India’s Best Travel Bloggers

Seeing new places, meeting different people, trying some tasty dishes will definitely make you feel like living in an alternate world. We at Thrillophilia are coming up with a series of top bloggers from around the globe. Let’s first read about Top travel bloggers in India and learn about the fascinating destinations where they have travelled. Also, learn about the various travel hacks they have got to share with you. These amazing Indian travel bloggers have set an example for all of us that nothing can stop you from exploring the vast new world and seek adventures. Their blogs inspire us to travel and gather knowledge from different places. Be it through their pictures or some amazing facts these bloggers has made their mark everywhere.

Note: The list is in no particular order and does not reflect the ranking of bloggers. We know you all are awesome 🙂

1. Lakshmi Sharath

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If you want or still planning for a vacation, Lakshmi Sharath will definitely be an inspiration for you. She started her journey as a media professional but then she was also a traveller, travel writer and a photographer.

She has been an active blogger and shares some of the best travelling experiences. Her blog ‘A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker’ has interesting stories about her amazing experiences in India.

Countries Travelled: I am not sure exactly over 25 I guess.

Travel Tip: I prefer to travel on weekdays and offseason. This helps me to discover more out of a place and also am happy with the quiet and peace around.

One way ticket Destination: I love travelling but I love to come back and then head back again…but if there is one destination that I would like to linger, it’s probably Nilgiris. I would love to just sit in a small cabin up in the hills and stare endlessly at the mountains, look for birds and have cups of tea.

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2. Shivya Nath

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Shining bright like a shooting star, Shivya Nath is all ready to set an example for all the travel buffs who love to explore the world. Shivya loves to lead a nomadic life exploring the different colours of the world. If you want to learn about new thing then you will have to test your capabilities and let go of yourself.

Her travel blog ‘The Shooting Star’ has captured a lot of attention for the adventures she has come across. Be it her captivating travel stories or marvellous shots, Shivya is truly an inspiration.

Countries Travelled: Over 30

Travel Tip: Go slow. Everything becomes cheaper and more immersive then – and a strange place starts to feel like home. Isn’t that what travel is all about?

One way ticket Destination: I’m currently staying in a little Mayan village on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. There are 3 volcanoes in my “balcony” and a hammock in my apartment. I think I could live here forever!

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3. Mridula Dwivedi

Source : Instagram

Mridula Dwivedi, an Indian travel writer who carries a sweet smile on her face everywhere she goes has some very interesting tales in her pocket. She started as a professor but her travel instincts made her quit her job and travel the world.

Her blog ‘Travel Tales from India & Abroad’ have some of the best travel stories. She has very recently featured in

Countries Travelled: I have been to 18 countries if I count India too. And two more Philippines and Indonesia are lined up for October and November.

Travel Tip: Sometimes not booking a hotel within India gives you better options. You can walk around a place, look at the hotels and then book!

One way ticket Destination: I would never like to come back from the Himalayas be it in India, Nepal or Bhutan!

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4. Venkat Ganesh

When it comes to a road trip on a bike I am sure Venkat Ganesh’s blog will leave your eyes wide open. Known for his amazing solo bike trip in 2011 that made him later quit his job, Venkat Ganesh is one hell of a rider. Anxious to learn about different places and people he started travelling on his bike.

His blog ‘India Backpack Motorbike’ chronicles some of his amazing travel experiences. You will be amazed by the exciting tales which was unplanned but turned out to be the most thrilling ones.

Countries Travelled: 4 – Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam

Travel Tip: The longer/slower you travel the more you see and the less money you spend.

One way ticket Destination: Ladakh

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5. Prasad Np

Sometimes you would love to head out on a vacation with your family, then this guy Prasad Np has some of the best destinations for you. Nothing can make him happy rather than travelling. He parted ways from the monotonous life and found the real beauty in travelling.

His blog has a lot to tell you about the majestic beauty of India. From holy temples to various religious places his blog has it all. Prasad is truly an inspiration for the upcoming travel junkies.

Also, a lover of the wildlife Prasad is a certified Eco Volunteer for Tiger Census and have patrolled with Forest guards in Bandipur. He loves to write a lot about the Wildlife, Nature, and conservation. His blogs also include interesting tales from the countries he has visited especially US, Thailand, Singapore, Jordan etc.

Countries Travelled: Nepal, USA, UK, France,The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Jordan, Singapore, Indonesia that makes it around 11.

Travel Tip: If you want to get good deals travel in offseason, if you want good pictures travel around a local festival. Use public transport wherever available as it  helps you discover cities much better.

One way ticket Destination: I would love to settle in Andulacian mountains in Spain.

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6. Ankita Sinha

Source : travelmassive

Love being a free bird and travel the world to her fullest, Ankita Sinha is creating a sensation among the travel freaks. She has a different way of jotting down her thoughts in her blog which make her very unique.

If you have that wish to setting foot in each of the country then you can definitely do so. Ankita believes that you should never limit your desires to travel. Within a span of 2 years she has covered a lot of national and international destinations.

Countries Travelled: I have been to 18 countries.

Travel Tip:  That cheapest flights are not always the best to take Sometimes, to cut down we invariably book the cheapest flights not knowing that there are hidden costs involved. Some of the cheapest flights have paid carry on or check in and some have airports so far that one has to take several transport modes to reach them.

One way ticket Destination: I would never want to come back from Switzerland I love Switzerland because the air is very pure and the landscapes are magical. I love the countryside road trips in Switzerland and the adventures we can have in both winters and summers along with cheese and chocolates.

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7. Dheeraj Sharma

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A night dreamer and a passionate lover of the Himalayas, Dheeraj Sharma has a lot to tell about his never ending expeditions. A Software Project Manager by profession, Dheeraj always had that quality of exploring the outer world.

His blog ‘Devil on Wheel’ carries a lot of travel stories. Dheeraj is the perfect example who has an unsatisfied hunger for exploring new things. He is also working to materialize the vision and mission of the Dow Travel Community.

Countries Travelled: Not many, just living for a year in US for a project, rest only have travelled in Himalayas in India J

Travel Tip: Leave Early, Sleep Early – always a tip for anyone traveling in Himalayas.

One way ticket Destination: Somewhere in Himalayas

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8. Rachel Jones

Nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams if you are determined to achieve it.  An American by birth, Rachel Jones left her nursing for the love for Goa beaches. It is said that when the beaches call, you will have to be there and Rachel too couldn’t stop herself from that.

Currently residing in Goa, Rachel’s blog ‘Hippie in Heels’ shares a lot of amazing stories of different places around the globe.

Countries Travelled: 35

Travel Tip: Haggling in souks and bazaars has become second nature now and it’s something that you learn from experience … it’s different in every country and you can find some amazing treasures when you travel.

One way ticket Destination: Israel is amazing and so multicultural.

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9. Neelima Vallangi

Source : Instagram

To be best described as a hopeless and incurable travel addict Neelima Vallangi is obsessed with the mountains and the nature. An incredible travel writer and photographer Neelima started chasing her travelling dreams.

She very recently quit her job as a software engineer just to be a full time traveller. She has a fantastic blog on ‘The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tale’ where she has shared some of her most beautiful tales.

Countries Travelled: I count my travels not in terms of countries travelled to but stories collected. However, for the record, it’s 10.

