101 Best Places to Visit in London
One of the most well-known cities in the world, London is quite unlike any other you’ve been too. Seriously. It’s so vibrant that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another time with so many places to visit in London. To say its rich in history is an understatement. Indeed, exploring it is like witnessing history unravelling in front of your eyes. Symbols such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace will leave you awestruck with their incredible beauty and majesty.

The numerous green spaces that look like they’ve been cut out of a storybook instantly envelop you in their tranquillity.There really is something for everyone here. Lovers of food and all the things that go with it will find a wealth of eateries ranging from restaurants that serve old London favourites to others that entice with signature dishes.

History buffs and art lovers will always find places to explore with museums and galleries showcasing the natural wonders of the world and artworks by celebrated masters. For shopaholics, London is paradise because this is the home of Harrods, Oxford Street and Bond Street. There’s something for adrenaline junkies too; think white water rafting and wakeboarding.

So much to do in so little time! We understand that you want to get in as much as possible into your time here, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do and places to visit in London.

Here is the list of best places to visit in London:


Must Visit Places in London

Must Visit Places in London
1. London Eye- The best way to get a near bird’s eye view of London is to step aboard the London Eye. It was once the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and continues to be a huge attraction today. Visitors can choose from friends and family capsules, private capsules and cupid’s capsules.

2. Big Ben-  A British icon and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Big Ben is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The clock tower boasts a gorgeous neo-gothic style and looks particularly striking at night when it’s illuminated.

3. Visit Tower of London- At one time a prison, a royal residence and today the home of the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is a fascinating place of history. Go on a spooky twilight tour and listen to storytellers confess their stories in special performances.

4. Trafalgar Square – Public Square- Another iconic landmark, Trafalgar Square is full of life with locals and tourists gathering to socialize, celebrate events and organize protests. Snap photos of Nelson’s Column, the fountains and the tiny police box.

5. Hampton Court Palace- Take a tour of lovely Hampton Court Palace and its immaculately manicured grounds. Find your way around the famed maze and see the very old and world’s largest Great Vine. 

6. Tower Bridge- The Tower Bridge is one of the most popular places to visit with its Glass Floor, Victorian Engine Rooms and spectacular views of the city. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is held in the bridge’s towers.

7. British Museum- The British Museum houses one of the largest collections of works dating back to antiquity. Entrance is free although membership entitles visitors access to special exhibitions and members-only events.

8. Victoria and Albert Museum- An extensive collection of decorative arts and design are exhibited for all to see at Victoria and Albert Museum. Furniture spanning 150 years and fashion items dating back to the recent centuries are some of the exhibits.

9. Houses of Parliament- The Houses of Parliament are located in the Palace of Westminster. The imposing structure with its Perpendicular Gothic architecture is one of the most famous places to visit in London.

10. Visit Buckingham Palace- A London holiday isn’t complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace, the headquarters of the British monarchy. Among the many things to see are the Queen’s Gallery, the staterooms and the Royal Mews.

11. Madame Tussauds- Madame Tussauds today has museums in various parts of the world but the most famous is the one in London. See figures of film, sport, music, pop culture icons and royalty.

12. Royal Opera House- The Royal Opera House regales audiences with productions of operas the likes of which inspire. Carmen, The Winter’s Tale and Tosca are just some of the shows to watch.

13. The Geffrye, Museum of the Home- Discover how people in 17th century London to the present day lived through displays of furniture, ornaments, pictures and rooms.

14. Abseil from the UK’s tallest sculpture – Orbit- See London from a different perspective by abseiling down Arcelor Mittal Orbit, an observation tower with a very contemporary style. It has the tallest and longest tunnel slide in the world.

15. The View from the Shard - At a little over 1,000 feet, The Shard is the UK’s and Europe’s tallest building. Head up to The View to see the city of London in an incredible panorama.

16. Sea Life London Aquarium- Witness the majesty of underwater life at Sea Life London Aquarium. It has several zones to explore including Seahorse Kingdom, Ocean Tunnel and Ray Lagoon.

17. National Maritime Museum- Explore the maritime history of the country at the National Maritime Museum. There are numerous attractions to see some of which include Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle and a cannonball lodged in timber from the Battle of Trafalgar.

18. Queen's Gallery- The Queen’s Gallery’s exquisite collection of over 400 artworks lets you admire paintings from the old masters and other decorative arts. It also exhibits an elaborately designed notebook that belonged to Queen Charlotte.

19. Royal Observatory, Greenwich- Visit the Greenwich meridian line at the Royal Observatory and stand at the centre of the earth’s two hemispheres. You can learn about the history of GMT and even the universe at the planetarium.

20. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London- See Harry Potter come to life at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. You’ll be taken on a tour of Diagon Alley and the majestic Great Hall and get to see the iconic props and costumes.

21. Mudlarking on the Thames- Who knows what lies beneath the Thames? Find out by mudlarking and see what you find. It could be something of archaeological importance.

22. Kayak down the Thames- The Thames is as iconic as any structural landmark and the best way to explore it is to kayak. Get away from the crowds and feel the power of the river by paddling through.

23. Kensington Palace- Home to princes, dukes and duchesses, Kensington Palace lets visitors explore state apartments of the king and get a glimpse of Princess Diana’s famous outfits.

24. St Paul's Cathedral- The Diocese of London’s mother church is awe-inspiring to say the least. The recognizable dome and English Baroque architecture is testament to Sir Christopher Wren’s amazing architectural mastery.

25. Tate Modern, London- One of the largest contemporary art museums finds its home at Tate Modern. Explore artworks by renowned artists such as Sir Jacob Epstein and John Piper.

26. Whitewater rafting at Lea’s Valley- Adventurers looking for activities that set the pulse racing can head to Lee Valley White Water Centre where white water rafting awaits.

27. Wakeboarding in London- As shocking as it seems, you can wakeboard in London! Wakeup Docklands offers a chance to indulge your love for water sports at the Royal Victoria Dock. There’s also a shop and a bar.

Places to Visit with Kids in London

Places to Visit with Kids in London

28. Regent's Park - Regent’s Park is a lovely recreation area with gardens and playgrounds. It’s also home to wild birds and hedgehogs.

29. Gir Lion Lodge at London Zoo - Kids will love Gir Lion Lodge with its access to the zoo and animal feeds. They can also enjoy playing the role of vets by examining and ‘treating’ toy animals.

30. Power kite in Richmond Park - Children can get their dose of thrills at Richmond Park by power kiting. They’ll sit on a kite buggy and will be pulled along by a kite for the ultimate adventure.

31. Ice climbing at Vertical Chill in Covent Garden - Turn kids into aspiring mountaineers at Vertical Chill. The 8-meter ice wall is the perfect place to get started in ice climbing.

32. Crystal Palace Park Dinosaur Sculptures - Children love dinosaurs and if yours does too, Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is the perfect place to take them to. It’s free to visit and has a host of sculptures to marvel at.

33. Piccadilly Circus - The famous square doesn’t have much in the way of kiddie entertainment but the buzz of energy here will definitely get them excited. Take them to the fountain and go shopping after.

34. St James’s Park - If your child is a football fan, there’s no better place to take them to than St James’s Park. It’s the home of Newcastle United FC and is the country’s seventh largest football stadium.

35. Watch Penguins at the ZLS London Zoo - It’s not every day you get to see penguins which is why you and your children absolutely need to visit London Zoo for the same. The keeper will tell you everything you need to know about these adorable birds.

36. Grant Museum of Zoology - This natural history museum is one of the oldest collections in the United Kingdom. It houses a quagga skeleton, dodo bones and a jar of moles to name a few.

37. V&A Museum of Childhood - Kids and adults will love the V&A Museum of Childhood which showcases childhood collections through clothing, dolls, doll houses and objects from children’s early years.

38. Hyde Park - Hyde Park is one of the best places to visit in London because it’s the setting not just for quiet walks and recreation but rallies, protests and marches. The Rose Garden and Hyde Park Playground are a few attractions.

39. Skip Garden - Gardens are permanent, right? At least, that’s what you’d think. But Skip Garden isn’t. In fact, it’s moveable! The sustainable urban garden features the Skip Garden Kitchen and a Moroccan yurt called The Hide.

40. Platform 9 ¾ - Potterheads don’t need any introduction to Platform 9 ¾. Visit the place where the Weasleys and Harry depart for Hogwarts and feel the magic in the air.

41. The House of Dreams Museum - Art director Steven Wright’s dreams and loves are brought to life at The House of Dreams Museum. See sculptures, framed art and memory boards of the events of his life.

43. London Dungeon - Fans of dark humour will love London Dungeon with its macabre attractions such as the Tyrant Boat Ride, The Torturer and The Plague Doctor.

44. Shrek's Adventure - See the beloved green ogre up close at Shrek's Adventure. The interactive walkthrough will make you feel like you’re in the story.

45. Kensington Gardens - A large expanse of green, the Serpentine Bridge, Italian Garden fountains and the Serpentine Galleries combine to make Kensington Gardens one of the most sought-after places to visit in London.

46. Natural History Museum, London - Immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world at the Natural History Museum, London. See the blue whale and witness the remains of Londoners from the Neolithic period to the Victorian era.

