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    Darjeeling Tour
    Photo Credit: Daniel Peckham - Flickr

    Darjeeling, popularly known as the “Queen of hills” is situated at an altitude of about 6,800 feet and is the only hill station in the state of West Bengal. A very popular destination among the tourists not only for its natural beauty, tea plantation and tea processing industries but also for many other activities including adventure sports one can undertake during the tour.

    With experience of having organized a number tours in this region,  Thrillophilia offers a bunch of well-laid out Darjeeling tours combining the best of facilities for a hassle free experience and plenty of places to be seen that is bound to make your adrenalin run high.

    Popular attractions in Darjeeling:

    Thrillophilia has designed some carefully thought-out itineraries to satisfy the tourists with a complete tour including some of the most visited attractions in the region.

    1) Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill
    Photo Credit: by Pankaj Kaushal

    Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is located at the peak of Ghoom which is the topmost railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The views of Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill are simply breathtaking and spectacular. The scenery of the sunrise from Tiger Hill which begins with the first rays of the sun shedding light upon the peaks of Kanchenjunga and turning them into a fascinating pink and later into a bright orange will mesmerise the viewers.

    2) Rock Garden

    Rock Garden Darjeeling
    Photo Credit: Damien Thorne - Flickr

    The Rock garden or the Barbotey Rock garden is located about 10 Kms. away from the town of Darjeeling. It is a comparatively new addition to the sightseeing places of Darjeeling Tour. It consists of multi-tiered place for picnic with a natural waterfall. A small mountain stream cascades over the sloping rocks with flower gardens and resting places strewn all around. A small lake adds to the beauty of the ambience.

    3) Peace Pagoda

    Peace Pagoda Darjeeling
    Photo Credit: shankar s -Flickr

    The Peace Pagoda in Darjeeling is essentially a Buddhist tomb constructed to promote world peace among the people of all creeds and races. The tranquil atmosphere of the place transports your feelings to a different plane far away from the bustle of city life. It contains four statues of Buddha where various stages of Buddha's life are depicted in the stone carvings.

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    4) Singalila National Park

    Singalila National Park
    Photo Credit: Sudarsan Tamang - Flickr

    This national park is situated upon the Singalila Ridge at a height varying from 8000 feet to 12,000 ft. It lies on the Sandakphu trekking route. Originally a wildlife reserved sanctuary this was later converted to a national park. The amazing fauna and flora and the magnificent views of the Everest and Kanchenjunga in the Himalayan ranges draw huge tourists to this place. The deep forests are full of fern, silver fir, oak and bamboo trees and the flowering plants include rhododendrons, orchids, primula, magnolia etc.

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    More than 600 types of orchids in full bloom claim to be the largest concentration in a single geographical location in the world. The park also boasts of some of the exotic and rarest fauna. Among the animals which are found here are Red Panda, the long-tailed Pangolin, wild boars, the Himalayan black bear, leopards and occasional tigers even.

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    5) Toy Train

    Toy Train Darjeeling
    Photo Credit: Dmitry Fesechko - Flickr

    Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or popularly known as Toy train made its debut run in 1881. The narrow gauge train connects Darjeeling town with the plains at New Jalpaiguri. A journey by the toy train will be cherished by all in memory for a long time to come as the astounding natural beauty of the mountain terrain and the snow-covered peaks unfolds before our eyes.

    The approximate distance of 69 Kms from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling is completed in roughly six and a half hours by the toy train. This is perhaps the only train which still now is hauled by a steam engine. The train ascends to the highest altitude in its ride at Ghoom from where it makes a descent to Darjeeling. Train Ride is must go for your Darjeeling Tour.

    6) Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking
    Photo Credit: Ankit Agarwal - Flickr

    Mountain biking has almost come of age in Darjeeling as an adventure tourism. Though this was not done with any seriousness in the past day trips and recreational rides are organised in recent years. Outfits have come up which offer vastly improved imported mountain bikes and thus the adventure is being promoted rapidly. Mountain biking through the winding, contoured roads at a great height with the amazing beauty of the mountain peaks to keep company with you certainly charges up the adrenalin and stimulates your nerves.

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    7) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

    Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
    Photo Credit: flowcomm - Flickr

    The institute which was founded in 1954 came into existence after the historic climb of Mt. Everest in 1953 by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. The institute trains students in mountaineering whether they adapt this as an adventure sports or for scientific exploration or for any other purpose. It also houses the giant telescope presented by Adolf Hitler to the Nepal king.

