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  • Resting peacefully in the foothills of the Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) of the state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty as it is commonly known is the short for ‘Ootacmund’, an anglicized version of its traditional name ‘Udhagmandlam’. So many names, so many facets, but this picturesque hill station is most recognized by its landscapes that are decorated with green hills, rolling slopes and rollicking streams that flow through the ravines in the Monsoons.

    Ooty is that one place where you can breathe free from the smokes of polluted city life and feel the nature caressing your sense! Let the beautiful landscapes work their charm on you and take off to a place of inner peace and happiness on your next trip to this heavenly destination.

    A ride around Ooty in the auto rickshaws is highly recommended as the best way to see the beautiful scenery around you. These rides will take you around the rolling hills and stunning landscapes that are indeed a treat to explore and discover. So, join the ride as we list down the most beautiful Ooty places to see!

    Here are some of the best tourist places in Ooty:

  • 01Centenary Rose Garden

    Centenary Rose Garden
    Image Credit : Kamesh kumar

    The Ooty Centenary Rose Garden hold the reputation of being the largest rose garden in the country. Situated at a mere kilometre distance from the ‘Charring Cross’ or the centre of the town. Spreading across a sprawling area of the Elk Hill, the rose garden is one of the Ooty places that lend the destination its colourful vibe. Established to commemorate the Flower Show Centenary, the gardens came to life in May, 1995 and have since then enthralled visitors with its gorgeous views.

    The different hued roses are arranged over five hills, whose 4 hectare slopes are decorated with these blooms. Maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department, the Rose Garden is indeed a spectacle to behold. The roses are in full bloom only for duration of 2-3 months each year and it is then that they lend a carpet like view to the surroundings. A mindboggling 20,000 varieties of roses bloom here each season!

  • 02Stone House

    Stone House

    One of the oldest houses in the vicinity, the Stone House is a beautiful 19th century structure built by John Sullivan. Built in the old colonial style, it is a stunning structure to behold! The black stone abode was one of the first houses to be built in Ooty. The locals call it ‘Kal Bangala’, which translates to ‘Black Bungalow’ in local language.

    The oak tree in front of the Bungalow is also called the ‘Sullivan’s Oak’ after the man who built the house. One of the most gorgeous of tourist places in Ooty, the Stone House is now the residence of the principle of the Government Arts College in Ooty.

  • 03St. Stephen's Church

    St. Stephen's Church

    Like a page right out of a storybook, St. Stepehen’s Church is one of the most imposing and historic of Ooty tourist places. A gorgeous structure, it was built in the early 19th century by Stephen Rumbold Lushington, the then governor of Madras (now Chennai). The church was opened for public use in 1831, which is remarkable since it took only two years to complete after the construction started. One of the most noteworthy structures at the destination, it should indeed be a must-see on your list!


  • 04Nilgiri Mountain Railway

    Nilgiri Mountain Railway
    Image Credit : David Brossard

    Chugging away from the station at Mettupalayam, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway has been deemed by science and engineers as a mechanical wonder!  A wonder of a bygone era, this railway still uses its fleet of steam engines to power itself ahead! The track and pinion system that the Nilgiri Mountain Railways is a true marvel of old engineering!

    The train leaves Mettupalyam and traverses the towns of Kallar, Adderley, Hillgrove, Runneymede Station, Kateri Road, Coonoor and Lovedale before taking a direct descent down into Ooty. A ride in this train is truly an exclusive experience as only 30 passengers are allowed at a time and tickets have to be booked from a separate line in Mettupalayam. The route takes approximately 5.5 hours as opposed to 2.5 hours that it would take you by road; but every second is worth the beauty you see!

  • 05Wax Museum

    Wax Museum

    Tourist places in Ooty are a mixture of history, marvel and wonders; both natural and manmade! The Ooty Wax Museum is one such place which will remain fresh in your minds for days to come! Located at a mere distance from the main town, this museum is indeed and abode of wonder for those who like to fill their eyes with the skills of men and their intricate artworks. Unlike most of the usual museums, it does not showcase only celebrities, but also displays humans in their natural form.