Travel Tip: That we can never have full control over circumstances, in life and in travel. All we can do is adapt and make the best of the cards we’re dealt. Also, if the flight ticket you’ve been checking for a while suddenly shows an increased price, it’s okay to wait for a day or two. Usually the ticket price falls back to whatever you were shown before.

One way ticket Destination: I don’t think I have reached that state of zen yet where I’m completely satisfied with one destination for the rest of my life. But if I have to choose one, I’d say India where there’s so much to see and so much variety that I’d never get bored.

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10. Mariellen Ward

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We have come across multiple foreign as well as Indian travel bloggers who splendidly narrated their travel experiences around the world. Mariellen Ward would be a totally distinct blogger based in India as well as Canada since she has entertained her readers with innumerous articles, especially about India.

We can blindly believe that she has travelled all over India and learned the bizarre facets of India, unlike any other travellers. The curiosity she shares through her blog named, “Breathe Dream Go” will disturb any wanderer, surely. The promoter of women solo travelling has the concept of ‘meaningful adventure travel’ as her guide.

Countries Travelled:  I don’t count countries, I count moments. Was I truly present for that stunning sunset? Was I open to the local people, able to see them and learn from them? Did I take time to really look around and see, hear, taste, smell?

Travel Tip:  There’s a delicate balance between over-planning and spontaneity. Through experience I’ve learned that some things must be planned. For example, doing a web checkin for flights is critical for two reasons. One, airlines often overbook and if you don’t checkin ahead of time, you could get bumped. Two, you can pick a better seat. Booking your first night at a destination is a good idea. Then you can look around and find a better place or re-negotiate. With Airbnb, read the reviews VERY CAREFULLY.

One way ticket Destination: Well, I never want to leave India! I’m in India from about October to March every year, and as much as I love my country (Canada), friends and family, it’s always hard to leave. So many wonderful places to visit here, so many magical moments. There’s nowhere like India.

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11. Parm Johal

travel bloggers in india
Source : Facebook

The world seems to be quite unusual when we look through the eyes of Parm Johal, an avid traveller who has been trying to capture the colours of different destinations in a unique way.  She is a Canadian with Indian roots.

Though her favorite travel moments were encrypted in Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul, the arts, the culture, the architecture and lifestyle of Spain, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, India etc amused her vividly. Pram Johal possesses a definite space among the famous travel writers’ circle and the way she achieves that particular space is through her vibrant blog page “Desi Globtrotter”. You can find her interesting articles in Conde Nast Traveller India, Huffington Post Canada, and as well.

Countries Travelled: I’ve been to 25 countries on 5 continents to date. Other than the US and Mexico, the countries I’ve visited more than once include: UK (5 times); Spain (4 times); France (3 times); India (2 times). Time for me to explore more of India again!

Travel Tip:  Check online for valid coupon codes before booking a travel package; I saved an additional $100 on my trip to Madrid by googling a valid promo code.

One way ticket Destination: Tokyo – it’s magnetic, edgy, fashion savvy, cosmopolitan, efficient, bizarre, cool, clean and uber modern. It’s taken over London and New York in my heart.

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12. Sandeepa and Chetan

Source : Instagram

There is no doubt in that travelling will be a lot more fun if you are with your loved one and this makes Sandeepa and Chetan, two travel from India bloggers very special. This amazing couple with a desire to uncover the amazing beauties around the world has travelled to numerous destinations.

Their blog ‘SandeepaChetan’s’ Travel Blog unfolds the stories from their trips. They have very brilliantly captured each and every journey of their life in this blog. From snorkeling with the sea lions in Patagonia to walking over the flattest place on earth at Salar de Uyuni, they will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Countries Travelled: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, some parts of Paraguay and Colombia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia – and of course, India. That’s 10.

Travel Tip: While looking for long haul flight tickets, instead of looking for direct tickets from A to B, check for A to B via C. You might get a better deal and you end up visiting one more place.

While returning to India from South America, tickets to Bangkok were cheaper than tickets to anywhere in India. Luckily we have visa on arrival arrangement with Thailand! So we ended up seeing one more country!

One way ticket Destination: We would love to call one of the Island we’ve visited home. Particularly Ilha Grande. The weather is perfect, and it’s Brazil – what’s not to fall in love!

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13. Arun Bhat

Source : Facebook

Arun Bhat, a young enthusiastic person who has voyaged through different places in India but throughout his journey, there was a close companion; undoubtedly that is his DSLR camera. He is known to Indians as an ardent travel photographer cum writer. Probably, the categories of photography he has not covered might be few. Travel, culture, architecture, interiors, corporate events, weddings and the list goes on where his presence has been found. is the beautiful space where you will see the numerous articles, photos and write-ups about the distinct experience Arun came across. As we all know, the lenses of SLR can create sweet stories of what it captures and this blog delivers the concepts Arun’s SLR has synced directly to the readers.

Countries Travelled: Six, so far

Travel Tip:  A practice that has often worked well for me when I backpack is to book my first night at a place I am travelling to, and leave everything else open. This way, if I prefer to move to another area in the town a few days later, or if I discover another beautiful hotel, there is room to explore it all without regretting having made the bookings already.

One way ticket Destination: This is a question, for which answers keep changing all the time. At this moment, it’s the small village named McLeodganj. I adore the mountains, the cold-air, distant snow-clad mountains and a deep-rooted spirituality that seems to be embedded to the mountain landscapes of Mcleodganj. It has it all, and more. It’s deodar groves, trails that invite you for a long walk, the faraway white peaks are all something I wouldn’t want to leave behind ever.

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14. Ajay Sood

A travel photographer, Ajay Sood is enthusiastic about making human component in a picture out of countenances through his photography since he trusts that each face has a story to tell. Intrigued by different societies, ways of life and conventions, his photographs speak about the journey of his travel experiences. In his blog, he has described a few of his explorations as well travel trips for the travellers.

Countries Travelled: At the last count, I have been to over 30 countries.

Travel Tip:  I buy bare-minimum ForEx for my travels and instead draw local currency from Bank ATMs at my destination (there are always 1-2 banks who DO NOT levy a surcharge on withdrawals). This reduces my loss of money to the usual 2-way currency exchange spread charged by Money Changers/banks.

One way ticket Destination: Destination I would never want to come back from (from the ones I have visited till now): Australia. It has everything, and more! Exotic Wildlife, Gorgeous Marine Parks, Diverse Terrain, Joy-to-drive-on Roads, Dense Forests, Treacherous Deserts, Bustling Cities, Cutting-edge Style, Global Cuisine! So, what more would I want?

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15. Siddhartha Joshi

Source : Facebook

Siddhartha Joshi has more in his travel diaries distinctively from other travel chroniclers. An essential part of Joshi’s life is travelling now and when he started his blog simply to share his memories and wonderful experiences with others he did not know it was going to become a hit and a number one travel blog in India.

But today, his blog, “the Wanderer” has thousands of followers who refer his blogs to find more interesting travel destinations and places less explored. Apart from descriptions in words, Joshi has shared some awe-inspiring videos of his endeavours, culture, and lifestyle he has seen.

Countries Travelled: 20 countries

Travel Tip:  Connect with locals both before and while you are at a destination. You will get great stories as well as tips to live like local, which will give you some amazing experiences and also help you save some money 🙂

One way ticket Destination: Kashmir – it’s my true love!

