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    Bangalore city in the evening; Image Credit: Melanie M

    Bangalore or ‘Bengaluru’ is the capital city of Karnataka state and is one of the most beautiful cities is India. Bangalore was founded in the year of 1537 and today is a riot of colours with a population of more than 6.5 millions. This city spreads over the total area of 2190 square kilometres and has successfully proclaimed the title of being the ‘fifth’ metropolitan city in India.

    Standing away from the extreme climatic conditions, it is located in heart of the country. This city is also famously known as the ‘Garden city of India’ and is the third largest city in the country.

    The other popular names that the city has earned are ‘Air conditioned City’, ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘Pub Capital of India’ and several others. Before the IT revolution touched Bangalore, it was famously known as ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’. Now this city has become a hub for the youth and seems to bubbling with all its charisma and endless energy. 

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    While in Bangalore, one can easily witness the charm and balance between various traditions, cultures and modernisation. Historical places, colourful gardens, pleasant climate and various other places to visit in Bangalore have made the city, one of the opulent tourist destinations in India. The mode of transportation in Bangalore also plays a significant role in its fame. Considered as one of the best connected cities in India, the IT capital of India offers a joyous and delightful travelling experience to its visitors. 

    Following are some of the best places to visit in Bangalore       

    The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

    The ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium’ is complete with exciting facts about astronomy. This place was founded in 1989 by the Bangalore City Corporation. The main objective of the planetarium is to spread the knowledge about the outer space and our solar system. This must be on the ‘must-to-visit’ list for every tourist who plans Bengaluru places to visit.

    If you want to know more about the planets and stars in outer space, then this is the place to be! The information about astronomy is presented to the tourists in different ways at the planetarium. The seating capacity in the main hall of the planetarium is for 210 people. 

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     Shows hosted inside the planetarium enable the people to learn more about the star constellations and help them to have a clear view of the night sky. There is also a science park inside the planetarium and is a much-loved spot among the tourists.

    Bannerghatta National Park

    Bannerghatta National Park; Image Credit: Senthil Kumar

    If you are a nature lover then you must take time out and visit the ‘Bannerghatta National Park’ in the places to visit in Bangalore. This park is located 21 km from the main city and spreads over 104 square km.

    This park was inaugurated in the year of 1971 and is now a home to different species like Tigers, Crocodiles and Lions. Other commonly found animals include Spotted Deer, Elephant, Wild Pigs, Bears, Sloth, Rabbit, Leopard, Foxes, Sambar and Gaurs. The snake farm inside the park is a popular area for the tourists and is must-to-visit place.

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    If you are lucky enough you will be able to spot 20 different species of butterflies in the park. Safaris are also available in the park, whereby the visitors can enjoy and explore each and every corner of the park.   

    Nandi hills

    Nandi hills

    Rising 4,851 ft above the sea level, ‘Nandi Hills’; also known as ‘Nandidurg’, is one of the most highly celebrated places to visit in Bangalore. This is an ancient hill station that served as a fortress for Southern India. This hill station lies in the district of Chikkaballapur.

    This place is just 10 km away from the actual town of Chikkaballapur and is 60 km away from the main city of Bangalore. This hill station is the source to the rivers like Palar, Penner and Ponniyar. The hill got its name because there is a very ancient temple situated on the hills for the ‘Nandi God’. There is another ancient temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati beautifying the structure of the hill. The Nandi temple in the hills has a 1000 year old figure of the Nandi properly sculpted.   

    Wonder La

    Image Credit: Tushant Arora

    Wonder La is a very popular amusement park in Bangalore. This park consists of both the dry rides as well as the wet rides. This amusement park is always found brimming with the locals and tourists around the year. One of the most popular rides among all age groups is the High Sky Wheel Building, which is about 80 metres.

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    There are a lot of fun rides for the teenagers and kids, whereas the elders can always laze around in the water pool or have fun with the air boats. The different rides include a Drop Zone, water chutes, hurricane and special laser shows etc.    



    St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore

    If you are visiting Bangalore then you cannot miss seeing the cathedral and churches of the city! This city has some most beautiful churches in India. There are a total of 6 churches in the city namely, St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Church, Holy Trinity Church, Infant Jesus Church and St. Andrew’s Kirk. St. Mark’s Cathedral is located n M.G. Road of the city.

    This place was founded in 1808 and the structure got completed in 1812. The monument was enlarged in 1901 and was rebuilt in 1927. This church has been built on the model of the 17th century St. Paul’s Cathedral and is a member of the CSI or Churches of South India. The cathedral is beautiful colonial style architecture with ornate windows, wood carving, elaborate entrance work and a graceful dome.

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    The stained glass windows look exquisite and the cathedral was named after St. Mark, one of the 12 followers of Jesus Christ! The St. Patrick’s church is located on the Brigade Road and is one of the oldest churches in Bangalore! A chapel was first built in the same place in early 1400’s but the church was finally consecrated as a cathedral in the year of 1899. There are twin columns, 12 pillars, an elaborate entrance etc.

