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    Munnar Sightseeing Tour

    Described as one of the best hill stations in the country, Munnar is all about ecstatic natural beauty, the sound of gushing waterfalls, which appear to be rhyming in sync.

    The craggy peaks here not only offer panoramic views of hills in Kerala, but also provide sneak peek of hills in Tamil Nadu. With manicured tea estates, natural environs, breathtaking waterfalls, cardamom aroma, stunning national parks, attractive flowers and enthralling tours, Munnar sightseeing Tour offer a riveting insight into this wonderful little town.

    Places to visit on your Munnar Sightseeing Tour :

    1. Mattupetty Dam

    Cradling in the plantation hills of Munnar lays a dam that not only redefined technological development in the country, but also serves as one of the most important tourist destination in Munnar sightseeing Tour .

    The dam is situated quite close to the highest peak of Western Ghats, the Anamudi Peak.

    It is almost 13 kilometres away from Munnar is a located at a height of 1700 metres. A delight for nature lovers and technology enthusiasts, it is covered in most of the Munnar Packages because of one simple reason- it is an amalgamation of how humans can survive sustainably while saving the environment.

    The dam is covered along with sightseeing packages, which include a trip to lush green tea plantations of the town along with trekking at its rolling grasslands and Shola Forests.

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    Boating facilities are also included in the package and people can enjoy the experience of boating in speed launch, motorboats or speed boats.

    They can also unwind and take in the breath-taking sights with a wonderful picnic. Another main attraction of this dam is the dairy farm, which is considered as an important place of interest in most of the Munnar sightseeing tour .

    Mattupetty Dam tours are usually blended with tours like trekking and hiking as the destination is quite close to forests and a number of alluring peaks.

    2. Kundala Lake

    Photo Credit- Prateek Rungta 

    One of the most picturesque destinations in the country, Kundala Lake is located near Top Station and is in close proximity to Munnar. Included in almost all Munnar Packages of 3-4 days, this lake is all about exploring the natural environs of the region and enjoying bounties of nature.

    The cherry blossoms of this place are known for appearing only twice in a year. Kundala Lake is also home to Neelakurinji flower, one of the most elusive flower species in the world which blossoms just once in twelve years.

    The beauty of these flowers is what makes this water body a pivotal destination in every sightseeing package.

    For those who like to learn about technological and scientific developments in the country, this lake offers access to an artificial dam, which is one of the biggest hydroelectricity projects in the country.

    The dam is known for being the first Arch Dam of Asia, making it a popular place. Kundala Lake along with this dam must receive at least three to four hours of your time during the trip to ensure that you have captured the essence of everything that this beautiful destination has to offer.

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    Enhancing the experience of this place is the rejuvenating slow boating activities. Most Munnar sightseeing tours also include Kashmiri Shikkara boats and row boats that ride upon Kerala’s stunning, crystal blue waters. And if you love water bodies and don’t wish to leave early, then all you can enjoy a night stay.

    These floating stays have all luxury amenities and you will enjoy the music of mountains and water when it glides through Kundala Lake.

    For those who like to socialize and wish to try their skills at a different sports or game can opt for playing at a Golf Course, which is located nearby. Run and maintained by Tata Tea Limited, this golf course gives one an opportunity to feel invigorated and refreshed.

    Most of the packages that cover Kundala Lake also include a later trip to the Aruvikkad Waterfalls that is to Kundala. Both of these are splendid sights to experience.

    3. Echo Point

    Photo Credit- Ruben Joseph 

    Remember how as kids, we all used to enjoy listening to the echo of our own voices? You can relive those memories of childhood by choosing Echo point on your Munnar Sightseeing tour . 

    As the name suggests, it is a destination that gives one pleasures of hearing the echo of their own voice. This destination is located 13 kilometres away from Munnar and is nestled in lush green lawns and tea plantations.

    Having a water body close by, this place serves as a popular picnic spot and an ideal destination for romantic newly weds and families with kids.

    A heaven for adventure enthusiasts, the point offers some of the best trekking and hiking experience in India. These activities are organized mostly in form of tours and packages. Along the way, witness beautiful, breath-taking and enchanting views of the hills.

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    This place of interest is covered in almost all sightseeing packages to Munnar and is located close to the Lockhart or the Lock Heart Gap, which is an ideal place for enjoying adventure tourism. Even the novice adventure trekkers can visit and trek at this place.

    The fresh mountain air coupled with misty hills and panoramic views ensure refresh and revitalize you. With so many things to offer, Echo Point has become of the most visited destinations in the country.

