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  • There are many places where we can experience some amazing team bonding activities in Bangalore. A good workable team is essentially a very important part of the organization's success story. A happy team is more productive and is less inclined to participate in office politics and more inclined to invest his energies for the good of the company. These off-site visits and team building exercises are a way for companies to ensure that good positive bonds between team player remain intact and that good relationship is forged which makes each employee a better team player. 

    There are many activities which are not only fun but involve everyone as a team to participate to reach their set goals. Activities like raft building will ensure that each player puts in their best to create a raft which can be set on the River Kaveri and will stay afloat with all its team members. This will need due diligence from each player to ensure making a sturdy raft. You can participate in construction activities to make a steady and beautiful structure from recycled products. 

    There are many Jungle Survival themes for team activities where you all can work together to create a comfortable atmosphere as well as participate in some hair-raising activities. Cobweb, Ice walk, egg drop and Acid walk are team activities which are essential to building trust with team members. You are dependent on each other to try and finish the race in the shortest amount of time possible and thus rely heavily on the other players. 

    Transporting and Pipeline is not only great team activities but they bring about lots of fun and laughter during the challenge, thus providing the much-needed relief for stress. Paint Ball, Obstacles, Tent pitching are high energy activities which will test your patience as well as your ability for quick thinking. 

  • Outdoor Team Building Activities:

    A good team is essential to a good and efficient organization. If you have team work issues, bring your workforce together over some fantastic outdoor game ideas that we have up our sleeves. If you want your strong team to become even stronger, we can still arrange for exciting outdoor team bonding activities in Bangalore.

    We have effective team building games such as raft building, jungle survival, cob web, acid walk, ice walk, egg drop, pipeline, transporting, construction, obstacles, paint ball and tent pitching.

  • 01Raft Building

    Raft Building
    Get your team together, get indulged into one of the exciting team bonding activities in Bangalore, build a raft that can withstand the exciting rapids for River Kaveri.
    Raft Building

    Raft Building

    NNNNN108 Ratings

    h2 Hours

  • 02Construction


    Get together and a build a structure that’s beautiful as well strong in the shortest possible time.

  • 03Jungle Survival

    Work a team and survive the ghosts and the various hair raising adventures of the jungle.

  • 04Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 05Cob Web

    This kind of team bonding activities in Bangalore helps your team members to take decisions during crucial situations and encourages them to overcome challenges.

  • 06Acid Walk

    Partner up and work together from start to finish. Hurry up, you have to be the first to finish the unusual race.

  • 07Ice Walk

    It may look simple but actually takes a lot of working together to get to the finish line without falling and stumbling.

  • 08Egg Drop

    Egg Drop is one of those team bonding activities in Bangalore that usher the team members to break free the limitations of corporate life. It urges them to bring out their hidden talents and nurture them in developing a device to save eggs falling from a certain height.
  • 09Pipeline

    Get the pipe from start to finish, working through obstacles. An interesting game that will get you to twist and turn.
  • 10Transporting

    In interesting, seemingly funny game that will have plenty of laughing moments to it.
  • 11Obstacles

    A bit of military training will get your team to jump, crawl and do a lot more- expending their energy in a good way.
  • 12Paint Ball

    Amongst all the enthralling team bonding activities in Bangalore, Paintball requires a lot of coordination and strategies amongst the team members.
  • 13Plan Your Corporate Theme Based Events

  • 14Tent Pitching

    It looks simpler than what it actually is, and takes a lot of working together.
  • Indoor Team Building Activities:

    You don’t have to sweat it out in the sun for effective team bonding in Bangalore. We have a lot of ideas up our sleeves for great team building exercises within four walls too. Indoor team building can be as fun and exciting as outdoor team building, especially when you have activities such as drum circle, tower and Hanoi, Blind Fold March and Helium Stick.

  • 15Drum Circle

    Drum Circle
    At times, team bonding activities in Bangalore can get musical and encourage the team members to bring in coordination and synchronization amongst themselves. This is one such activity, where music plays the key factor to unite the team.
    Drum Jam Session

    Drum Jam Session

    NNNNN93 Ratings

    d2 Days

  • 16Tower of Hanoi

    Bring your team together over this classic mathematic puzzle which takes more than one brain to solve.
  • 17Blind Fold March

    A game that inculcates the value of trust in individuals, this is just what you need for great team building.
  • 18Helium Stick

    A great game which induces plenty of laughs while a team works precariously with the stick.
  • Ice Breakers:

    New comers can feel a little awkward at first I an organization. That can hamper the efficiency of your organization, as team work can take a beating. But why let that happen when you have Thrillophilia with you. We can arrange effective ice breaking sessions for the new recruits in your organization. We have effective ideas with us such as Key Punch, Head and tail, Acid Ball and Pass D Holla.
  • 19Acid Ball

    Acid Ball
    Balance the ball on the ring with team, you will fail individually .
  • 20Key Punch

    Let the skip from number to the next as they traverse this maze of numbers in a sequential order.
  • 21Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing

  • 22Head & Tail

    Interesting to tell head or tail with out speaking.
  • 23Pass D Holla

    Let them pass the Holla Hoop from one to the next while they form a human chain. This is hilarious.
  • Corporate Team Building Events:

    If you have a corporate event coming up, leave it to us to make it unusual and memorable. We can take a simple corporate event to the next level- making it a session for team building in Bangalore. We can even arrange simple corporate events that are effective for rejuvenation as well as for bonding. Corporate yoga, annual day event and a lot more is what we can arrange for you effectively and efficiently.

  • 24Corporate Yoga

    Stretch, breather and say goodbye to the daily stress and tension. A great way to bond over good health
  • 25Annual Day Events

    Annual day events don’t necessarily have to be about balance sheets and future plans. They can be much more fun, while incorporating all that.
  • 26Endurone Team Building

    A team event that imbibes competitive spirit while getting them to bond with each other. They will have a lot of fun doing it.

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