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16. Ami Bhat

Source : Instagram

Also known as ‘Restless Ball of Energy’ and travel blogger by passion Ami Bhat wanted to to explore the adventurous self of her. Be it a weekend getaway or some thrilling trip, Ami never ceases to find the beauty in each of these places.

Her blog ‘Thrilling Travel’ carries a lot of stories about the fun and adventures. You will be definitely inspired by her amazing stories about all the beautiful places. She loves photography and is in love with beaches and mountains.

Countries Travelled: Over 16 countries for sure. I stopped counting long back as I realize I visit more places than just countries.

Travel Tip: Keep an open mind. Never go with a rigid plan. All travel plans are bound to change at the last minute and it is the best to enjoy the experience and adapt to the new circumstances. Enjoy the moment and create some beautiful memories.

One way ticket Destination: It keeps changing all the time. Every new destination displaces another. I guess, I will always be a wanderer at heart. At the moment, it is Havelock Islands in Andamans.

Andaman Islands are a perfect holiday destination in India and this Andaman tour package is a great way to enjoy them.

Andaman and Nicobar alluring attractions offer a great place for those who want to spend some time amidst spectacular views.

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17. Ruby Singh

If you believe in learning from the true experiences from your life, then Ruby Singh is another motivation for us all. She is a full-time engineer and a blogger and is truly an inspiration. She cherishes scribbling down her astounding stories in her blog “Life and Its Experiments”.

Travelling can definitely make you see the world from a different angle. Apart from writing travel blogs Ruby also loves to write on other things that catch her attention.

Countries Travelled: 3 Countries

Travel Tip: Not a hack but an advise maybe that travel light. You need less clothes than you think.

One way ticket Destination: Any destination with mountains and ranges of mighty Himalayas grips me like anything. If I could I would never come back from that.

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18. Shubham Mansingka

Source : Facebook

Shubham Mansingka deserves the description, ‘a boy who loves travelling’. After a battle with asthma, Shubham Mansingka was determined to travel the world. His travel stories have been very interesting. He is one example for us that we should never back down. If you have that guts you can really achieve anything you want. His blog ‘Travel Tales with a twist’ consists of multiple adventurous stories.

He is one example for us that we should never back down. If you have that guts you can really achieve anything you want. His blog ‘Travel Tales with a twist’ consists of multiple adventurous stories.

Countries Travelled: I’ve been to 3 countries; viz.. Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia.

Travel Tip: After arriving in little-known destinations it is always better to choose your accommodation after arriving in town rather than booking it beforehand. Those ways it ensures that the price is lower than online and also ensures I find the best place to stay for all kinds of local experiences.

One way ticket Destination: Since I am allowed to dream with this one – I will go ahead and say the entire Himalayas and never come back from there. I would love to walk across the mountains and slowly experience life in all parts of Lahaul, Spiti, Zanskar, Ladakh and be happy forever.

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19. Supriya Sehgal

When you have that passion you should definitely give it a name, and this is what Supriya Sehgal is all about. She has been an inspiration for all the young ladies who have that passion of travelling the world. Known for authoring and co- authoring over 24 books for Lonely planet Guidebooks (India & U.K), Roli Books & Times books she also set an example for the upcoming travel bloggers in India.

Countries Travelled: 15

Travel Tip: When travelling in India in a cab (which I do a lot due to assignments in remote areas), always sit in the front seat for better view of where you’re going and a chat with the driver on more ‘equal’ terms. You’ll find that the friendship you strike with someone who is driving you, goes a long way – for stories of the road, better camarderie and many a times, drivers taking on the onus of being taking care of your safety.

One way ticket Destination: In India, Varanasi – and, there’s no pun there about it being the most coveted last spot of your journey on earth – it’s just that I love the city. It’s incredible.

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20. Arti S

travel bloggers in india

One who loves to explore the world in a different way, Arti S is another motivational traveler blogger in India. She loves to travel with her best friend – her father. They have visited the unknown places of the world together.

Arti loves traveling to spiritual places and seeks to experience the real beauty of life. Her blog ‘My Yatra Diary’ recalls her travel experiences. The best thing is that you can also see some of the alluring pictures from her travel stories.

Countries Travelled: 3

Travel Tip: Be an early bird. You’ll enjoy VIP access to all those crowded places.

One way ticket Destination: None.

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21. Abhinav Singh

Source : Facebook

‘Never give up’ definitely suits Abhinav Singh. After getting fired from his 7 years of corporate job the first thing that strikes his mind is the trek to Everest. With all his savings he was all set for his amazing adventures.

He mostly used to speak through his lenses. He has captured some of the most fantastic shots and has bagged the award for the best photographer. His blog ‘Soul Window’ has many interesting stories and pictures which will definitely catch your attention.

Countries Travelled I have visited 3 countries – Nepal, Bhutan and Jordan.

I love traveling within India and have been to more than 150 destinations in India since 2010.

Travel Tip: Keep the frequently used items on the top when you pack. When in a hotel, take out only the essentials from the suitcase. This will help you repack every time especially if you are on a multi-city tour. Think twice before you buy anything. Do you really need it?

One way ticket Destination: In India, it is Goa and Maharashtra for their amazing people, hidden beaches, great food and a laid back lifestyle.

Internationally, I have always had the yearning to keep going back to Bhutan. The people are simple, happy and not driven by consumerism. The nation has set an example of sustainable development as well as sustainable tourism.

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22. Alka Kaushik

After flirting with journalism for quite a few years, Alka Kaushik found her true love in travelling. She possibly will be the happiest girl in the world if she is lost in the middle of the Himalayas.

A lady who dreams of staying in a wooden cottage in the Himalayas with a library has captured some of the best moments from her travelling experiences. In her blog ‘Life in a Transit’ she has shared some of her best adventurous days while trekking, snorkelling etc.

Countries Travelled: Bhutan, the United Kingdom, Nepal, and Tibet. I’m a home-grown traveller, exploring India before I wander around rest of the world. Especially the Himalayan region.

Travel Tip: Always read old, ancient literature on the place you’re going to next. Preferably, 50 years old. You’d be surprised how many forgotten destinations you’ll come across. For instance, if you’re going to Tibet, Ladakh, or Siachen, try to read Francis Edward Younghusband’s accounts of these regions. If you’re going to Uttrakhand, pick up Corbett’s writings.

One way ticket Destination: I would never want to come back from a remote Trans-Himalayan destination.

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23. Archana Singh

For those of who are planning to travel solo and explore new things in life, then you should definitely learn it from Archana Singh. The true essence of travelling is that it helps you learn about the beauty of life.

This intuitive explorer loves to seek new adventures and also loves to mingle with the locals of different places. She usually travels to offbeat places which let her experience new things.

Countries Travelled: That’s an interesting question because I stopped counting the number of countries I have been to long time ago. But on an average I visit at least 5 – 6 new countries every year.

Travel Tip: Travel light. Nobody remembers your clothes but what you did during your travels. Also, to save space I roll clothes instead of folding.

One way ticket Destination: Though I fall in love with every old and new place I visit but Ladakh holds a special place in my heart. It changed me forever. Its raw unadulterated beauty of the landscape and its people gave my life a new direction. I have been to Ladakh more than five times in the last two years but still I never get bored of it. It is one place where I would happily get lost.

