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Binsar Resorts have been offering luxury accomodation to the tourists coming over to this beautiful abode of snow capped mountain ranges and lush green hills. The resorts are widely famous for providing the guests with super comfortable accomodation along with loads of other activities to make the vacation stay enjoyable as never before. You will get to spend time in world class resorts that are equipped with top notch amenities and provide high quality service.

Resorts in Binsar offer the guests much more than just lodging and fooding. The resorts also offer you a wide range of wellness treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind. You can choose to spend your holiday vacation along with your loved ones in the Suman Nature Resort which is known for its tranquillisation retreat. There are some other places of accommodation like Boro’s Resort which is known for offering splendid views of the nearby forests, or at the The Binsar Eco Resort to relish its world class facilities.
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Rustic Village Homestay in Binsar SPECIAL OFFERS
Rustic Village Homestay in Binsar



Check-in time: 10:00 AM-6:00 PMCheck out time: 9:00 AMFar from the madding crowds of the bustling cities, the homestay is situated in a village inside Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary with picturesque Uttarakhand Himalayas. This is a charmingly rustic village home-stay with basic comforts that is a perfect digital detox and gives you an opportunity to experience nature at its best. The homestay comprises 4 bedrooms with attached washrooms with a common dining room and balconies offering uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Greater Himalayas. The homestay is not nearby roads, that's why guests would need to trek downhill for 3 km through the beautiful forest from Binsar to reach the stay. For outdoor enthusiasts, the location offers multiple hikes and walks. The homestay itself looks onto a valley of rolling hills where guests can enjoy a peaceful nature walk. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a fantastic place for bird-watching. An expert bird-watching and nature guides can be arranged to take guests on rewarding bird-watching excursions and nature walks in the forest at an additional cost. Guests can enjoy incredible hikes through the mountains and pristine forest trails to the mystical temple town of Jogeshwar or to the viewpoints to enjoy amazing views of sunset on the Nanda Devi and surrounding peaks. Take a leisure walk in the village and interact with kids and local people and try their hand in farming as well. Later have scrumptious homemade food made from local home-grown vegetables and spend the evening by a bonfire under the open starry sky.How to reach:The homestay is 3 km downhill from Binsar. Guests can reach Binsar using any public/private transfers. From Binsar a guide would be available to escort guests to the stay.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

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INR 1,650

Jungle Cottage Stay in Binsar Flat 2% off Featured
Jungle Cottage Stay in Binsar Flat 2% off



Location : BinsarCheck-In Time : 12:00 PMCheck-out Time: 12:00 PMPositioned in cozy corner of the Kumaon, in the magnificent middle Himalayan Mountains, the stay is located in Binsar Forest Reserve. The stay is perched almost 8,000 ft above sea level, making it the ideal escape from the bustle of everyday life. The main objective of the stay is to provide an intimate experience with an essence of wildlife and its two cottages does the same. The luxury cottage connects the wanderers to the British history of 19th century. The views and the joys of the Kumaon hills have hardly changed over the centuries, one can just see hills as far as the eye can see, trees and clean open skies give travelers a relaxing and beautiful place to escape. This cottage stay is an ideal choice for both leisure and adventure travelers. The stay has an airy and romantic cottage with a spacious living room, cozy library and picture windows to bathe each room in sunlight. This beautiful, airy and romantic cottage has beautiful views and sits comfortably in the vicinity of Mary Budden Cottage. The Pinewood ceilings, a fireplace or bukhari and elegant furnishings adorn each room to create an ambience of serenity and homelike comfort. The cottage has a front porch, two levels and an inner courtyard, all of which add mystery and intricacy to the beauty of the cottage. The stay harvest rainwater and are fully powered by solar energy. Further the stay provides an array of activities like : Nature Walk :Early morning walks reward one with wildlife sightings. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is unique in that you can explore it at leisure on day walks, unlike most other sanctuaries where you might have to take a jeep or elephant safari into the forest. Further the forest has beautiful red Rhododendron flower that grows wild in the Binsar forest. Bird Watching : Bird watching with naturalists make Binsar a bird watchers paradise (available on extra cost) Yoga : Yoga is all about connecting the body and the mind physically, mentally and spiritually. While the best time to practice Yoga is early in the morning or in the evening. Take yoga sessions by experienced trainer. (available on extra cost)Sightseeing : One can take a day trip to Jageshwar with its 9th century Jyotirling temples dedicated to Shiva and another trip to Chittai bell temple dedicated to the local deity Golu, Devidhura temple or the cave temple of Gananath. (available on extra cost)How to Reach : The stay is located inside Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary  and is well connected will all the transport facilities. Travelers can easily reach to Stay with private and public transport.  

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39 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Resorts in Binsar

  1. Which are the best Binsar resorts?

    1. Suman Nature Resort: Suman Nature Resort happens to be a three star property that welcomes guests from all over the world to the tranquilising setting of Binsar.

