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The Punakha valley of Bhutan is offers a mesmerizing view of natural beauty to the beholder. Amidst this natural setting lies the second longest suspension bridge of the country. Built high on the river Po Chu, this arched wooden bridge connects the Punakha Dzong with Punakha City and the smaller villages scattered in the valley. A visit to this Bridge is must if you are seeking a bit of thrill and adrenaline pump in your body while surrounding amidst natural beauty.

Highlights: Crossing the bridge is a fun in its own way. However, do not forget to make a visit to the nearby Punakha Dzong, a beautiful ancient fortress which houses valuable relics of time immemorial.

: Located 10 minutes drive away Punakha Dzong, the bridge connects the mainland and the nearby villages and Dzong.

: The best time to visit it is 9 AM in the morning.

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