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24. Niranjan Das

A travel junkie who loves being on the road, Niranjan Das is someone who is in love with the countryside. Also being a lover of nature, Nirajan never stops going on a hike or backpacking during his leisure time.

With a dream of setting foot in each and every country on the planet Niranjan is making it all interesting for the travellers. His blog ‘Tales of a Nomad’ is filled with all the interesting travel stories about the places and people he met.

Countries Travelled: I have travelled to 7 countries.

Travel Tip: I always carry a small pocket size camera along with my DSLR while travelling. The small camera comes handy every time I need to frame something that comes up without a clue.

One way ticket Destination: Gokarna is one destination from where I would never want to return.

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25. Rohan

A person who preserves the beauty of India in touching words, a person with an undeniable passion for exploring the quirky trails of India; I am talking about Rohan, a wander-luster with an elaborate travel blog called “”.

Through his articles, he beckons those who are like- minded to share their amazing experiences with others. So that more people can receive an explicit idea of how should we plan the trips and what all nooks and corners can be covered during the trips. In his blog, you can always read about places outside India. The authenticity the blogs keep intact will definitely force you to pack your bags for an enchanting trip soon.

Countries Travelled: Totally confused how to explore the beautiful earth when one life is too short to complete my great India J. Outside India, I have only visited Nepal.

Travel Tip:   I am a budget traveler so for me the one travel hack always worked is to mixed up with the local people of the destination you visit.

One way ticket Destination: Ladakh is my favorite place and I would love to spend my whole life in Ladakh.

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26. Anuradha Goyal

A voracious reader and a soulful traveller Anuradha Goyal is another blogger who has motivated us all with her stories. Her blog ‘Inditales’ has many interesting stories which has bagged an award for the top 50 blogs on travel around the world. She has penned down one of the most talked about books The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India.

Countries Travelled: 15

Travel Tip: Always carry some food with you.

One way ticket Destination: The destination that I never wanted to come back from, I made my home – Goa

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27. Indrani Ghose

Indrani Ghose has an amazing talent of attracting people towards her blog that intricately narrates her travel experiences around the world irrespective of destinations. As she is a freelance writer and photographer, she finds time to capture the live moments in her camera .

An extensive tour of India is the most adorable set of experiences this Bangalore based wanderer shared with the world through her blog. She classifies her travelling moments as vacation, virtual travel, and UNESCO world heritage sites and these expeditions have expanded to countries like Italy, Austria, Thailand, the Vatican City, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland etc. You can read her mind blowing chronicles here in ‘i share

Countries Travelled: I have been to 18 countries.

Travel Tip: Travel light and in case packing more roll up stuffs … it gives more space

One way ticket Destination: I didn’t want to come back from Greece, particularly Meteora.

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28. Rutavi Mehta

A passionate traveller who loves doing some crazy stuff like travelling 3000 km from Jaisalmer to Shillong in an autorickshaw or staying in Lakshadweep islands for months is Rutavi Mehta. She is the talk of the town these days. In this insane world, travelling is the only sane thing that keeps her happy.

After quitting her job of hospitality, she started travelling in search of a new world. She believes in spreading her knowledge and giving it back to the society. So every 2 months she visits Ladakh to teach the children there. She has created a blog ‘Photokatha’ which has pictures describing each and every story of her wonderful journey.

Countries Travelled: I have been to 16 countries till now.

Travel Tip: Always wear leggings or dress to travel light.
If you are looking to travel for free, learn to house sit.
Stay in hostel or homestay and ride a scooter to save money when you travel.

One way ticket Destination: It would be USA. I have loved the diverse regions they have.

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29. Swati and Sam

travel bloggers in india

Passion is the word for this amazing couple, Swati and Sam. Software engineers by profession Swati and Sam both love to travel and create stories. For them travelling makes their world a lot happier.

Be it the culture, people or the language or the people, they love to adapt to these new places. They have very wonderfully described this in their travel blogs which is also very informational for the upcoming travel freaks.

Countries Travelled: 13 Countries so far.

Travel Tip: Delete cookies & browsing history before booking a flight. Always search/book flights in private browsing mode or incognito window for cheaper fares.

One way ticket Destination: New York

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30. Avanish Maurya

For those of who are planning to travel alone this year, our next blogger will definitely help you through. Without making any bucket list or passion, this traveller loves going by his heart.

When your heart wants something then, you should go for it. Be it a road trip, trekking, river chasing, diving etc this traveller just keeps on moving. In his blog he shares most of his experiences at different places.

Countries Travelled:  8 (Russia, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR)

Travel Tip: While staying in the Northern India, If you suddenly feel a strong urge to travel and money is also a matter, just pack your backpack and go to any pilgrimage trail in The Himalayas, e.g, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Valley of Flowers/Hemkund Sahib, Chopta/Tungnath, Kinnar Kailash, Srikhand Mahadev etc. Few treks are open during the winters also. They are picturesque and provide many cheap accommodation facilities. Most of the time, many people walk on these trails, so you never feel alone and arranging food is not a problem. They are the best travel memories at the dirt cheap prices without any proper planning.

One way ticket Destination: Being a Himalayan Addict, it has to be the wilderness of The Mighty Himalayas. I can keep exploring from one corner to the another.

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31. Rishabh and Nirali

Rishabh and Nirali, popularly known as the gypsy couple, love to enjoy the finer things in life with their trips. This adventure freaks have travelled to a lot of places together. Their travel blog inspires all the young readers who are planning for a new trip. From learning different languages to uncovering the deep secrets, this couple has totally captured the attention of all.

Countries Travelled: Between us we’ve visited about 10 countries including extensive travel within our home country, India. The plan is to cover atleast 40 more within the next 10 years!!

Travel Tip: We like to break rules, so we will share two 🙂 Travel light & Back up your photos. This two hacks were learnt the hard way and made our trips so much more easier on the mind. These sound so common but it is astonishing how few people resist the charm of taking their wardrobe with them or postpone backing up their photos till its too late.

One way ticket Destination: We are genetically inclined to travel so this becomes a very tough question to answer. We would like to answer it a bit differently. The destination we would like to visit again and again would be a small town called Knysna in South Africa. Situated in the Garden route circuit of South Africa and surrounded by some of the prettiest little beach towns we’ve seen (including one named wilderness!), it is a dream come true. Built around a lagoon of the same name, this forested town offers lovely weather, warm people and the option of a laid back stay or one filled with activities. What more can one want?

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32. Sandy and Vyjay

Sandy and Vyjay are the most inspiring travel lovers who keep on sharing their travel experiences in a well-updated blog. This couple remarkably is reliving those experiences through their writings in “”.  A mélange of family travel, adventure travel, and luxury travel can be seen here through which many of the travel enthusiasts get better information about the destinations.

Almost all of Asia, Europe, and North America have been a part of their travel diary and now they are coming with more options like food and accommodation, lifestyle, arts, culture and much more. The incorporation of new concepts and experiences make the blog look more effervescent. Basically, this couple invites all of us to join a walk with them in the journey of finding more gems, uncommon.

Countries Travelled: 10 countries and still counting. And apart from that we have traveled extensively across the length and breadth of India too.

Travel Tip:  Always travel to a place when people are not going to it. We prefer to travel to the cold destinations in winter when not many venture to go there. The Benefits: lesser costs and lesser crowds.

One way ticket Destination: This would have to be Switzerland. If you are in a paradise, why would you want to leave it?