47. London Bridge - Although there have been several London bridges, the current one is located at the Pool of London. Take a tour of the Tombs and explore Jack the Ripper’s brutal murders for a chilling thrill.

48. Science Museum, London - Discover how people have shaped science and vice versa at Science Museum, London. Find out about exciting rocket programs, the importance of mathematics and engineering marvels.

49. Millennium Bridge, London - Cross the Thames on foot on the Millennium Bridge. It’s the first new bridge to be constructed over the Thames in over a century.

50. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is home to one of the largest collections of plants and fungi in the world. Visit the Victorian glasshouse Palm House and walk through treetops 18 meters above ground.


Offbeat Places to Visit in London

Offbeat Places to Visit in London

51. St Dunstan-in-the-East - St Dunstan-in-the-East is a must-visit for anyone who loves the allure of ruins. Today a public garden, it’s overgrown with trees and climbers that create an enchanting space.

52. The Smallest Police Station in the UK - If you’re in Trafalgar Square, head to the south-east and look for the smallest police station in the UK. It’s situated inside a light fitting!

53. The Seven Noses - Noses on walls? Yes! Artist Rick Buckley created reproductions of his nose and installed them to buildings after being concerned by the spread of surveillance cameras. Essentially, under their noses.

54. St. Martin’s window - See the striking warped window at St. Martin’s Church in Trafalgar Square. It was created by artist Shirazeh Houshiary.

55. Isabella Plantation - Stretches of azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias – Isabella Plantation is an idyllic locale known for its tranquility. Take a break from sightseeing in the city and come here for relaxation.

56. Ruislip Lido - It’s not every day you see a beach in London but Ruislip Lido is one. The artificial beach is a great place to go boating and swimming.

57. Wilton’s Music Hall - Wilton’s Music Hall is unique in that it hosts an eclectic mix of performances including opera, puppetry and cabaret. It also has a bar you can go to before the show.

58. Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park - Holland Park is beautiful in itself but Kyoto Gardens has a special appeal with its Japanese-esque design including tiered waterfalls and stone lanterns.

59. Chelsea Physic Garden - Despite the frenetic energy, London boasts a number of green spaces. Chelsea Physic Garden is one and is, in fact, the city’s oldest. It boasts 5,000 plants.

60. Postman's Park - Postman’s Park is not just a tranquil place to relax in but it has a memorial to people who sacrificed their lives for others. Check out the plaque that lists the names of these brave souls.

61. Queen Elizabeth Roof Garden Bar & Cafe - This rooftop bar and cafe is the perfect place to spend the evening. It even has a Finnish sauna to escape the cold!

62. Chislehurst Caves - Explore mining caves dating back to the 13th and 19th centuries at Chislehurst Caves. The tour is lamp-lit and guided so you can see and learn everything you need to.

63. A groovy bingo hall - If you like bingo, there are numerous bingo halls in London you can go to. Some of the more popular places are Gala Bingo Hall and Mecca Bingo.

64. Love Locks of East London - Proclaim your love for your partner by writing your names and sweet sayings on padlocks. A wire fence in East London holds dozens of them.

65. A historic woodland in the south - Once a mighty woodland, the Great North Wood is today fragmented but nevertheless a place that connects you with nature. Explore the parks, cemeteries and railway embankments.

66. The Japanese Landscape at Kew Gardens - Revel in the peace and quiet at the Japanese Landscape in Kew Gardens. Marvel at the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger, the garden of peace and the hinoki tree planted by Japan’s emperor.

68. Terrace Catacombs - Explore the Terrace Catacombs in Highgate Cemetery with its stunning Gothic frontage. It has over 800 recesses with each containing one coffin.

69. Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel - Street art speaks volumes about culture and even the social fabric of a place. Find out what drives London at the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel.

70. God's Own Junkyard - Check out interesting neon signs and lighting by artist Chris Bracey at God's Own Junkyard. Don’t miss famous signage used in films like Eyes Wide Shut and Captain America.


Places to Shop in London

Places to Shop in London

71. Camden Market - Camden Market is the place to be for shopping. Over 1,000 stores line the streets interspersed with cafes and bars.

72. Harrods - Those eager to indulge can head to Harrods that has over 300 luxury departments. If you’re travelling during the holiday season, you can’t miss a visit to the Christmas department.

73. Columbia Road Flower Market - Victorian shops selling flowers, plants and everything you need for a garden can be found at Columbia Road Flower Market. Pick up something for your own green space back home.

74. Brick Lane Market - Brick Lane Market features a mix of shops selling everything from antiques and homeware to vintage clothing and beverages. It’s a veritable bargain hunter’s paradise!

75. Oxford Street - Oxford Street is one of the most popular places to visit in London, thanks to its long list of shops including brand name stores, pharmacies like Boots and fast fashion shops.