    With all sorts of modern amenities and activities, Suman Nature Resort has been one of the most sought after places of accommodation since its inception because of its pool side setting, popular rooftop restaurant, and large party hall offering stunning views. Apart from offering comfortable accommodation, this place also hosts business get togethers as well as other events.

    Location: Binsar Road, ahead of Kalimat Chungi, Sunderpur, Uttarakhand 263601.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms, Banquet Hall.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin INR 3050/- onwards per night.

    2. Mohan’s Binsar Retreat: Mohan’s Binsar Retreat nestles in the middle of lush green valley in close proximity to the scenic viewpoints of Binsar. The resort offers cozy accommodation to the guess in the rooms equipped with all sorts of modern luxury as well as overlooking panoramic views. This place of accommodation is considered to be a haven for couples who wish to head out on a romantic vacation.

    This resort in Binsar is known to for offer the guests with loads of activities such as well curated trekking tours to the nearby mountain ranges, forest trails to the nearby lush green dense forest to sight a wide range of wildlife as well as rejuvenate your soul in the tranquilising setting, take you to famous bird watching hotspots to sight various resident as well as migratory birds.

    Location: Kasar Devi, Binsar Road, Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin Rs. 4394/- onwards per night.

    3. Boro’s Resort: Boro’s Resort is considered to be a lush resort that is spread over the entire hillside boasting splendid views of the valleys. This resort is one of the most sought after places of accommodation for family vacationers as well as romantic couples for a super comfortable and memorable stay. You will get to relish a homely atmosphere and also taste some of the mouth watering recipes prepared from freshly sourced ingredients.

    Location: Takula Bageshwar Highway, Village – Pokharthal, Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast and Family Rooms.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin at INR 2621/- onwards.

    4. The Binsar Eco Resort: Situated close to the almora hill area, Binsar Eco Resort happens to be a great resort for family vacationers as well as romantic couples heading out for fun and adventure in the valleys.

    You will get to spend some amazing time in its lavish cottages that are equipped with world class modern amenities. The staff members of the resort are very humble and hospitable who make sure that you return home with some of the best memories of your life.

    Location: Binsar Eco Resort, Binsar Road.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms and Cottages.
    Prices: Standard rooms rates begin at INR 3067/- onwards.

    5. Mountain Resort Khali: Mountain Resort Khali happens to be a heritage resort that is considered to be an ideal resort for you in Binsar. This heritage property offers all kinds of modern facilities to make you stay luxurious and comfortable.

    The best part of this Binsar Resorts is its coffee shop that attracts loads of guests to delight their taste buds. Resort Khali is definitely apt for family travellers as well as couples heading out on a romantic trip.

    Location: Mountain Resort, Khali Estate, P.O.Ayarpani, Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin at INR 6246/- onwards.

    6. Club Mahindra Binsar Valley Resort: If you have a high regard for brands, then there is absolutely no better place in Binsar other than the Club Mahindra Binsar Valley Resort for a phenomenal experience.

    It is a perfect spot for family tourists as the resort offers luxury accomodation along with picturesque views of the snow capped himalayas. The warm and hospitable staff members of the resort ensure that your family is properly taken care of in the best possible way.

    Location: Bhainsori, Almora – Bageshwar Road, Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms, Landscape Gardens.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin at INR 4000/- onwards.

    7. Kasaar Jungle Resort: Kasaar Jungle Resort happens to be one of the best places of accommodation near ALmora which you can opt for an adventure experience. It happens to be an ideal option for easy accessibility to many other places of tourist interest. The resort is located to the lush green valleys and mountain ranges offering clearer views from the large opening window panes of your room.

    Location: Binsar Road near Kasaar Devi Temple, Almora 263601 Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms, Couple-friendly staying options.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin at INR 5280/- onwards.

    8. The Moksha Retreat: Moksha Resort is one of the best staying options in Binsar if you love to spend time in tranquility. The resort not only offers super comfortable accommodation to the guests but also offers breathtaking views of the alluring natural beauty of the valleys.

    You will get to enjoy a homely atmosphere at this place and you will be able to make some everlasting memories with your loved ones taking part in some of the must try activities at the resort like trekking, birding, and forest trails.

    Location: Binsar Road, Dinapani, Binsar.
    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Family Rooms and Couple-friendly Rooms.
    Prices: Standard rooms begin at INR 2755/- onwards.

  2. Which are the romantic Binsar resorts?

    1. Binsar Eco Resort: The stunning mountain view along with the soothing silence of nature around is what defines the simple yet elegant Binsar Eco Resort. Known for being one of the most spectacular Binsar Resorts, you will be able to catch wonderful sights of snow-draped valleys and tall oaks and pines.

    2. Kasaar Jungle Resort, Almora: A paradise for a romantic getaway, the secluded and isolated Kasaar Jungle Resort in Almora offers guests the much-needed privacy and time alone. Surrounded by forests and mountains, it is the perfect spot to experience hikes together through the green trails all around. You will get to relish homely atmosphere as well as delicious Indian and international cuisines.

