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We at Thrillophilia have been following these awesome bloggers for a while now and continue to do so. Inspiring many along the way, these Indian travel bloggers unravel the hidden destinations and take you to a fascinating journey with their tales and photographs. Among the finest, they have won several accolades and made a mark not only in the country but also abroad.

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Here is the list of the top 25.

Venkat GaneshVenket Ganesh

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‘India Backpack Motorbike’ chronicles the travels and experiences of Venkat Ganesh, before and since, he quit his job to travel and was mesmerized by the mystic beauty of his motherland, India.

The blog is Venkat’s attempt at sharing his travels without a plan to unknown destinations, having misadventures where none exist, making feeble attempts at soaking himself in the local culture and in general trying to unlearn, learn and relearn. Breaking the shackles of the old school and taking the road less travelled, ‘India Backpack Motorbike’ will influence and inspire you to hit the road. If you are on a mission to travel across India on Motorbike then check out India Backpack Motorbike

Sudha Ganapathisudha ganpathi

Armchair and actual traveller, bookworm, editor photographer, foodie, classical music lover and closet graphic designer are Sudha Ganapathi. ‘My favourite Things’ is Sudha’s blog about travel, books, photography, and design.

During the course of her travels, Sudha has been to places which have featured in paintings like Canaletto’s ‘A view of Greenwich from River Thames’ near London or Constable Country in Suffolk, United Kingdom, where John Constable painted his most famous landscapes. She also been to places featured in films and also visited places inspired by photographs.

Learn more about Sudha’s innovation here.

Siddhartha JoshiSiddhartha Joshi

Image Source:sid-thewanderer.com

Nominated for Indian Blogger awards, Siddhartha is a product designer with a passion for traveling and sharing experiences. He travels with a motto and truly believes that we live only once. He makes most of his life by travelling around the world and possible even outside.

Travelling, trekking, and photography is what Siddhartha craves for. His writings on “The Wanderer” are reflections of his past. His piece on Street Photography in Barcelona which is a collection of images from streets of Barcelona is quite an eye candy.

Shivya NathShivya Nath

Image Source:theshootingstar

Shivya Nath is a young Indian travel writer on a mission to discover and write about lesser known destinations. Her blog ‘Shooting Star’ motivates young women who wish to be independent and take solo travels.

She herself left her corporate life to convert her passion of travelling into a means of living. Shivya has been to more than 20 countries across four continents and also writes for various online and offline publications. Read more here.


A well-known name in the travel blogging sphere of India, this blogger has been featured by the very best international and domestic travel and media brands. Sankara is a perpetual globetrotter who has travelled around the world and touched all the 7 continents. ‘Be on the road’ is his travel and photography blog. His love for travel, blogging, and photography is inspiring. What started in Aug 2009 as a passionate hobby is a today Sankara’s career. His blog is regarded as one of the top 50 blogs in India and his photographs and/or travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine, Deccan Chronicle newspaper. Have a mix motivation of travelling and photography from Sankara’s informative blog collections. Check out here.

Purnendu & Ekta

The dynamic two Purnendu (Puru) and Ekta began with being a part of a photo competition in making a travel blog” Shadows Galore” the finest in India. Since then, they both have come a long way. Both of them are business analysts in Pune and share the love of travel and photography.

Travel has become simply an integral part of their lives. They have always toured far and wide for newer opportunities in work and education, but today Puru and Ekta also travel to play.

Prasad NpPrasad Np

Image Source:http://blog.imonholidays.com/

Running the rat race, scheming to swim with the sharks. Wondering what is left in rat race after conquering the corner office is what Prasad realized and inspired him to travel around India. Nominated for Indian Blogger Award, Prasad’s blog is not just about the places he visits but it is about what he has discovered. Read more about his blog desi Traveler.

You will not find too many tips or exotic places on this blog but you will find plenty of places that families visit and enjoy going together. Sometimes Prasad writes about solo travelling but majorly focuses on something that can be enjoyed by a family.

Niranjan DasNiranjan Das

Image Source:padhaaro.com

Tales of a Nomad’ is Niranjan’s personal travel blog where he writes about the places he traversed through, the roads he trod on, and the images he captured. It also has articles on long bike rides, treacherous treks, leisure holidays, backpacking vacations and engrossing train journeys.

He has travelled all over India and few overseas adventure in Mauritius, Malaysia. His article on Hoysala temple of Somnathpur grabbed attention and was published in The Hindu. Niranjan’s travelogue was also published in a well know travel and culture website.

Neelima Vallangi

Neelima Vallangi

Image Source: travelwithneelima.com

Neelima is an offbeat and adventure travel enthusiast. She does not travel to the usual destinations and wishes to unravel the lesser known places in India. Neelima has trekked widely in the Himalayas, the Western Ghats has also done a little of cycling through these mountains.