    4. Anamudi Peak

    Anamudi Peak

    Experience the marvels of nature offered by the Munnar sightseeing tour. This is a region located in Kerala, which features the highest peak of Western Ghats.

    It is known for its picture perfect locations and is ideal for trying activities such as trekking and hiking. Mountaineers, especially learners would love climbing and ascending this peak because of its breathtaking, enthralling views.

    With a topographic prominence of 2,479 metres, this peak is the highest in Western Ghats of India and also considered the highest point in entire South India.

    It gets its name from local languages, where it is referred to as ‘elephant’s forehead’ because of the resemblance to the head of an elephant. Anamudi is also the highest point in the Periyar River basin, which makes it quite popular.

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    The steepness of this hill and its Fault Block Mountain style gives it prominence over others. It is considered as a fault block mountain because it came into existence due to tectonic plate movement and localized stresses in the crust of the Earth.

    Therefore, the large blocks of rocks at this hill are known for their relative significance in the geographical development of India.

    The destination is a favourite place among travellers and is included in almost all kinds of packages wherein travellers visit Munnar and nearby destinations.

    Anamudi Peak is located close to the southern region of Eravikulam National Park and therefore, the park is also one of the prime destinations covered in any package. It is also at the junction of Cardamom hills, where you are lured by aromatic fragrances of hills all around.

    The tour usually includes a hike on grass slopes that are perched on an elevation of 6,600 feet. During the trek, travellers can enjoy rich forests and the waters of Periyar. Enjoy a rendezvous with largest surviving population of Nilgiri Thar and Asian Elephants, Bengal Tigers and other species of animals, birds and plants. This is one of the most riveting experiences that can be offered.

    5. Top Station

    Photo Credit- Sudheesh S

    Considered to be one of the best places to visit in Munnar, Top Station is all about enjoying bounties of life. This destination was once known for its historic transhipment facilities, which allowed locales to deliver Kannan Devan tea from Munnar to Madupatty.

    The destination is widely covered in most of the travels and tour packages around the country because of its panoramic views of the hills along with its close proximity to Palani Hills National Park.

    A trip to Top Station gives one a chance to learn culture and heritage of Munnar. This destination derives its name as it is located on the top most railway station on Kundala Valley Railway.

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    The hilltop location is known for having a monorail, which was once used for carrying goods carriage through a cart route. By 1908, the same was replaced by a 24 inch gauge railway system. Currently, the tour package also offers trip to the Munnar Tea Museum as this is one of those few places where one can find, learn and understand more about the remains of Kundala Valley Railway.

    Tea chests are located on the Top Station and in older times, they were transported with a ropeway connection down to the hills of Kottagudi in Tamil Nadu.

    Later, the tea from this region was shipped to England. The ropeway station remains can be still seen on the Top Station. This place offers majestic views of the Western Ghats and enchanting surroundings. With an elevation of 1880 metres, it is the highest point of Kodaikanal- Cochin escape route.

    Top Station is also located close to Palani Hills National Park. One of the entrances of this park begins from Top Station.

    Therefore, most of the travel packages may include de-route to the National Park to make sure that travellers get an opportunity to enjoy a meeting with wildlife of India.

    Offering enchanting views, the park hasn’t yet been completed, but it is a part of a wildlife sanctuary, where one can enjoy over 15 types of waterfalls, including Fairy Falls, Bear Shola Galls, Neptune Falls and Pool, Pambar and Silver Cascade Falls, Snake Falls and others.

    These falls are the ultimate getaway for families and couples who love enjoying water bodies, gushing of streams and seek to take pleasure in organizing a picnic along water streams. You can also revel in the sight of Indian elephants are widely seen at this destination.

    6. Lakkom Water Falls

    One of the major tourist destinations in the country, Lakkom Waterfalls is a breathtaking waterfall that is located close to Munnar.

    This destination is majorly covered as a part Munnar sightseeing tour and Eravikulam National Park. Lakkom Waterfalls is a part of the Eravikulam stream and runs through the Wildlife Division of Munnar.

    The stream of water is considered to be one of the major tributaries of the River Pamper, giving one exceptional views of crystal clear water and swiftly gushing streams.

    With rocks spread all around, this is one of those destinations that one would love to explore.

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    The Munnar sightseeing tour starts with visiting munnar and then moving towards the Eravikulam National Park. The park and Lakkom Waterfalls are located in the Western Ghats and Anamalai cluster, which is considered by UNESCO for World Heritage Site title.

    They are also a part of the Idukki District. Spread at a 97 kilometres per square area, the park witnesses Cauvery River flowing to the east and Periyar on the west.