    This place was finally rebuilt in the current form of structure under Father Chevalier. Other beautiful churches are Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrews Kirk and Infant Jesus Church.      

    Cubbon Park

    Cubbon Park is one of the few main places to visit in Bangalore. This park is popular for the cultural institutions, government buildings and other historical testament that it has around it. The foundation to this beautiful park was laid down in the year of 1864 by Richard Sankey.

    The park received its name in the honour of the commissioner engineer, Cubbon. This is a very big park and has a symmetrical shape. It spreads over 334 acres of land. There are almost 6000 plus different species of plants in this park. This park has been beautified with countless flowers, shady trees, groves and other floral species.

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    The park is unique and looks very beautiful in the early mornings and evenings. There is a big statue of Queen Victoria is the park that adds to the beauty of the park. Cubbon Park also has a Seshadari Iyer Memorial building in the centre of the park, which has a public library.       

    Vidhana Soudha

    Vidhana Soudha

    When searching for Bangalore places to visit, you simply cannot miss going to the Vidhana Soudha. This is Karnataka’s legislative assembly and is indeed a very beautiful piece of architecture. This place was commissioned in the year of 1952 and was finally completed in the year of 1956.

    The remarkable piece of architecture has a blend of all Dravidian, Indo-Saracenic and Neo-Dravidian form of architecture. The building consists of beautiful carved pillars, arches, pediments, bases and cornices. The complete structure measures 46 metres tall and spreads 245000 square foot in the area.

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    The building comprises of 4 floors including the basement area. The central dome of the building structure carries the national flag of the country. The diameter of the dome is 60 metres. The building is adorned beautifully on Sunday and public holidays.  

    Bangalore Palace

    When thinking about the places to visit in Bangalore you must see the Bangalore palace. This is a historical monument and is almost a replica of the Windsor Castle. This palace was built in the year of 1887 and covers an area of 147466 square foot. The architecture of the palace is modelled around the Tudor style of architecture.

    The palace is beautifully adorned with parapets, wooden carvings, gardens and towers. The ballroom of the palace used to be adorned for private parties and assemblies of the king during his rule. There are thousands of paintings and pictures of famous celebrities in the palace that a tourist will be able to see.

    The main centre of attraction in the palace is the dining table that belonged to the rulers! The battlements, gothic windows and turrets are some of the other attractions.      

    Brigade Road

    Brigade Road

    If you are a tourist and want to find the best place to shop then you must visit the brigade road in Bangalore. This is one of the best places in Bangalore that you can visit. Brigade road is filled with shops that contain both local brands and global brands!

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    This place is located exactly at the meeting point of the M.G. Road and Residency Road. This place is also popular for St. Patrick’s Church, Eva Mall, The Catholic Club and Patrick’s Shopping Complex. The tourists visiting this place must also make it a point to see the Toy Store, Vellara Hotel and the Brigade Towers!


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    Malleshwaram is a small district in the city of Bangalore and is located on the north-western side of the city. This place first developed as a suburb during the plague of 1898. People from the city were frantically moving out towards the suburbs.

    This place got its name due to the Kaadu Malleshwara temple located in the district. H.V. Najundaiah is the founder of this small district and the 6th main road in the district is named after him. Today, the district of Malleshwaram is filled with people coming from all kinds of professions. World sports champions like Prakash Padukone, Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman, various writers, film stars, musicians etc live here even today!

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    This district in Bangalore is characterized equally by a significant middle class, elite class and upper middle class. The two main roads in this district are Margosa Road and Sampige Road. A very popular place in this district is the 8th cross road as people can purchase grocery, clothes, and accessories etc. people will also find famous restaurants in this area! Malleshwara must be your list when thinking about Bangalore places to visit.

    This place is always buzzing with activity and becomes beautifully adorned during the festive season in India. The roads are blocked for vehicles and the streets become a small area of fun, sale, and activities!

    The city

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    If you are visiting Bangalore as a tourist you will fall in love with the place. You must understand that this city has shown a remarkable growth in the sphere of education, business and commerce since independence. A lot of people living in India try to relocate to this beautiful city due to the nedless opportunities that it presents to us.

    This city has also been rewarded as the second most literate city in India! The beautiful and endless number of parks, cinema complex, marketplaces, educational institutions, and boulevard and other historical monuments! Bangalore is a hub of youth and the elderly. You will always find this place bubbling with activity.

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    This is a business hub and is also a very busy city. It has the biggest IT Park in the country and you will find the city moving ahead with time. You will also find authentic traditions and celebrations along with the city life. The cool evening breeze, gardens, magnificent buildings and bustling cafes will make your heart stop each time you visit this place.


    Nightlife is the best in this part of India. But you must remember that Bangalore is not only about open air cinemas, night clubs and pubs. This city is also about Carnatic classical music; dance and you will experience one of the city’s best performers in this city!