The next time you travel between Bangalore and Mysore, do a small detour enroute to one of the most scenic and serene places - Sri Ram Betta. Situated right atop a hillock, about 50 km from Bangalore, what makes it all the more popular is that it has been enshrined in the scenes of the ever-popular Bollywood blockbuster, Sholay, and the critically acclaimed Passage to India.

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Situated close to the cities of Bangalore and Mysore, the granite structures of Sri Ram Betta make for an easy getaway for trekkers and rock climbers. With a good road passing through, reaching the peak by vehicle is an easy task.

For those who love to drive, well here is your chance. And for those who dont, take a bus from Bangalore or Mysore to Ramanagara. From there, you can hire one of the several autorickshaws that ply to the temple.

How to Reach

Bangalore - Ramnagar- Sri Ram Betta

Nearest Town: Ramnagar

Distance from Bangalore: 53 km

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year.

Other Information

Revanasiddesh Betta: It is a weekend getaway, pretty popular with rock climbers. It is situated 51 kms from Bangalore. It has amazing rocky climbs which makes the trek a roller coaster ride. Besides that, it is also a centre for silk marketing.

These hills are also known for being granite