

    - Upon reaching, you’ll meet the instructor team, understand the gear, safety tips, jumping techniques, and sign up for a memorabilia kit (photographs, DVD, t-shirt printed with pictures of your jump) if required.

    - Walk on the cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking River Hall, a tributary of River Ganga. Take your leap of faith and feel the rush.

    - The jump height is 83m. At the end of the jump, you’ll be lowered to a drop zone with 2ft of water.

    - Walk to the cafeteria, reminisce the experience, and head back to Rishikesh. If you wish, you could add more thrills to your adventure cart by partaking in Giant Swing and Flying Fox activities.

    - Note: INR 100 will be charged by the operator as the entry fees to the bungee sight.

    About the Destination: The search for some of the most extreme adventure sports take you to the exhilarating experience of bungee jumping in Rishikesh. This small town has had an amazing importance when it comes to spiritual enlightenment, as well as providing adventures with thrills of the highest order. A prime example of that is the 1968 visit of The Beatles in Rishikesh, who came here to seek a little something of their own. Spending a good amount of time, they found a lot of inspiration here that reflected in their works. Rishikesh is like that, it has something for everyone who comes here seeking.

    And not just spiritual, Rishikesh is famous for being an adventure hub as well. With a lot many adventure experiences offered in and around this city, it stands amidst the perfect mixture of polar opposites of escapades that call Rishikesh their home. Amongst the many noticeable names, comes the amazing inclusion of Rishikesh bungee jumping which, in short, gives you the feeling of falling freely from a great height. A perfect place for passing through some of the greatest experiences, Rishikesh houses a lot of thrills in its lap that are just waiting to be explored by the adventurists.

    But why should a person go for bungee jumping here? Like the aforementioned thrills, bungee jumping in Rishikesh leads our country’s first fixed platform jump site, not so far away from the city. The city is surrounded by many high green-clad hills, and experience to free fall from a whopping height amongst these hills is something that would set the adrenaline in anyone spiking. And so with a head full of expectations and a heart ready to race right before and during the adventure, this Rishikesh bungee jumping experience will sure create a special space in your memories.

    Minimum number of people required: 1

    How to Reach?

    The Jump site is located in Mohan Chatti and you can reach here by public transport or shared cabs.

  • 04Riverside Camping At Nachani Village, Uttarakhand Flat 13% off

    Riverside Camping At Nachani Village, Uttarakhand Flat 13% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lPithoragarh
    • NNNNN130 ratings
    • Jai
    • 13% Off2,320
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    out Nachani Village, Uttarakhand:
    The village is wrapped up in natural beauty and lush green zones, along with birds and wildlife in abundance. One can enjoy a panoramic view of Himalayas easily and enjoy the lap of nature with calmness.

    About the Camp:
    The camp is sheltered at 4000 feet from sea level and lying beside the riverbed of Ramganga. One can enjoy the natural beauty and multiple activities while soothing their eyes with the Himalayan view.

    About the Stay:
    Check-in: 11.00 AM
    Check-out: 10.00 AM
    7 Alpine tents are present here with common washroom having water 24/7. 2-3 people can stay in each with comfort and love. A total of 21 can stay here at a time, hence suitable for a large group.

    About the Activities:
    One can participate in activities like Riverside campfire, Kayaking (single seater river Kayaks),  Swimming / body surfing with Life Jackets, Hikes (mildly challenging) through the hills and villages, Slithering from a 100 feet bridge, Tyrolene traverse or flying fox, Caving and Angling, Waterfall splash at the ‘Birthi falls’, Volleyball at the beach, Common Campfire and games, Trekking, Mountain biking and Fishing.

    How to reach?
    The site is easily reachable at a distinct location and can be accessed with private or shared vehicle. The exact location will be disclosed to you right after the confirmed bookings.