    8) Monasteries Around Darjeeling

    Monastry - Yiga Choeling
    Photo Credit:

    There are several monasteries in and around which could be a part of your Darjeeling tour, some of the popular ones are:

    • Guru Sakya monastery located at Ghoom which is about eight kilometres from Darjeeling. This is a historic monastery which was built in 1915.

    • Dali monastery was started in 1971 with the solemn promise for upkeep of Dharma, Tibetan traditions and culture. The newly built complex was inaugurated in 1993 by the Dalai Lama.

    • Bhutia Busty monastery is in possession of the Red Sect among the Buddhist Lamas. The name Darjeeling is derived from this monastery.

    • Yiga-Choling Buddhist monastery is situated at a height of about 8000 ft. The monastery is owned by the Yellow Sect in Buddhists. A 15 ft. statue of the Maitreya Buddha is worshipped here.

    • Japanese temple or the Peace Pagoda was opened in 1992 and offers a grand view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Darjeeling town.

    • Makdhog monastery was constructed by Sri Sangay Lama who was a much adored religious head. The monastery was completed in 1914.?

    Other places of interest near Darjeeling:

    9) Kalimpong

    Photo Credit: hceebee - Flickr

    Kalimpong at an elevation of 1250 metres commands a majestic view of the mysterious snow-capped mountains. The place enjoys a moderate climate. The forests at Loleygaon and Lava, the sprawling green valleys, the furious Teesta river and the refreshingly beautiful Samthar Plateau all make Kalimpong an ideal tourist destination.

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    10) Pedong

    Photo Credit: Sameer Karmarkar - Flickr

    Pedong is situated at a height of about 5000 ft and is about 21 Kms from Kalimpong. This is perhaps the greenest with deep and extensive forests covering from all sides. Earlier Pedong was an important place for Anglo-Tibetan traders and was a part of the famous Silk Route.

    11) Sandakphu

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    Sandakphu is located at an elevation of 3636 meters on the Singalila Ridge between the borders of India and Nepal. This ridge takes you all the way to Kanchenjunga. You can have some breathtaking and beautiful views of the Mt. Everest, Makalu, Lhotse as well as Mt. Kanchenjunga and other mountain peaks. The sunrise and sunset scenes will simply mesmerise you.

    [Breathe fresh air and see flowers in full bloom in our treks to Sandanphu]

    Facts and information on Darjeeling:

    Activities possible: Trekking, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Day Hiking.

    Best Season to visit: September to June.

    What to Expect in your Darjeeling Tour: World famous tea, beautiful local customs, amazing treks and toy train rides.

    Other popular places around Darjeeling:

    12) Gangtok

    Photo Credit: Deepak Rao - Flickr

    Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim and situated an altitude of 5500 ft. You get a majestic view of the third highest peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga. At some point time it was the transit route for traders between India and Tibet. To-day the place is a busy cosmopolitan town where the old traditional cultures have seamlessly mixed into modernism.

    From a place Ganesh Tok you can get a panoramic view of the town sprawling under your feet and the Mt.Kanchenjunga and Mt.Siniolchu hovering in the horizon. The Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology offers rare collections of Tibetan, Lepcha manuscripts. The distance between Darjeeling and Gangtok is about 98 Kms.

    13) Shillong

    Photo Credit: sarit - Flickr

    Shillong is the capital city of another north-eastern Indian state, Meghalaya. The town is covered all around with pine-covered mountains. The town being located at a height of about 1500 metres has a rather temperate climate. The place is also known as the Scotland of the East and boasts of several waterfalls. Shillong has the dubious distinction of receiving heavy rainfall. Include Shillong in your Darjeeling tour package to make the most of your north-eastern tour.

    [Explore the beautiful natural caves around Shillong with our Meghalaya Caving Tour]

    14) Kolkata

    Photo Credit: Dilip Muralidaran - Flickr

    Though it is quite far from Darjeeling at a distance of about 400 kms. one can include the capital city of West Bengal in their itinerary as it connects the north east of India to various other destinations across the country. Besides, there are also several interesting places of tourist interest in and around Kolkata.



Sandakphu Trek

If we have led you into believing that Darjeeling is purely a touristy place, that is far from the truth. Thanks to the position of Darjeeling in Himalayan foothills, there are a number of excellent trekking trails you can find around the city; Sandakphu being one of the popular ones. It is a moderate level trek that takes you through some extremely scenic landscapes until you finally reach Sandakphu at 11,929 feet.

This is probably the best trek you can undertake in the region if you are an experienced trekker. Sandakphu is the highest peak in West Bengal, so you can imagine the grand views of the grandest Himalayan mountains you can witness from here. Sandakphu Trek is an ultimate dose of thrill and amusement.

Location: Begins at Manebhanjan, West Bengal

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