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11 Must Experience Adventures in Bangalore

11 Must Experience Adventures in Bangalore

Adventures in Bangalore

Climb up a mountain rock and feel that special sense of exhilaration. Or zip along a wire strung out hundreds of feet above the ground and experience the adrenalin rush.

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Drive your motorbike fast on the dirt track and lose yourself to the elements of the track. Adventure in Bangalore is what more and more professionals are seeking when they plan a vacation.

If you are looking for adventure sports to help you unwind, get in touch with Thrillophilia. We have an entire range of stress busting adventure activities that will help rejuvenate your body and mind.

Here are 11 adventure activities to do in Bangalore:

1. Trekking?

With more than 150 trekking spots, Bangalore is a trekker’s paradise. Easy, medium, tough – the city and its outskirts have different kinds of trails that should satisfy your yearning for an exhilarating trek. Or head for the tough, bleak and hilly trails of Ramanagara. Skandagiri and Madhugiri are other popular trekking destinations.

If you want to get far away from the bustle and experience adventure in Bangalore and the places around it, trekking is one of the best ways to do so.

You can take a trip to Chikmagalur. The seven hour drive is definitely worth it. You can trek around the famed Chandrodana Range with its numerous waterfalls, meadows and cave temples.

The scenic Baba Budan hill range and the 6,300 feet high Mullayanagiri peak bordered by beautiful Kurinji flowers is one of the most spectacular trekking trails in the Karnataka.

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Best places for trekking near Bangalore:

Skandagiri Night Trek

Anthargange Trek and Caving

Kunti Betta Trek

Tadiyandamol Trek, Coorg

Mullayangiri  Trek, Chikmagalur

Kodachadri Trek, Shimoga

2. Rafting


River rafting is strictly for those who love the zing brought about by a massive rush of adrenalin. But surprisingly, steering an inflatable raft over rough and dangerous waters is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups.

Adventure in Bangalore has risen to the challenge posed by the boom in the demand for river rafting. Several resorts and camps offer this facility.

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Best places for rafting near Bangalore: 

Rafting in Bheemeshwari 

Rafting in Coorg

White Water Rafting at Dandeli

3. Camping

A camping holiday is the way to re-tune yourself to nature’s melody. It can give you the solitude you seek away from the bustle of the modern world. At the same time, camping with close friends and colleagues will help strengthen bonds and create a team.

Best places for camping near Bangalore:

Camping in Coorg

Camping in Dandeli

4. Wildlife Safari

Explore the wilder side of nature with a safari in the jungles near Bangalore. Feel at one with nature as you watch the regal tigers and the majestic elephants living together in harmony in their dark, green forest home. Imbibe the beauty of the wilderness and take home some truly unforgettable memories through this adventure in Bangalore.

There is also a small zoo and museum inside the sanctuary. Staying overnight in the jungle lodge at Bannerghatta is a truly special experience. The 874 square kilometres Bandipur National Park houses several endangered species. An organised safari will help you spot rare species of birds as well as elephants, tigers, sloth bears and antelopes.

Best places to go for a wildlife safari near Bangalore:

Wildlife Safari in Dandeli

Nagarhole Wildlife Safari

5. Paintball

A fun adventure that can be enjoyed by all age groups, the game involves shooting paint at your opposing team with a paintball gun or marker. The dye used in the paintballs is non-toxic and the players are provided with the required safety equipment.

The aim of the activity is to ensure that your team captures the flag or defends it. The pace is fast and furious, giving you the opportunity to settle a few scores peacefully on the play field instead of the corporate boardroom. It’s also a great team building activity

With us, the corporate teams can enjoy the best of Paintball experiences. With a group size of around 30-40 members, we can organise this activity in any of the resorts in and around Bangalore 

Best places for paintball near Bangalore:

Extreme Zone, Manchinbele

Paintball at Uttarahalli

Urban Valley

6. Ziplining

Ziplining is an extremely popular adventure activity across the world, with hard core enthusiasts travelling to the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua to indulge in this hair-raising game. Based on the principles of gravity, ziplining propels a user from the top to the bottom of a cable using a pulley.

Of course, the steeper or longer the incline and the more dangerous the terrain below, the greater is the thrill of ziplining. In order to ensure the safety of participants, durable ropes and pulleys are used for this adventure in Bangalore. For ziplining fans, it’s as close to flying as man can get!

Amongst the many different locations in and around Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is the most ideal location for Ziplining. However, we also organise Ziplining in Ramnagara, Coorg, Wayanad and Chikmagalur.

Best places for ziplining near Bangalore:


Attibele Army Adventure Camp

7. ATV Ride

There is nothing like being on the wheels of an all terrain vehicle and conquering the world that lies before you. ATV riding is not for the faint hearted. It’s a tough sport that helps you to tap and channelize your inner resource.

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The challenge it poses will also help you to knit closer with your group. So if you are looking for a team building exercise that helps sharpens skills and any sort of adventure in Bangalore, ATV riding could be the right choice. Experience the best of ATV rides with Thrillophilia at Kanakpura and Srajapura Road. We also organise this enthralling rides within the outskirts of Bangalore.

Best place for ATV ride near Bangalore:

Meenakshi Resort

Windflower Prakruthi Resort

8. Wall Climbing

Wall climbing can pose a challenge to your body and mind. The activity involves climbing up an indoor or outdoor artificial wall constructed with grips for hands and feet. The grips often mimic indentions and cuts in natural rock. The entire wall is finished with different textures to give the right feel. 

Best place for wall climing in Bangalore:


9. Archery

If you thought archery was a stationary and rather boring activity, think again. Intense concentration and focus is what you gain after a weekend spent practising your archery skills.

It’s a sport that requires immense endurance and stamina. It also pays you handsome health rewards in the form of better hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular exercise and muscle coordination.

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Thrillophilia Experience

During your team outing, this intriguing activity can be organised within any of the resorts in Bangalore. The other destinations or campsites, where archery can be arranged include Wayanad and Coorg. 

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10. Zorbing

Cocoon yourself inside a transparent, inflatable ball and watch the world roll by! Zorbing is an adventure activity that can be relaxing and thrilling at the same time. When performed on the ground, zorbing is generally done on a gentle slope.

For the less adventurous, there is always the option of zorbing on level ground. Water zorbing is yet another option, where you bob on the water inside a transparent ball. As the zorbing session ends, uncurl yourself and step out of the ball feeling totally at one with the world.

Thrillophilia Experience

Your team can enjoy both the types of Zorbing with Thrillophilia. While Water Zorbing requires a spacious pool, Land Zorbing requires an open and gentle slope.

11. Rock Climbing

A vacation to test the limits of your endurance and stamina appears to be the in thing to do among corporate executives. That perhaps explains the rising popularity of rock climbing as an adventure sport. Luckily, there are plenty of rock climbing spots in Bangalore and its outskirts.

Turahalli at Kanakapura Road is a much sought after destination by rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill here is packed with hard granite boulders of varying shapes and sizes making it a challenging adventure. Just 50 kilometres away, adventure in Bangalore hasn't been closer with the Savandurga hills, which is popular for trekking, having two granite cliffs called the white peak and black peak.

Thrillophilia Experience

Thrillophilia’s Rock Climbing sessions in Ramnagar, Turahalli; located in Mysore Road and Bannerghatta National Park are specially designed for corporate team outings. Fascinating boulders and rocky outgrowths in these locations add to an enthralling experience of Rock Climbing!

By Abhishek Last updated Jul 23,2015