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33. Umang Trivedi

An offbeat traveller who loves adventure is Umang Trivedi who is another travel blogger in India who creates some of the best tales with his adventures. He also loves to curate travel ideas and share interesting travel tips. His blog ‘Travelmax’ is quite a hit among the people and also holds some of the best travel stories.

Countries Travelled: I have been to 7 countries. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bhutan & Nepal.

Travel Tip: When I travel internationally, I look for affordable airlines. However, these airlines have additional baggage policies, some allowing very less baggage free of cost. Hence, to avoid paying extra, I sort out my footwear, clothes and everything possible according to weight, wherever applicable. The day I’m flying, I put on my heaviest footwear & clothes. This way, I carry light luggage and avoid paying baggage fees.

Another hack which I use is using Google Maps in Offline mode while traveling internationally or to domestic destination where internet might not work, like Leh. I enter the area which covers the airport and my accommodation in the new city. Later, I type “Ok maps” in search and save the map area as offline maps. This helps me to reach my accommodation when in a new country and I avoid getting lost in unknown lanes. To use the offline area, you can just enter your origin and destination in the regular Google maps.

One way ticket Destination: One destination I would never want to return from is Gili Islands, Indonesia. Out of the three islands which are collectively referred as Gili Islands, Gili Meno provides an offbeat experience as it remains off the tourist grid. You can stay in hostels right on the beach and wake up watching the sun shine brightly over the turquoise waters. If you want to socialize and have a good time, Gili Trawangan island is just a boat ride away! Gili Islands also provide great opportunities for Scuba Diving.

In India, my favorite destination is Mcleodganj. I loved sitting in cafes overlooking the gorgeous valley. I used to stare at the Dhalaudhar range as the sun rays bounced off the snow clad peaks. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities as well in Mcleodganj. You can opt for one and have a fulfilling experience.

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34. Svetlana

‘Born with wings’ is how Svetlana describes herself. This woman solo traveller based now in Germany is from India and owns a huge collection of travel experiences around 35 countries. Started as an escape from the mundane life, exploration is the breathing air for her. One thing which makes her more attentive is her style of writing; it is like story telling where plenty of curious moments come and go.

It is pretty much interesting to note the way she has given herself the chances to become a gypsy, an entrepreneur, a traveller, a writer and a foodie although she takes care of her children. “Maverick Bird”, her blog, will take you to stroll through the 15 years of her travel expeditions. The passion she hides in her eyes for travel is shown through the photos and words as collaboration.

Countries Travelled: I have been to more than 35 countries.

Travel Tip:  Travel light is the most useful travel hack that I have learned from my years of extensive exploring.

One way ticket Destination: Russia

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35. Richa Gupta

With a thought of getting slower in life, Richa Gupta threw her first and only corporate job and commenced travelling. She travelled the world in a typical style; ideally choosing the offbeat locations but it is exciting to notice her way of approaching these locations.

She recommends those travel lovers to avoid the clumsiness and confusion arise out of travel agents, guidebooks and things like that, but to be patient to choose the local homestays, enjoy the local food and use the public commutations. Her words let us identify ourselves with the moderate features these offbeat locations portray. Though her articles are published in several magazines and newspaper, “Travels and Stories”, her blog, has a wide range of followers and readership.

Countries Travelled: I had never kept a count. But I just did, for you. It’s 18.

Travel Tip:  When traveling to a new country, I always research in advance the most suitable mode of transportation from airport to my accommodation. Saves a lot of hassle and mental agony that comes with being overcharged or choosing the most expensive route on the first day itself. Also, upon arrival after passing through the customs, I like to grab a cup of coffee or some snack and settle down for 20 mins to soak up the environs of a new country instead of immediately rushing out of airport. This is all the more important when I’m traveling solo and don’t want to be overwhelmed with all the new signs, people, language and system.

One way ticket Destination:  I like to move. I don’t think there’s any place on earth (including home) where I can see myself permanently. But if you ask my latest love, it’s Iceland. Totally in awe of this tiny island nation. Would love to be back again for longer visit. 🙂

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36. Sai Karthik Reddy

Sai Karthik Reddy adheres to a distinct style of narration while he expands the travel experiences in his blog. A youngster with a lot of passion for life finds travelling as a way of accommodating passion for knowing novel things in the world.

He has traversed through the unbeatable off beat paths in India and in some countries in Asia as well. From his words, it is obvious that among the places he set his feet on, Vietnam has more space in his heart. Although he has plenty of weird moments to share, each of his escapades reminds the reader to relate the journeys you make to your day to day life. You can find more about Sai and his awe-inspiring travel details in “romancing the”.

Countries Travelled: 18 or 19.

Travel Tip:  Make friends with the local people, they will always show you the best spots any guide or guide book can show.

One way ticket Destination: Many Bhutan and Vietnam leads the way.

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37. Parnashree

For Parnashree, it is a dream came true as she has been always wishing to explore the nooks and corners of the world during her childhood. She believes her life has become perfect after she started embarking on multiple journeys across the world and it is her favourite game now to define the world map with her feet and eyes.

What is remarkable about her is the selection of her paths; undeniably it will be the roads less travelled, the places less explored or less altered. After her first trip to Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand, she realized the world becomes more trickier than she imagined and from that moment onward she decided to jot down more travel experiences in her diary and thus born the blog “traveldiaryparnashree,com” .

Countries Travelled: I have been to only two Asian countries (Thailand and Bhutan ) so far. But If I talk about India , I have covered more than 20 states in India.

Travel Tip:  Scan all the important documents like passport , Identity proof , passport photo and a list of emergency numbers and mail it to yourself before you head out to explore a new destination.

One way ticket Destination: Bhutan

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38. Arnab Maity

A motorcycle trip to Bhutan played a life changing role in Arnab Maity who is well known as a photographer cum travel writer. Featured by Lonely Planet, Arnab’s story takes a special lead and knowing him further would be beyond just interesting. Simultaneously he is receiving professional assignments from different sectors including photo agencies and NGOs.

From his blog “” we can be sure of one fact that he has immense passion for redefining the world with his camera lenses. The beautiful frames the world adjusts in front of his camera are the most thrilling glimpses you can find in his blog and obviously poetry lies over.

Countries Travelled: I have been to 64 countries so far and the most fascinating ones have been Bhutan, New Zealand and Vanuatu

Travel Tip:  Book your tickets and accommodation in advance and always book refundable, then as your travel time comes closer , look for cheap deals and cancel your old bookings

One way ticket Destination: Has to be Bhutan. I was mesmerised by the simplicity of this utopic Himalayan kingdom where the economy is measured in happiness.

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39. Anita Bora

A lady encompassing high energy is the phrase I would like to use to describe Anita Bora, a frequent wanderer who is looking forward to array splendours of the world on her travel blog. When she quit the corporate job she used to excel in, she had the greatest aim of escaping into a stormy place of bliss, excitement, and no regrets.

Hence, she distracted her heart from everything else and took herself to mark her footprints in all possible locations. Rather than being a sightseer, Anita found herself highly enthused when she is indulging in some adventurous activities at the destinations she covered. Although she regrets she does not know how to sing, dance and play an instrument, this incomparable travel freak would not be disappointed in her life. Thus she shares the beautiful memories with other travel enthusiasts through her blog.

