(Last Updated On: December 21, 2016)

India, is not only famous for its culture and traditions but is also widely known for its rich bio-diversity.

The sub-continent is a home for a variety of flora and fauna that will enhance your experience of travelling in this country. Here is a list of some of the most unique animals that enrich the bio-diversity of the country.

Come what may, these are some of the animals you should look out for in the Indian land before they go extinct.

  1. Indian Flying Fox

    m_Indian Flying Fox

    Image Credit: Duncan PJ – Flickr

    Also called as the great Indian fruit bat, this species resides in colonies in the Western Ghats in South India.

  2. Nilgiri Tahr

    m_Nilgiri Tahr

    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    With the looks that match a goat, Nilgiri Tahr is a resident of Western Ghats and the Nilgiri hills in South India.

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  3. Chinkara


    Image Credit: indianaturewatch.net

    A native of the sub-continent, resides in the North-western parts of India. It is also famously known as ‘Indian Gazelle.

  4. Nilgai


    Image Credit: johnharveyphoto.com

    Also known as the blue bull, this animal resembles the looks of an ox. It is mostly seen in the North-western part of India

  5. Lion Tailed Macaque

    m_Lion Tailed Macaque

    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    An old world monkey, that is almost on the verge of getting extinct belong to the South-western parts of India. The endangered species is now seen only in a few forests of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

  6. Pangolin


    Image Credit: indianaturewatch.net

    This unusual looking animal is found in the plains of central-India. It is also called Scaly Anteater because of its appearance.

  7. Flying Squirrel

    m_Flying Squirrel

    Image Credit: f.i.uol.com.br

    Although found very rarely, this animal belongs to the North of India.  It belongs to a family of 44 species and is able to accommodate only at a limited elevation.

  8. Brown Palm Civet

    m_Brown Palm Civet

    Image Credit: fryap

    Adding to the list of endangered species, next comes the Brown Palm Civet that is usually found in the forests of the Western Ghats. They usually reside inside the hollow tree trunks in the forests.

  9. Red Panda

    m_Red Panda

    Image Credit: instiz.net

    Found in the eastern Himalaya’s the animal is also called as the Red Fox. This species is again protected in a few national part in the eastern part of India.

  10. Nilgiri Marten

    m_Nilgiri Marten

    Image Credit: wikimedia.org

    Found in the hills of Nilgiri’s, this is the only species of Marten found in India. This unique animal is found in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala.

  11. Brow-antlered Deer

    m_Brow-antlered Deer

    Image Credit: mapsofindia.com

    This species is found in the eastern part of India. This again is one in the list of endangered species of the country.

  12. Golden Langur

    m_Golden Langur

    Image Credit: indianholiday.co.uk

    Also known as the Gee’s Golden Langur, this species is found in the western parts of Assam. One of the ideal places to find them is Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary in Dhubri and Kokrajhar districts of Assam.

  13. Hoolock Gibbon

    m_Hoolock Gibbon

    Image Credit: vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net

    They are a species that can be found in the entire North east. They are also preserved in national parks like Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctury.

  14. Hispid Hare

    m_Hispid Hare

    Also known as the Assam Rabbit, its origin and residence extends only in and around the southern foothill of Himalayas.

  15. White-winged Duck

    m_White-winged Duck

    Although one of the endangered species, it still is the largest species of ducks to be found in the eastern part of India.