    Here one can marvel at the exquisite wax statues of Indian freedom fighters, political leaders and other dignitaries like Mahatma Gandhi, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mother Teresa and Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Amongst the life-size statues, there is wax statue replica of a badly injured man due to drunk driving and an Arab man smoking hookah or shisha not fitting in with the usual scheme; however, these statues are noteworthy for the details they showcase.

  • 06Cairn Hills

    Cairn Hills
    Image Credit : Axel Rouvin

    Cairn Hills in Ooty are a relatively under explored part of the destination. The walk itself is a beautiful experience where one can experience the cool shade on the cypress trees that line the walkway.  A marvellous sight, these hills are a perfect retreat if you want to spread out a little blanket and have a picnic on top with family or friends.

    The mystical, cloudy valleys will surely welcome your arrival with gorgeous sights that will take your breath away. An offbeat Ooty tourist place, the destination is however replete with resorts and hotels that can offer warmth and comfort during yout Ooty trip.
  • 07Honey and Bee Museum

    Honey and Bee Museum

    If you have a sweet tooth, you would surely love to be the one visiting the Honey and Bee Museum in Ooty. The museum is an undertaking of the Keystone Foundation and depicts information about bees, honey culture in the region and the tribal methods of extracting nectar from the bees. The museum also has a children’s activity room and a small knowledge resource unit on bees, environment and people.

    The Bee Museum is a pioneering project that concentrates on conventional information and practices. Honey extraction and selling it is the traditional occupation of the Kurumba people who are native to the region. The aim of this museum is to shed light on traditional as well as modern methods of gathering honey and aims to be a vibrant space demonstrating this age-old tradition.

  • 08Kalhatti Waterfalls

    Kalhatti Waterfalls

    If you are in Ooty and want to see the true beauty of nature, then an excursion to Kalhatty Waterfalls is highly recommended. Located around 13km from the centre of Queen of Hill Stations, the falls cascade graciously from a height of 40m from the gorgeous mountainsides and present a stunning sight to behold. The pristine and green ambience around the falls also add to its immaculate beauty.

    A perfect tourist place in Ooty, the region is famous among the locals as well as tourists as an ideal picnic spot. The surroundings resound with the thud and splash of the falls which creates a beautiful natural sound and a musical symphony of its own. The forest slopes of the area are located a little ahead of the falls and a sight of the wildlife in full abandon is not uncommon!

  • 09Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill

    There is no dearth of tourist places in Ooty to catch your fancy! Grab your trekking shoes and head on to a short excursion to Tiger Hill. Rest assured that your effort to see this stunning sight will be well worth the hike. Tiger Hill in Ooty welcomes each visitor with sweeping scenes and stunning perspectives of the well-known and towering Dodabetta Peak.

    If lady luck smiles on you, you may even get the chance to witness the fog loaded mists dropping over the valley that totally embodies a heaven like canvas right before your eyes. This picturesque sight is something that you can never experience or witness within the concrete walls of a city or even a couple of the numerous Indian Hill Stations.

  • 10Tribal Research Centre

    Tribal Research Centre

    Constituted in 1983, in Ooty, the Tribal Research Centre (TRC) focuses on studies of tribal communities, their welfare as well recording their social, economic, religious, political and psychological progression over the years. The TRC functions on its own over 25 acres of undulating terrain at Mt Paladin and is one of the most scenic of all Ooty places.

    If you are a history buff, you would surely love to explore this place as it gives you an insight of the lives and tribal cultures that are endemic to only certain regions of Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The exhibit attracts visitors from India and abroad for its study based exhibits as well tribal statues that depict the culture in its more primal form.