Countries Travelled: I don’t really keep count but maybe around 15-16? For me, it’s more about experiences and journeys than ticking off countries on the map.

Travel Tip:  Scan your passport, visa, identification card and itinerary and send it to yourself (or save it on Google Drive). But having lost my passport in Spain, I learnt the hard way that it’s absolutely essential to keep a copy of all these documents while traveling.

One way ticket Destination: I feel I could settle down in many countries I’ve been to – especially a few of the European countries I’ve been to like the Netherlands, Spain, France, and Switzerland – all evoke that emotion!

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40. Snigdha Jain

Travelling helps Snigdha to perk up while she drowns in her bank job; bundles of loans and money at times dissipate her. The chronicles of Snigdha’s travelling let us escape to different sets of experience which in turn allow us to believe that we are also visiting all these places with her.

“Get set and go” reveals the budgeted trips Snigdha plans and executes every year. She expresses explicitly that she wishes to visit at least 2 new countries and 2 new places in India every year. This Mumbai-based banker with the basic principle of budgeted travel has travelled extensively in India and over 24 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA.

Countries Travelled:  I have been to 26 countries till date.

Travel Tip:  Use the flexi date feature in skyscanner for cheap air fares.

One way ticket Destination: Slovenia

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41. Charukesi Ramadurai

TEDx Event in Bengaluru once featured Charukesi Ramadurai’s travel experience to let others know how to plan travel escapades in their life and how does it change the attitudes of people. Charukesi is an acknowledged freelance writer of travel, food, arts and local culture. It is not just one or two years but for past 13 years, she has been inundating people’s heart with superb travel articles.

Those articles magnificently go through 20 Indian states, 6 continents and 34 countries. Conde Nast Traveller, BBC Travel, South China Morning Post, Singapore Airlines, Outlook Traveller, Jet Wings etc have published her stories and it counts to be more than 300 right now. Since we can feel her feet are itching still to explore more untamed routes, her blog’s name “Itchy Feet” quite matches.

Countries Travelled: 35

Travel Tip:  Layering of clothes works best for all kinds of weather – and saves a huge amount of packing space

One way ticket Destination: New Zealand

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42. Swati Saxena

Someone who has been born and brought up in the places of amazing history and love being a solo traveller, Swati Saxena shot to fame for her amazing stories. After quitting her 12 hours shift job in accounting, Swati started finding time for herself with her amazing travel stories. Her blog ‘Lost in Maps’ shares some of the best stories about her various experiences.

Countries Travelled: 2 except India.

Travel Tip: Packing light

One way ticket Destination: Himalayas!

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43. Divyakshi Gupta

When it’s a road trip, it’s about more of an adventure. A passionate traveler Divyakshi Gupta who finds magic in the starry nights and the cloudy patterns she is another inspiration for us. Obsessed with the rustic ornamental door, storyteller Divyakshi has made her mind to weave some new stories of her own.

Also, a nature lover she loves to capture each and every moment in her life. Her blog ‘Quirky Wanderer’ carries many interesting stories from many places. It’s all about when you have a huge bucket list, you just need to explore. She has also conducted various travel talks and workshops in Mumbai.

Countries Travelled: Travelled extensively in India and been to Italy, Bhutan and Dubai.

Travel Tip: The best travel hack for any explorer or traveler is to look beyond the obvious and what meets the eye. Delve deeper, engage with the locals, share your stories and hear them out. Travel is a two way exchange. Travel for social media updates isn’t travel at all. It is a learning like no other.

One way ticket Destination: Has to be Kinnaur. Mountains are magical and I can stay there till eternity. The simplicity, purity and divinity of this place cannot be described. From rugged landscapes to beautiful orchards, the place is soulful and truly picturesque.

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44. Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha Shankar proves a misconception wrong through her travel diaries published as ‘’A Wandering Mind’’. The misconception is that the women after the wedding or after the birth of their kids cannot follow their heart vehemently; the heart that says them to travel and explore the velocities the world is accustomed to is hidden for housewives, mothers, and family oriented women still.

Anuradha Shankar gives personal nuances of her travel experiences across India in the form of tiny, delicate stories. However, her articles would be aiding thousands of women who have the virtual clutches of restraining themselves to the households but with the hankering to soar along the vast skies.

Countries Travelled: Much as I love to travel, coming back home is part of it too. Otherwise how will I travel again?

Travel Tip:  Travel is all about the experience. Every step is a learning and every experience is new. It’s not about the hacks that we learn but about what we carry back.

One way ticket Destination: Much as I love to travel, coming back home is part of it too. Otherwise how will I travel again?

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45. Bhushavali Natarajan

An ardent traveller by passion and a fashion and a textile designer by profession, Bhushavali Natarajan is another travel blogger in India who has a lot to tell. She has a keen interest on exploring the virgin places which is remain untouched by most of the people.

She loved eco and heritage tours where you can learn about the history and the culture of the places. In her blog ‘My Travelogue’ she shares some of the best part of these places. Be it the people, their culture or their day to day life, she has described it all very well in her blog.

Countries Travelled: 9

Travel Tip: Carrying a lightweight warm jacket / sleeping bag helps. When flight/train centralized AC feels too cold, it helps to keep yourself warm. And that’s the best companion when spending nights in railway stations or airports!!

One way ticket Destination: All! I just wanna keep travelling. (Honestly I thought for a few minutes thinking which is such a place )

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46. Sushmita Sarkar

travel bloggers in india

An infrastructure consultant by profession and a traveller, Sushmita Sarkar has proved that there are no boundaries if you have that desire to achieve it. As travelling keeps her happy she used to travel to a lot of unknown places and learnt about the new things.

Her blog ‘My Unfinished Life’ holds the story of her heart-warming experiences about meeting people, learning new languages and discovering new facts.

Countries Travelled: Well I don’t really count countries rather see destinations but 5 is the number.

Travel Tip: To pack for every situation possible!! My family & friends tell me that I pack so many things as if I’m going to a war and supplies will be short.

One way ticket Destination: I think every destination I visit makes me want to stay a bit more but the surreal landscapes of Mongolia would be something I would very much love to stay back.

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47. Deepika Gumaste

If travelling is in your blood you don’t need that push for exploring the world.  An offbeat travel enthusiast and a digital nomad, Deepika found her true love in travelling. Learning about different cultures, people and her love for humanity made her an ardent traveller.

She started sharing her amazing travel experiences in her blog ‘Feet on the Map’. She loves to research places for her bucket list and make it the most happening one. She believes that there should be a balance between everything and travelling helps you to understand it better.

Countries Travelled: Honestly, I don’t like to count countries, I have been to. Numbers can never replace the experience. And there are so many countries, one lifetime won’t be enough. But if a number is to be said, I am at 10 and counting.

Travel Tip: Pack light. There is nothing more important than it. Roll all the clothes into one another, so there is more space. And ditch the suitcase for a backpack!

One way ticket Destination: There are so many places to name. As someone has said, the essence of travel is that once you have been to a destination, place, you are never the same. Because you carry a part of that destination forever in your heart, wherever you go. Likewise, I would want to never come back from any of the places, I have been to. Meghalaya, Sikkim, France, Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, Spain, Italy… I want to never come back from either of these.

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48. Ankita Shreeram

Source : trailstainedfingers

Not just articles but poetical ambiance is the peculiarity Ankita Shreeram, an ardent travel blogger saves in her travel blog. She started her expeditions with a travel to Kerala and now there are over 20 locations in India and outside India that she has covered.