Her trip to Ladakh in 2008 turned her into an irreversible travel addict and has been traveling since then. ‘Travel with Neelima’ is a blog about her adventures, offbeat places that she has visited, few guides and a whole lot of photo-essays. Also, do expect insane amounts of Himalaya and the Western Ghats love on this blog.

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Mridula DwivediMridula Dwivedi

Image Source:theindiadiaries.com

The face behind ‘Travel Tales from India’, Mridula Dwivedi has a passion for travel. Her blog was honoured as the ‘best travel Indi blog’ at the India Weblog Awards in 2007. It has also been applauded by the BBC and the Guardian. Along with her job as an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Gurgaon, she also contributes to GoNOMAD.

Lakshmi SharathLakshmi Sharath


Nominated for Indian blogger awards, Lakshmi is a well-known Indian travel blogger through her blog. She flits across the world but her heart remains in the little villages and temples of India. With her hunger to write and travel, Lakshmi’s writing is insightful and helpful.

She quit her 12-year-old corporate life and took travelling as her discovered passion. An offbeat traveller who has a tryst to find hidden temples and villages which are not found on any map. Check out Lakshmi’s travel blog.

Joshi Danieljoshi daniel

Image source:changiairport.com

Joshi is a freelance photographer from India who is passionate about creating the human element in images out of faces through his photography because he believes that every face has a story to tell. Fascinated by various cultures, lifestyle, and traditions, his photo blog was included in the ‘20 Most Outstanding Photoblogs’ in the 2012 Photoblog Awards. In 2008, Joshi started his photo blog to showcase the ‘images of people’.

If photography is your passion then check some amazing photography collections of Joshi Daniel

Kiran Keswani

Kiran Keswani is an architect based in Bangalore, India with an interest in urban planning issues. Her blog has some tinsel photographs from streets of India. Kiran, a street photographer, writer, and architect loves to capture the streets of India from a very different perspective.

Her photo-essay on ‘Rakhi Bazaar’  and the blog “Indian Bazaars” is quite a candy floss and has some really intriguing pictures.  Kiran photo-essays and captures Indian Bazaar’s in a way of seeing life in the streets. Her article on ‘In the mind of a child’ is quite popular among her readers.

Indrani Ghoseindrani ghose

Image Source:instalively.com

Indrani, a freelance travel writer and photographer, ‘I-Share‘ is a potpourri of her feelings, rambling thoughts and travel footprints. Indrani’s travelogue has been published in an international book and her article on Eco-tour has been published in a national magazine.

The article was based on her trip to Peechavaram, a mangrove forest in the shores of Tamil Nadu. Rabindranath Tagore is recognized worldwide for literature, Indrani’s article on Doodles by Rabindranath Tagore is quite an eye catcher. Moreover, you can plan Indian train journeys along with your family and friends.

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Dheeraj Sharma

dheereaj sharma

Image Source:thebetterindia.com

A software project manager by profession, Dheeraj Sharma is always acquainted with the hunger of diving into unknown destinations and testing his limits. Considering himself as a pious worshipper of Leh-Ladakh and a shutterbug, Dheeraj has successfully explored some of the off-beat destinations on wheels in Ladakh and has shared their memories with the traveler community. His passion for delving into unknown destinations and discovering their splendour has lured him to come up with one of the most popular travel blogs, ‘Devil on Wheels’.


Charukesi writes on travel, food, books, arts, and culture. Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer and journalist from India and has travelled extensively through Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia with bylines in The New York Times, Time, South China Morning Post, The Economist (blogs), National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian, Outlook Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, The National, BBC, Silverkris (Singapore Airlines), Open, Mint, The Wall Street Journal (blogs) and Forbes. Charukesi first travelled abroad at the age of 26 to Thailand. Since then, she has been to 19 countries. Click here to know more.

Bhushavali Natarajanbhushavali natrajan

Image Source:oceanwide-expeditions.com

Started writing on small pieces of paper, Bhushavali now is a travel blogger and writes her experience on her blog named as “My Travelogue“. Her blog has been chosen as one of the top 30 and top 50 travel blogs by different organizations. Travelling and writing about some roads-less-travelled has become an integral part of her with Salar De Uyuni being her favourite destination.

She has travelled all around India with few overseas adventures in France, Germany, and Australia. Bhushavali loves travelling and her taste in travel is the paths untrodden in all kinds, may it be nature or heritage or rural tourism.