76. Bond Street - Another shopping street that’s hugely popular, Bond Street has it all from designer fashion to art and antiques. Like Oxford Street, it’s known for its expensive shopping. It’s also home to Sotheby’s.

77. Tate Modern - Tate Modern is one of the most prominent art galleries and you definitely can’t afford to skip it. See works by the greats like Modigliani and Roberto Matta.

78. Leadenhall Market - Leadenhall Market is a lovely covered shopping destination and one of London’s oldest. The 14th-century market features boutique stores, bars, restaurants and cafes.


Places to Eat and Drink in London

Places to Eat and Drink in London

79. Pizza at Franco Manca - Sourdough pizza, focaccia, spicy lamb sausage, rosato, sparkling wine – enjoy all these and more at Pizza at Franco Manca.

80. Salt beef bagel from Beigel Bake - There’s only one place in London that serves the best salt beef bagel and it’s Beigel Bake. Head here for breakfast or a late night snack.

81. Lamb sandwich from Sticky Beaks - Sticky Beaks serves up some of the most delicious slow-roast lamb sandwiches. It takes 8 hours to braise beef cheeks before adding ingredients to create the signature taste.

82. Doughnut from Bread Ahead - Just like Sticky Beaks makes the most amazing lamb sandwiches, Bread Ahead excels at doughnuts. The bakery also offers baking courses to aspiring bakers.

83. Bao from the Bao Bar - Savor one of China’s most loved dishes, bao, at Bao Bar. Do sample other items on the menu too such as Taiwanese fried chicken and guinea fowl rice.

84. Pie and mash shops - Tuck into one of London’s traditional foods, pie and mash. There are numerous shops you can go to such as Arments Pie and Mash and Goddards at Greenwich.

85. The Doodle Bar - A gorgeous industrial style establishment, The Doodle Bar is the perfect place to hang out. It serves delicious fare like burgers as well as wines and beers.

86. Mint Leaf Restaurant & Bar - Crave Indian cuisine? Dine at Mint Leaf Restaurant & Bar. Items on the menu include classics like tandoori, saag paneer and dal makhani.

87. Garlic & Shots - If you’re ready for a night on the town, start with Garlic & Shots, a bar that has 101 flavored vodkas and hearty fare like garlic burgers, steamed and creamed fish and garlic meatballs.

88. Rainforest Café - Bring the Amazon to you at Rainforest Café. Animatronics, waterfalls and thunderstorms transform your dining experience into an unforgettable one.

89. The Sherlock Holmes Pub - Enter the world of the most famous detective at The Sherlock Holmes Pub. Savor such delights as large buffalo chicken, devilled whitebait and prime steak burger.

90. Ice Bar - This trendy establishment is unlike any other you’ve been too. Sub-zero temperature is the idea here so even the tumblers and walls are made of ice!

91. CRATE Brewery - There’s no better place to enjoy a cold beer and a pizza than at CRATE Brewery. The upcycled venue features an eclectic décor you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.


Places to Visit in London at Night

Places to Visit in London at Night
Image Credit : Matty Adame

92. The Medieval Banquet London - Discover what dining was like in the medieval period at The Medieval Banquet London. The meal is not the only highlight; knights and minstrels keep you entertained throughout.

93. Hurwundeki - Hurwundeki is a salon with a difference; it combines a cafe with a barbershop! The establishment serves affordable Korean fare.

94. Sketch - Pretty, charming and quirky all at once, the sketch is a great place to try afternoon tea, desserts and classic English and European fare.

95. Chinatown - You can’t leave London without a visit to Chinatown. Find authentic Chinese cuisine and explore Chinese culture.

96. Callooh Callay - Settle down for a cocktail at Callooh Callay, a cosy bar with unique furniture that you’ll instantly be drawn to. The food is wholesome and includes the likes of lobster mac n cheese and tomato and burrata salad.

97. Corsica Studios - Catch live gigs at Corsica Studios and dance to the beats of dubstep, disco and house. The intimate vibe is the highlight here and you’ll feel it the moment you step in.

98. Egg London - Those looking for the ultimate club scene will find it at Egg London. The hotspot features international DJs, long opening hours and an underground warehouse feel make this one of the best places to visit in London.

99. Electric Brixton - Live music, DJs and club events are the draw at Electric Brixton, another trendy spot where you can let your hair down. Consider the VIP table if you want the night to be more than perfect.

100. Ministry of Sound - It’s all night and its happening! Ministry of Sound has been around since the early 1990s and guarantees an unforgettable time every time.

101. Studio 338 - Rounding off our list of places to visit in London is Studio 338. The Ibiza-style club plays electronic music you won’t be able to stop dancing to.

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