  • 11Thread Garden

    Thread Garden
    Image Credit : Ajay Tallam

    An innovative concept, the Thread Garden located opposite the Boat House in Ooty is one of its most fascinating and captivating tourist places. Hold your breath as you feats your eyes on the magnificent display that has been crafted purely from thread, canvas and wire! A jaw dropping sight to witness, the credit of this innovative spectacle goes to the untiring efforts of Mr Antony Joseph and his team of magic workers who worked for over 12 years to bring fruition to their efforts.

    Employing the use of a unique expertise of a four dimensional hand wound embroidered machinery, the spectacle has been painfully but surely developed over the last many number of years. There are more than 400 striking shades of natural embroidery threads that will fill your eyes with unseen imageries. A unique tourist place in Ooty, the thread garden definitely warrants your attention!
  • 12Annamalai Temple

    Annamalai Temple

    A marvellous and religiously important site in Ooty, the Annamalai Murugan Temple is located at a distance of 20km from the focal point of the hill station. Famous for being the 7th Hill House of Lord Muruga, it is an abode that is pious to the locals for its significance and history.

    Bordered by the stunning Nilgiri Mountains on either sides, the way to the temple itself is a truly delightful drive that passes through Coonoor, Manjoor Village and the Kundah Dam. The crest of the hill where the temple stands, reflects a calm and tranquil atmosphere that is abundant with tea plantation and groves of silver oaks.

    Let the fresh and oxygen laden mountain feed your lungs with the much needed freshness as you revel in the peaceful air. The quiet ambience of the temple ensures that you feel at one with yourself and your surroundings.

  • 13Needle Rock Viewpoint

    Needle Rock Viewpoint
    Image Credit : Aasif Iqbal J

    A small but significant tourist place in Ooty, the Needle Rock Viewpoint is a popular tourist spot that I located in Gudalur. The place is signified by a huge rock that is in the shape of a cone from which the name was inspired.  Standing between Pykara and Cuddalore, it is a common practice to travel to Pykara, a  beautiful place in itself and then progress to this gorgeous view point.

    The surroundings of this attraction are enveloped in dense, green eucalyptus trees which are fragrant and shady at the same time. Like a scene right out of a storybook, the vistas from this magnificent view point are stunning to say the least. The sight of the jade greens spreading out as far as the naked eye can see, is topped off the blue tinged mountains of the Nilgiris.

    You can also witness the visuals of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur Forests and the unreal sight of the Aanakkallu or 'Sleeping Beauty Mountain’ that exactly resembles the shape of a sleeping woman! The beauty of this place can only be seen and no amount of description can ever do it justice!

  • 14Tea Factory

    Tea Factory
    Image Credit : Arun Katiyar

    Famed as one of the scenic hill stations in the country, Ooty also boasts of sprawling tea estates and gardens. Your sojourn in this hilly retreat is always enveloped in the refreshing aromas of tea. For all the tea loving populace, it is a precious opportunity to witness the detailed process of plucking tea leaves, processing them and finally the stage where they are ready to be marketed.

    Well-equipped to produce teas of various varieties, the Ooty Tea Factory exports the drink to major markets across the world which has brought the destination to the world map! A two storey structure, the factory is where you can see the tea leaves being dried, twisted and curled. On the walls you can witness the history of tea making in the region. The warm cup of cardamom flavoured tea offered to visitors will surely leave its taste on your tongue for days to come!

  • 15Ooty Lake

    Ooty Lake
    Image Credit : Jeff Peterson

    Stretching gracefully for almost 2.5km behind the Ooty Main Bus Stand, Ooty Lake is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. A man-made lake built by John Sullivan in 1824, it was one of the measures to bring this destination on the world tourism map. The mountain streams that irrigate the ravines of the mountains were dammed in order to build this stunning spectacle that is a sight for sore eyes. One of the most perfect picnic spots, the Ooty Lake gains prominence because of its historical importance.

    Perched at an astounding height of 7,620mm above the sea level, this pictorial lake does add a lot to the beauty of Ooty. Guests of all ages can get a chance to appreciate the soothing and charming climate around the Ooty Lake all year round!

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