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    Part of the Charmadi range, Shingani Gudda is also known as Buddhas peak. At the foot of the peak is the village of Arasinamakki. The mountain gives the impression of balancing one peak on top of another. The first peak is covered by high rising trees, while green grassland covers the second peak. From the summit, one can see the adjoining peaks of Amedikallu and Sibile Gudda.




    Exact Location: 

    Ombattu Gudda is part of Western Ghats.Its at a distance ofnearly 20+ km from Gundiya Check Post, and is located inside the Kabbinale Reserve Forest. It borders Hassan and Chikmagalur districts.

    Nearest Town: 


    Distance from Bangalore: 

    350+ km

    How to Reach: 

    Bangalore ’ Sakleshpur ’ Gundiya check post ’ Ombattu Gudde

    One can catch an overnight bus from Bangalore to Mangalore or Dharamstala, and get down at Gundiya check post. All the buses going towards Mangalore and Dharamstala go via Gundiya. After reaching Gundiya check post, start walking in the direction of Mangalore. After nearly 30 minute, you will come across a bridge over a stream, cross this bridge, and take a right turn and walk along the stream, and follow the rocky trail. One needs to cross the stream to get to the other side.

    Accommodation:  Resorts and homestay in Sakleshpur  

    Other Info

    Other Attractions in the Vicinity: 


    Amedikkalu Peak: 

    It is one of the significant peaks of Charmadi Ghats and is situated 20+ km from Shiradi. At the top, there is a huge monolith rock that appears like a giant turtle and also three huge stones are arranged in such a way that it gives the appearance of a stove. It is located in Arasinamakki Village. 

    Sibile Gudda: 

    It is a peak located near Shingani Gudda inside the dense jungles. Walking from Shingani Gudda to Sibile Gudda is a thrilling experience. 


    Quite close to Amedikallu, there is an old temple, Shishileswara, which is famous for its sacred fishes. These fishes are used to treat skin diseases.

    Trek Length: 

    8-10 km both ways.

    Best Time to Visit: 

    September to February

    Keep in your Trek Bag:

    Walking stick 
    Hiking shoes 
    Woolen clothes 
    Water, juices, snacks
    Electric torch
    Medical kit
    A good compass
    An extra pair of clothes


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