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  • If you are looking for a wonderful retreat to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the hectic life, then no other place than Goa will be your best option. And, what could be better than going to Goa in an off-season which classifies as the perfect time to hit the beach.

    Goa stands out in India for its Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510, lured by the exotic East and the promise of lucrative spice routes. Their indelible mark is still evident in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, colourful Catholic ceremonies, mournful fado music and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa.

    Though it has changed hugely over the last couple of decades, Goa still has much to offer, especially for those in need of a blast of sunshine at this time of year. The hippy days are over, but Goa has evolved, so while Anjuna and Vagator beaches join Calangute in the file marked “overcrowded”, a heavenly relaxed beach vibe can still be found elsewhere: on the sands of Ashvem-Mandrem, for example, and in the bays and beaches of the far south.

    There are many resorts in Goa which are counted among the finest chic resorts. Why these are being classified as chic resorts is because these are thoughtfully designed to give its guests the best and offer the most serene holiday experiences for them. Incorporating the features such as relaxing verandas, spacious rooms and endless greens will leave you wishing you could stay longer. Stay in 200-year-old Portuguese villas that sit in a quiet village, which comes alive with crazy shades of green during the rains. If you’re not in the mood to get drenched, curl up with a book in your suite while the house chef serves some hot chai and pakoras. Or bliss it up with a rigorous massage, followed by a steam session.

    The traditional décor of Portuguese-inspired properties fuss with opulent amenities to make you as comfortable as you could be. The sandy beaches, the striking tropical sights and their impeccable hotel and spa services will make your stay an outlandish one. As if that weren't enough, some even have their own peculiar way of treating you like leaving you chocolates and cookies before you return to your room!

    Here is a list of the best places to stay in Goa:

  • 01OYO Exclusive: 15+ Best Homestays In Goa!

    OYO Exclusive: 15+ Best Homestays In Goa!
    With 15+ homestays in Goa, OYO has become a fountain of homestays all over the exotic locations of India with ultimate privacy, aesthetic spaces, fair-price options and vast zone that can accommodate a group easy. Make some beautiful memories in these homestays that are easy to check-in and well-managed by the housekeeper. Come and not just stay, but live the real experience.

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  • 02Beach Huts (shacks)

    Beach Huts (shacks)

    Beach huts or shacks are a good choice for those who want to constantly enjoy the sea- breeze, party hard but stay away from the scorching sun. The Abel Cressida Resort at Palolem Beach provides balmy beach huts to the budget travelers and spoils its guests with a wide variety of food and drinks. Simrose based in Agonda beach offers unique stone houses and cottages, a perfect place to lounge around with your family and friends the place plays music till 10 PM while it makes sure that you are well taken care of.

    For those who prefer a little more comfort, Cuba Goa in Patnem beach offers both air conditioned as well as non air-conditioned bungalows along with a delicious restaurant and a well-stocked up bar. With all things taken care of it is the perfect way to enjoy the magical experience of living by the sea.

    One of the most renowned beach shacks on Patnem beach is the Tantra cafe and Huts. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction the place is always buzzing with vibrant crowds and lively music.

    For the hippies, the Rudy’s beach huts on Calangute beach are the perfect lodging place, Rudy’s is known for organizing bon fire dinners and fire shows. Clean cottages along with abundant liquor and cocktails make it the perfect party place. Little Palm Grove, a small boutique resort on the pristine Ashvem Beach has cottages that promise ample privacy and tranquility for those seeking peace

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  • 03Heritages Homes

    Heritages Homes
    Heritage Homes are for those who are interested in living in the eras gone by. Old mansions and houses are converted into resorts which allow the guests to live in a piece of history while enjoying all the modern day comforts. Rich with Portuguese legacy, Goa has various heritage homes to enchant its visitors. The Elsewhere isolated from the beach by a small creek is one of the best places to stay in Goa. This 4-house construction is known for its rustic feel and warm hospitality.

    Rockheart, in the Candolim Beach is the home for the legendary Frank Simoes. A holiday lover’s paradise, this 3 bedroom home is an inviting place for those who want to enjoy the sweet nectar of local blossoms and rustling sound of waves.  Living in a 213-years old mansion -Palacio Do Deao on the enchanting Kushavati River is an experience in itself. A unique blend of Hindu and Portuguese architecture it boasts of beautiful garden with historic relevance. Capella is a classic Goan home with earthy character in the idyllic Arpora Village. A perfect place for nature enthusiasts, one can indulge in bird watching walks and snake catching demonstrations.

    Turiya mixes ancient Vedic practices with warm hospitality to deliver its guests a complete holistic experience. A meditation room and an ayurvedic centre offer guests a unique harmony with nature. An early 19th century home-Acro Iris, in quiet Curtorim is a tasteful mix of modern and traditional. Based near a seasonal lake this tranquil place enchants the guests with its Portuguese style architecture and picturesque settings.

  • 04Luxury resorts

    Luxury resorts

    For those who live life king size, Goa has an array of luxury resorts which truly coddles its guests with elegance and grace. Enjoying the luxuries of these resorts on your holiday is probably one of the best ways to stay in Goa. Taj Exotica, a highly luxurious resort by Varca beach is known for providing its guests with the best of accommodation options along with private pools, a rejuvenating spa and scrumptious food all delivered with warmth and great hospitality. 