Nature, beauty, lifestyle, wildlife, food and wine, culture, luxury resorts and what not is there in her own space of writing. Flaunted astoundingly the perceptions Ankita carried, her blog, “Trail Stained Fingers” reaches out to a huge number of people now. You can resource information about different offbeat locations, travel gadgets and hotels and resorts from this site and feel the inner soul a traveller possesses will be transferred to you as well.

Countries Travelled: 7 including India (Others are UK, France, Tanzania, Macau, Singapore, Thailand)

Travel Tip:  I divide each day into three parts and slot activities/destinations accordingly. This helps me pack the right outfits as well. I’ve written all about it here:

One way ticket Destination: Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore. It’s a secret oasis of untamed nature full of mysterious mangroves, wetlands, exotic birds and endless stretches of wilderness with a beautiful lake in the backdrop.

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49. Priyanka Dalal

The courage achieved from seeing the umpteen number of women solo travellers in India including foreign ladies gave Priyanka the confidence to travel the world alone. She likes long trips rather than short weekend trips.  She is pretty happy to share the remarkable moments aroused during her travel through her blog.

Also, when she describes her cycling trip from Berlin to Copenhagen we can feel the innocent excitement she carries throughout her life. A digital marketer by profession has a lot of things to do in her life, she believes. The most attracting feature she has is the sturdy solo heart which requires slow days in her life which let her meet new sets of people, culture, and lifestyle.

Countries Travelled: I find that the depth of exploration & understanding about different cultures is what really counts, not the number of countries. I have spent a good amount of time traveling 6 countries including India. I have been to another 4 countries but they were short trips.

Travel Tip: Always research and opt for activities that make sense for you. Nothing worse than being stuck doing stuff you don’t like, even in a dream destination.

One way ticket Destination: This is really tough to answer because it means I cannot see other places but if I had to pick one, cycling in Europe comes close. 🙂

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50. Ruchika Vyas

Ruchika Vyas is a lover of chocolates along with her enduring passion for travelling. I would say she is a good time-manager because she manages her job, her chocolate shop, writing and travelling well. The conventional Indian family background never stopped Ruchika from her urges to conquer the untamed paths of this beautiful world. She determined to become a solo traveller during her college days.

She is an acknowledged writer too whose writings have been published in world famous print as well as virtual media. This extensive writer’s travelogue contains New York, Thailand, Brussels, Amsterdam, Maldives and different locations in India. Obviously, she narrates the best food and drinks she tasted at different locations that came closer to her with the expeditions.

Countries Travelled: I’ve been to 15 countries so far.

Travel Tip: There are so many! What I learned with experience is one can travel with the most minimal resources (including money). It’s all about prioritising what you’d rather invest in; exploring a destination or travelling luxuriously.

One way ticket Destination: Ladakh. There is beauty in its barrenness. The landscapes are so diverse that no matter what you’re looking to explore–mountains, lakes, desert or  snowfall–you can see it all. And the food is great too; especially the baked goods at the numerous German bakeries there.

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51. Nisha Jha

Nisha Jha is a lady who believes in counting memories and who has made her dream come true by capturing some of the best stories from her travel. Be it travelling with her partner or her group Nisha Jha believes that it is the journey that counts the most.

When you talk about a place there are a lot more to explore than the usual sightseeing and she loves to explore these unknown facts. ‘Life is just once’, so spend some time travelling the world that will give you real pleasure. Limericks is her blog where she shares the best insights of her travel experiences.

Countries Travelled: I normally do not count the number of countries but only think of the memories. If you still want the number, it should be about 36+

Travel Tip: Don’t have preconceived notions and expectations from a place. It is beautiful when the place unravels itself in its own way.

One way ticket Destination: It could be anywhere in the world! The world is beautiful and always throws surprises at me. I wouldn’t want to come back from anywhere. Just to tell you, this is my 3rd visit to Hong Kong and I’m loving it!

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52. Ankita Mahabir

travel bloggers in india

A constant traveler who loves to explore different places Ankita Mahabir is another travel blogger in India who has made her own story. Ankita started as a solo traveler and then slowly became aware of all the traveling ideas.

In her blog ‘Living and Escaping’ she very beautifully describes her trips. As an experienced traveler, she talks about the traveling hassle and how it can be made easier. A lover of the mountains she loves to explore the deep secrets of nature hidden in its bosom.

Countries Traveled: I really don’t believe in counting countries because the number of countries has nothing to do with the depth of your travel experiences. If someone visits 10 countries in 2 weeks it doesn’t make them a better traveler than someone who prefers slow travel. Let’s not make travel a rat race, there’s enough of that in the “real” world.

Travel Tip: Always buy a local sim – since I’m working on my laptop all the time, this is a crucial one for me. I also use the TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing apps to get the best “live like a local” experience when I travel. If you’re in Europe, check out BlaBlaCar – great time and money saver.

One way ticket Destination: A destination from which I’d never want to come back is Slovenia. It had all the perfect ingredients. The country is committed to protecting its green spaces, the people are friendly, it’s safe and the food was a pleasant surprise. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

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53. Deepak Patel

When you are a nature lover, nature is bound to make you fall in love with it again and again. A tech lover who loves to explore the incandescent beauty of nature. Meeting new people, trying different foods and learning about the ancient lifestyle is something which makes him happy. Also an adventure seeker Deepak believes that each place has a different story to tell with a lot of amazing experiences. His blog ‘Travel n Thrill’ describes some of his best experiences from his travel. From food habit to way of living everything is detailed in his blog.

Countries Travelled: Being very much passionate about exploring my own country first, I have only been to Nepal so far. But yes, I definitely have a few names on my bucket list such as Bhutan and Thailand, a Buddhist country. I would definitely plan to visit our neighbors soon and witness the life there from close!

Travel Tip: I am born into a country, which has deep cultural roots and rich traditions. One thing that has always helped me enjoy my travelling expeditions to the fullest is the way the traditions connect the people of India, regardless of their religion, race or caste. I find it absolutely amazing to explore my wonderful country with deep cultural values that always encourage us to be righteous, maintain peace of mind, relax and grow in a world where life is so stressful.

One way ticket destination: I absolutely love travelling, especially when it’s about exploring my own country, the incredible India. I am very much fascinated to the seven states of north east India, popularly known as the Seven Sisters. The natural scenic beauty of that region of India is something which would definitely make me wish not to leave it ever. I could endlessly travel through those lands in the north east which includes the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam (famous for its tea), Meghalaya (the Land of Clouds and great rainfall of course), Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.

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54. Nilabh

Nilabh is not just a traveler but an enthused explorer who would find the minutest details of the countries he visits. What makes him stand out of other bloggers is his instincts to share everything a traveler should know before making a plan, even the least bothered. ‘Travelscape’ is an authentic hub of numerous information which are really helping us understand the locations better and telling us not to worry about the next destination of ours. The best travel experiences are wonderfully scribed here which are treats to our eyes and mind; unseen photographs, never-heard truths and undeniable facts about each tourist destination are all at one click away.

Countries Travelled: Only the USA as of now, but been to East coast and West coast, so it’s like seeing and exploring two countries.