    The falls here is known for having the abundance of frogs and other water animals, especially a new species of frog, which was discovered recently and features multiple glands, extreme short ribs and a bright red and orange colour.

    The area close to Lakkom Waterfalls and National Park is known for having at least twenty six species of mammals and one of the largest surviving populations of Nilgiri Thar, with 750 in total.

    The place is closely located to areas where one can find Sambar deer, Gaur, Indian langur, Wild dog and elusive tigers and leopards. The park is also known for its grasslands, shrub lands and forests, most of which can be seen during a trip to the Lakkom Waterfalls.

    Most of the packages require entering in government buses as private vehicles aren’t allowed in this region. This ensures that the pollution levels are controlled. The ride is almost 30 minutes, providing scenic views before one enjoys a rendezvous with the wildlife. Steep faces of mountains make it all more alluring than ever.

    7. Attukal Waterfalls

    Attukal is one of the most famous waterfalls in Munnar. The glittering cascade is located in the backdrop of rolling hills and almost 9 kilometres away from Munnar.

    The scenic travel destination is renowned for its beauty and its location amidst hills and jungles. The place is widely known for being a rejuvenating travel destination for those who feel anxiety and are stressed about their life.

    Most of the tour packages designed for Attukal Waterfalls take one through different hills and sprawling greenery of this area.

    These tour packages aren’t just sightseeing packages, but they are usually considered as adventure ones as most of the people visiting this destination like to enjoy trekking and hiking activities amidst enchanting beauty. The destination is considered as a feast for the senses because its picture perfect location.

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    The Munnar sightseeing tour is for the  Enjoying a bite of your favourite snack while listening to the sweet music of waterfalls is one of those experiences that you will never forget!

    Visiting the Attukal Waterfalls is guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenating. The natural beauty and cascading waters add to the adventure tourism of the country. Also, this destination is covered in a number of tours and travel packages because it is a haven for avid bird watchers, who get to enjoy elusive range of avian species during their trip.

    8. Tata Tea Museum

    Photo Credit- Prierre Dalbera

    Narrating the story of Munnar, Tata Tea Museum is covered in every tour package of Munnar.

    The museum, which is located in the Nallathanni Estate provides incredible insight into how the forests here transformed into plantation gardens and the once unknown destination became one of the largest tea producers in the country.

    The centre is dedicated to describe how tea plantations and their export has grown over the years. It makes one understand how the plantations have been amalgamated with the environment to ensure that forests and plantations can survive and complement each other’s existence.

    The highlights of this beautiful museum help one capture the essence of Munnar through older machineries that were once used for tea processing. To make learning more fun and interactive, the museum features photographs and interesting displays.

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    Here, one can find Rotorvane, which was once used for CTC Tea processing. How the older processing industry changed into a modern tea industry is what has been explained in this museum. The best part about the tours to this place is that the visitors can savour different flavours and varied varieties of tea. Pelton Wheel is another artefact that one can witness.

    9. CSI Christ Church

    For those who like to know more about culture, heritage and development of Kerala can opt to visit the popular CSI Church in Munnar, which isn’t just an important landmark, but also a spiritual destination that will provide solace to your soul.

    Built in 1910, CSI Christ Church is a protestant church that was made in stone and represents how the earlier architecture influenced the development of this town.

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    The church has been designed by members of the Scottish Tea estate and was managed by the owners and workers. The unique and charming interiors of this Church are something that will be etched your memory forever. It features stained glass windows, ornate chandelier, rows of rosewood pews and brass plaques.

    All this gives an insight into development of this church and its popularity during the independence era. The place is also located close to a cemetery, where tombs as old as 1894 have been built.

    10. Punarjani Traditional Village

    Photo Credit- Prasanth Chandran 

    For those who wish to get a whiff of the past, Punarjani is the destination they would love to explore. This is a small village, where past is relived with gusto and travellers get a chance to learn about deeply rooted heritage and culture of Kerala. Over here, you can reel in the classical Kathakali performances.

    The village also showcases Kalaripayattu, which is known for being the coveted Martial Arts form of Kerala.

    Called as the Punarjani- which literally translates to re-birth, this village tour will remind one about the enviable past and rich cultural heritage that Kerala had.

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    The dances are awe-inspiring and feature colourful, elaborate costumes along with excellent singers. The Kalaripayattu performances are shown as a part of play and takes one back to the oldest fight sequences that have been practiced in Kerala.

    The team performs dangerous and breathtaking stunts, which can make the tour riveting, enthralling cultural experience. Relish in sumptuous dinner during the tour.

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