    While The Leela by the secluded  Mobor Beach truly rejuvenates your senses.  Do indulge in dining at the famous Susegado restaurant known for its fresh grilled sea food. Taj Vivanta Holiday Village is the perfect blend of the serenity of village and the luxuries of Taj. Guests living here are wowed with its service and hospitality. Located at the Arrosim beach, Park Hyatt Resort and Spa aces in understated luxury and elegance.

    The Pousada-style guestrooms, the tasty food spreads at Village Square and the vibrant Cabana shack takes good care of all its guests. For the golf lovers, the Lalit with its world-class golf course is situated at Patnem Beach and is like a slice of heaven on earth. It excels in fulfilling all the needs of a tourist with lip-smacking food, revitalizing spa and relaxing accommodation. The Zuri White Sands at the Varca Beach is the epitome of Goa’s true spirit and flavors. Along with its state-of-the-art facilities it also houses the famous casino Dunes where guests can happily roll a die while they are spoilt with top notch hospitality.

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  • 05Designer/Boutique Stays

    Designer/Boutique Stays
    Boutique hotels have themes; limited but lavish rooms fitted with all possible amenities. All designer hotels offer the guests experiences beyond the usual ways to stay in Goa. The Park Calangute Hotel is a 30-roomed hotel on Holiday Beach. The hotel is equipped with all modern gadgetry as well as luxury options to cater to their high profile clientele. The Casa Candolim on the Candolim Beach Road is a family-run venture that delivers the luxury of hotels along with the comfort of a home stay in elegant Portuguese-themed cottages. They also provide Wi-Fi connectivity, outdoor café, library and swimming pool.

    5 mins away from the Baga Beach, Mykonos Blu has aesthetically designed rooms in earthen colors and customized furnishings. The hotel offers Spa services along with facilities for conducting corporate meetings; thus, it is popular destination for leisure and business both. A stay at the Nilaya Hermitage, Arpora, takes lavishness to a different level altogether. With facilities like tennis and badminton courts, Yoga and Ayurvedic massages etc, staying here is the ultimate in pampering yourself.

    Located in the village of Nagoa Saligao, PRESA di Goa is a colonial Portuguese-styled country house boasting of a royal retreat experience in its 11-roomed offering. You can enjoy the colonial feel of the era past couple with modern amenities. A Heritage Hotel in the Siolim village, The Siolim House is a residence converted into an elegant hotel. It offers guests a true Goan experience with their hospitality style and country life.

  • 06Wellness Retreats

    Wellness Retreats

    Wellness retreats offer guests an opportunity to de-stress through different activities targeting physical, mental and spiritual wellness. The main focus is on promoting well-being and good health among the clientele. An eco hotel promising Hatha Yoga classes and Sattvik food, Yoga Magic Eco Retreat is located in Vagator, Anjuna. The retreat is in operation throughout the year with December-January being peak season and November-December high. Moreover, one can check out many more best things to do in Goa.

    A specialty lodging in Ashvem beach, Yoga Gypsys focuses on teaching Hatha Yoga to maintain fitness of the body, while detoxing with organic vegetarian food. The months from November to January see high tourist traffic. The Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat, Cola beach, is one of the highly regarded spots for wellness and health activities. A resident certified Indian yogi, organic food and Ayurvedic massages combine to make this one of the best options for yoga-centric vacations.

    Run by sannyasins trained one of the top yoga institutes in India, the SWAN Yoga Retreat, Assagao offers the guests economic and spacious eco-friendly lodging options along with Ashtanga yoga classes. The Mandala is situated in Mandrem and offers classes in various yoga styles throughout the season. The juice bar, Sattvik restaurant and kayaking promoted physical fitness while bird-watching allows one to connect with nature. The village of Verla Canca is home to the Satsanga Retreat which is a wellness heaven with its Ayurvedic treatments, Swedish massages, organic meals and yoga classes. Along with energy healing workshop, the retreat is one of the best places to stay in Goa.

  • 07Alternative stays

    Alternative stays

    There are many “specialty” lodging options for people who do not want to experience the commonplace of a regular hotel. These are usually quaint concept stays in the middle of nowhere offer hospitality. Staying at The Hobbit by Anjuna, is an adventure - the entrance is built into the rock of the hill. The luxurious dwelling is complete with modern conveniences and wild parties are guaranteed during peak season.

    The Yab Yum cottages and domes are an eco-friendly lodging option on the Ashvem Beach that use the local fresh produce in their Indian restaurant. The cottages do not have air-condition, therefore visiting during the cooler months is a better idea.

    The Dreamcatcher on the Palolem Beach has eco-friendly cottages that are built anew each season. Coupled with mouth-watering fares and wellness services, you can stay here if you are visiting Goa in November-April. The hill top view of the Vagator beach can be enjoyed from the Thalassa, a Greek-inspired restaurant offering lodging in the months of October to May. The cuisine and Greek celebratory dances are a big draw.

    The Coconut Creek, Bogmalo offers ethnic rooms with all amenities for a luxury stay. The hotel is open all year round, and has the motto “eat, sleep and drink”. The Montego Bay, Calungate, has the unique offering of air-conditioned tents pitched close to the beach. The luxurious tents are available in the months of October to May, and are fully equipped to provide the comfort and privacy you seek.

    The popularity of Goa as a tourist destination has brought about a transformation in the Old Goan way of life. There are tons of opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer unusual experiences to guests. The eclectic collection of ways to stay in Goa bears testimony to the fact that the face of the city has changed much since its Portuguese reign. Now it is a place that has something for everyone – be it accommodations, trips or things to do!

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