    3. The Moksha Retreat: The tranquil and serene vibe surrounding the Moksha retreat is just right to offer newlyweds and couples the much needed alone time together. Many travellers say that the picture-perfect romantic couple selfies are best taken in and around this bewitching resort.

    4. Mary Budden Estate: A heritage home from the Pre-British era at the lap of the Kumaon range is a rarity, yet Mary Budden Estate stands tall and proud of its lavish and grand outlook.

    Homestay style wooden cottages offer guests all the comforts they need. From romantic dinners at the cliff facing deck to bird watching and trail hiking through the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, couples have a lot to do besides spending some quiet quality time together.

  3. Which are the best resorts in Binsar for families?

    1. Imperial Heights, Binsar: Inspired by the Kumaon Mountain range, the boutique resort is a luxurious experience with every possible amenities and comfort for the guests and their families. The lavish ambience and gorgeous views are just extra benefits of staying here.

    2. Binsar Oak Paradise Resort: At an elevation of 7000 ft, surrounded by Himalayan Rhododendrons, Pines Oaks and numerous other lush green flora and fauna, this resort is a true blend of luxurious comforts and nature at its best glory.

    3. Club Mahindra, Binsar Valley: Surrounded by landscaped gardens and majestic mountains, the huge Club Mahindra Binsar Valley is perfect for a family vacation as it has some interesting bonding and fun family activities like River Boating, Stone Painting, Night camping and bonfires.

    4. Mountain Resort, Khali Estate: With the mighty snow-capped Himalayas in the background the British Era Khali Estate located amidst the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is now one of the premier family vacation spots of Binsar.

  4. Which are the famous resorts in Binsar wildlife sanctuary?

    1. The Green Village Eco Resort: Isolated from the bustling crowd, shrouded in lush greenery all around is a luxury experience that's the best of the best. The Green Eco Village Resort thrives on the motto of providing ultimate comfort to the guests while letting nature heal the body and soul.

    2. Binsar Forest Retreat: At 7600 ft, the eco-friendly Binsar Forest Resort is one of the finest examples of a self-reliant yet luxurious resort that depends on nature for sustenance and barely leaves behind any carbon footprints.

    3. Nine Furlongs: Offering a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas, Nine Furlong is designed to blend with the wildlife and lush green nature surrounding it despite the luxurious and comfortable amenities it provides. Many say solitude and a hot cup of tea are enough to keep you engrossed in the scenic beauty for days without being bored at Nine Furlong.

  5. Which are the luxury resorts in Binsar?

    1. Imperial Heights: The teak interior along with the rugged Kumaon mountainous scenery in the background gives the resort a lavish and grand outlook oozing with elegance and grandeur that's worth enjoying while in Binsar for vacation. The resorts offer a homely atmosphere to the guests to relax and unwind.

    2. Tree of Life, Grand Oak Manor: The 18th century Grand Oak Manor, located deep in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is a simple yet luxurious boutique resort that redefined terms like opulence and grandeur into uber-sophisticated indulgence unlike any other. With all sorts of modern amenities and fixtures, you will be able to spend some of the best days of your life at these much loved binsar resorts.

    3. Club Mahindra Villa: Located between Binsar WIldlife Sanctuary and Zero Point is a resort perfect for vacationing amidst nature. Provided with all the best comforts of the world, this is a true modern-day luxury experience. The warm and hospitable staff members make sure that you get pampered and cater to all your requirements.

  6. What facilities will I get in resorts in Binsar?

    - Housekeeping
    - Room service
    - Safe
    - Kitchenette
    - Flatscreen TV
    - Non-smoking rooms
    - Suites
    - Family rooms
    - Private balcony
    - Complimentary toiletries.

  7. What activities can we do in resorts in Binsar?

    - Trekking
    - Paragliding
    - Bird Watching
    - Wildlife Viewing
    - Forest Walk
    - Skiing
    - Enjoying Cuisine
    - Rafting.

  8. Are Binsar resorts pet-friendly?

    Yes, some of the resorts are pet friendly and they do allow your beloved pets to their property along with you. Most of the resorts in Binsar have got specially dietary plans as well as activities lined up to keep your pets busy.

  9. Are resorts in Binsar safe for couples?

    Yes, resorts in Binsar are safe for couples and they do allow couples to spend their holiday vacation. Almost all the resorts in Binsar have got round the clock CCTV coverage to keep an eye on all the activities in the resort. You can get in touch with the resort authorities in case you face any kind of inconveniences.

  10. What is the best time to visit Binsar?

    The best time to visit Binsar would be during the summers and early winters i.e., from the month of March to the month of May and again from the month of October to the month of November. You can choose to come over to Binsar in this peak season to enjoy better deals and better tourism packages.