Arun Bhatarun bhatt

Image Source:pbs.twimg.com

Arun Bhat’s ingenious works have been featured in publications across India, Japan, and USA. Widely touring India, he has captured fascinating imagery of the country’s landscapes and heritage sites.  A Bangalore based Software Engineer, he also moonlights as a famous freelance travel writer who has been published in Mumbai Mirror, Landscape Magazine and many others. Read more about his travel and photography blog.

Arti S

Arti simply enjoys traveling to spiritual destinations in India and records the experiences in her blog diary. Replete with in-depth narration that includes delightful photographs, places to stay and eat, shopping and much more, her blog aims to help those who wish to plan a trip or simply want to know more.

In ‘My Yatra Diary’, Arti narrates her tours to places of pilgrimage in India. The style of writing is simple and minimalist and is strewn across the mystical landscapes of India.

Anuradha ShankarAnuradha Shankar

Image Source:polkacafe.s3.amazonaws.com

Anuradha is a housewife, mother, traveller, bookworm, and aspiring freelance writer. Her blog ‘Wandering Mind’ is all about her travels and few other things here and there. She was on a road to be a scientist when life took a sudden turn. Now travelling and writing is her lifelong dream.

Her visit to Kashi made her realize the heart and identity of Indian culture. She started blogging about Kashi and that’s how kasha yatra came into being. ‘Wandering mind’ is where Anuradha re-discovered her lifelong dream and joy of writing.

Anuradha Goyalanuradha goyal

Image source:pbs.twimg.com


Translating her fervor into her life work, Anuradha Goyal motivates others with her book and travel writing.  She is also a city walker and often organizes walks to places of historical importance.

Anuradha is an Innovation Consultant by profession, travel writer and reader by passion. Having lived in many cities, she has been blogging for more than 8 years. Her blog was rated ‘50 best blogs on travel around the world’.

Read more Anuradha Goyal and her travelling experiences here.

Aravind GJarvind GJ

Image Source:plus.google.com

Travel and Treks’ is the journey of Aravind through various parts of India. With tinsel pictures and picturesque landscape photography, Aravind writes about his journeys and adventures through different parts of India. His blog is more a photo-essay with vivid photographs.

His article on Madhugiri trek is quite an attention grabber which talks about his defeat during his first attempt but finally conquers the trek in his second attempt. Aravind’s article on the jeep safari through Leech waterfall is quite adventurous with some excellent images.

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Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha   As free as the bird without any boundaries, Ankita Sinha is one of the jolly and stylish travellers India has ever seen. She is the one, who believes in discovering and exploring the corners of the globes rather than adding names to her travel list. Her keenness towards exploration and adventure has allured her to 7 countries, covering 12 international destinations. However, the most striking fact is that she has travelled to all these destinations within 2 years, and has been invited by Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, Canada Tourism, Thailand Tourism and several other international brands.Check out more at anki ON THE MOVE.

Anita Bora


Anita Bora is the author behind the blog ‘Just a Little Something’. It was recently highlighted in this list of top travel blogs and magazines in India. Anita is one restless and wandering spirit and has gone scuba diving in Lakshadweep and trekking through the Himalayas.

She has travelled and lived all across India with places like Guwahati, Shillong, Mumbai, Bangalore and an overseas adventure tour in Australia. Anita has craved her passion for writing, photography, diving, cycling and wine. Her writing crux mainly involves travel, tech­nol­ogy, trends, and cul­ture.

If travelling, photography, and  cycling is your passion, have a look at Anita Bora’s blog list.

Anil PurohitAnil Purohit

Image source:polkacafe.com

Anil is a talented Indian blogger who has been included in Travel Blog awards. His pictures narrate absorbing stories. Anil came to Mumbai from Goa in search of livelihood.

He loves wildlife camping, trekking, photography, travelling, writing and more. The traveller’s collection was built over a period of five years on breaks from work. Featured in DNA India, Anil is more of a wanderer than a photographer.

Read more about Anil Purohit here.

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Rajesh Prabhurajesh prabhu

Rajesh just loves traveling across India and capturing what he sees. Young in spirit, he aims to make people aware that there is much more than Taj Mahal in India to be seen. His blog is mainly about various tourist destinations in India. It contains some insightful details like history and importance.

Occasionally, he also writes about the culture, festivals of India in his blog named as “My India Travel“. Rajesh loves travelling and interacting with people. It is these interactions that have encouraged him to travel and write more about the places. Blogging to him has become a medium through which he shares his ideas and views to his readers.

Ajay Jain Ajay jain

Ajay began his tryst with travel in 2007 as a travel blog writer and photographer. His portal Kunzum is among the popular and reliable travel information websites in India. The expert’s interesting style of writing, exciting stories along with captivating images and videos has got the site many avid followers.

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