Travel Tip: Remember to scan your passport, identification card, and itinerary and email them to yourself or save on your cloud services. This provides an extra copy of each in the event of loss or theft

One way ticket Destination: Nilgiris or often called as blue mountains that are the home of several heritage bungalows & the green tea estates. The greenery that fills the Nilgiris, the stunning and clean waterfalls and peaceful lakes are more than enough reasons not to come back.

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55. Swati Jain

With a desire of capturing the incredible tales from incredible India Swati Jain started her journey as a solo traveler. Her solo traveling happened all of a sudden and turned out to be the most important thing in her life. She believes that there are a lot of hidden tales in each part of the world. From trekking in the mountains to experiencing the monastic life, Swati has made her mark in everything. In her blog ‘Buoyant Feet’ she has described some of the best moments of her life. Her blog also includes some of the offbeat and unseen places which are a must visit for you.

Countries Traveled: I have been to 3 countries so far and the reason is I am more of a backyard person. It’s a dream to explore each and every part of this beautiful country we live in. I have been told many times to go international and I always told them this- India First. May be that’s the reason I have been able to travel to over 140 cities across 20 states in India since 2013.

Travel Tip: During my early days of traveling, I would hurry up from one place to another because I feared I might miss seeing something. Obvious I used to feel tired at the end of the day. But with time I realized that it is no fun rushing through. Give a place your best time, go slow and relax. The world is not ending. Absorb a place fully, travel peacefully. You are allowed to come back.

One way ticket Destination: Any and everywhere in the Himalayas.

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56. Renuka Walter

travel bloggers in india

It is said that the best travel stories can be most spoken through your lenses and Renuka has just proved it with her amazing Photo Essays. Her amazing blog ‘Voyager for Life’ holds some of the best shots captured during her trips. After traveling to many places and exploring the unique beauty she decided to jot down her journeys in her blog. She is truly an inspiration for all the young bloggers who follow their heart.

Countries Traveled: I have been to Australia, Italy, and Jordan so far. Looking forward to traveling to a lot more countries.

Travel Tip: I’d say I have learned to research well about a place, especially its geography – know the distances. Advance planning and research help.

One way ticket Destination: I wouldn’t want to come back from Rajasthan. It is my absolute favorite. It has an obvious charm that just spells magic on a traveler.

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57. Anna Phipps

A travel addict, a writer and a dreamer who loves to lure herself in the beauty of the exotic destinations, Anna is another blogger who has made her mark. A lively lady from the UK, Anna wanted to explore each and every part of the world. Following her heart and never giving up on her dreams Anna started traveling after quitting her job in the UK. In her blog ‘Global Gallivanting’ she captures some of the rare moments of the real day to day life. She very beautifully describes the places she has been traveling so far. Just check her blog it will surely catch your attention.

Countries Travelled:  I’m not really into counting countries as I believe the important thing is to have a deep, immersive, quality experience rather than rushing through ticking off countries without really experiencing them. I think I’ve visited 30 countries now, almost all of Europe and Asia. I also spent a year living and working in the Australian outback and have visited the United States. Next, I’d really like to explore Japan, Central Asia (places like Uzbekistan fascinate me) and Latin America but I’m in no rush, I’m enjoying taking it slowly and really soaking it all in.

Travel Tip: The most important thing I’ve learned from 4 years of traveling full time, independently, on a budget (and most of the time solo) is the joy and importance of slow travel. Having too much pre-planning and rushing around following a strict itinerary doesn’t lead to a good travel experience, plus when you travel slow you get more immersed in the destination, you get to meet local people, discover offbeat gems, escape the tourist trail and often when plans go wrong, or you get lost or accept a random invitation, these can often turn out to be the most memorable highlights of a trip. So my top tip for the most profound travel experiences is simply to go with the flow, take it slow and don’t rush or over plan your travels too much.

One way ticket destination:  Well, India is a destination that I can’t seem to leave! I’ve been living in Goa and traveling all around India for more than 24 months and there’s still so much I want to see. I think one of the reasons why I can never get bored of India is the sheer diversity that makes every destination so different, so interesting and still so captivating.

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58. Manjulika Pramod

Best known for her two short stories ‘Chicken soup for the soul- Indian college students’ and ‘Lovelets’ Manjulika is another travel blogger in India who is known for her amazing travel stories. After quitting her 8 years job Manjulika started traveling which gave her the real pleasure. Also featured as the most influential blogger by NDTV Prime Time show, she has made us believed that everything is possible if you made up your mind. Her blog ‘Pendown’ carries some of the best travel stories which will truly make you just pack your bags and head out.

Countries Travelled:  Why count countries, cities or anything? If you still wish to know, 15 is the number.

Travel Tip:  Always read or collect some information about the place before you are headed there. In South Africa. I did a lot of road trips and there I learned a lesson for life. Don’t step out without studying your road map properly.’ It’s best to prepare and then travel to unknown places.

One way ticket destination:  I wouldn’t want to come back from Oslo in Norway or Capetown in South Africa. My love for both these places had grown so much that I cried while returning from these cities.

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59. Akash Mehrotra

A business consultant by profession and a travel writer by passion Akash is another travel blogger in India who is an inspiration for us all. If you have the desire to travel then nothing can stop you from exploring. In his blog ‘Hand of Colors,’ he has shared some traveling experiences. He has very beautifully described about its beauty of the place along with its specialty.

Countries Travelled: I have been to six countries so far, most in Africa. In fact, I spend almost six months in Kenya, which is a fabulous destination for travelers.

Travel Tip: The biggest travel hack that has worked for me is taking a generous data pack to do my research especially related to local travel. You not only can research about your plan but also remain connected. While you are coming out of your shell there’s always someone waiting for you back home.

Second is get connected with your cultural tribe of travelers, wherever you go. I have many friends today who I met while traveling. The fact is you are never alone, there are many like you and all have their share of knowledge and hacks to be employed.

And obviously on the list is my recommendation to ditch your comfort zone and get local, open up to them and you will be surprised how great conversationalist these locals are. This is an ardent practice for me, which has always proven a good boost for my travel stories.

One way ticket Destination: North East India is my all-time hit, can go there anytime, spend any number of days and if given a chance would never come back. Internationally of all the places I have travelled to, Seychelles is my favorite.

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60. Salonee Sanghvi

With the desire to travel around the world and explore the hidden secret of nature, Salonee is living her dream. She believes that one can enjoy the true beauty of a region only if they interact with the people, learn about their custom and delight in a good meal. Good food will always attract you, even being a vegetarian Salonee also describes about the best food she has tasted. In her blog ‘Foodalong’ she not only describe about her experience in the place but also about the delicious food. She is another inspiration for the foodies and the travellers.

Countries Travelled:  I’ve extensively travelled to 40 countries so far and aim to visit at least 3-4 a year.

Travel Tip:  One of the most helpful things I’ve found is getting a local sim card with data. It’s not very expensive and usually available at most airports or newsstands. It helps you navigate (Maps, Rome2Rio), find food options and activities around (Foursquare, Tripadvisor) communicate with locals (Translate) or family and friends (Whatsapp, social media). Great for emergencies too especially if you travel solo.

One way ticket destination: It’s tough to pick a spot because each country has its own unique charm. If I had to pick, though, it would be Istanbul (Turkey) and Bali. Both have a great mix of Eastern culture and Western conveniences, great vegetarian food options and friendly locals that speak English.

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