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    Snorkeling In Neil

    Neil, with its lengthy beaches is popular with "foreign tourists". Its widest part is about 5 km in length. You can walk the whole island in about an hour or two. A local bus does the rounds once in a while.

    Snorkeling is also very good around the jetty at Neil. Edges of the shallow reefs have some live corals, many different kinds of fish and lots of anemones with resident clown fish. Great variety of shells are available but are not supposed to be taken from the islands.  


    State: U.T. of Andaman and Nicobar

    Exact Location: Located on the islands of Andaman

    Nearest Location: Port Blair, which is 36km away.

    Distance from Chennai to Port Blair: 1190 km.

    How to reach

    Reach by Air from Chennai to Port Blair and then from Port Blair to Islands by Sea and road. Regular ships are available.

    Best time to visit

    October to May.  

    Other Information

    Neil boasts three beaches, all of them within easy cycling distance of the small bazaar just up the lane from the hotel. 

    Neill Kendra: Neill Kendra, a gently curving bay of white sand, straddles the jetty, scattered with picturesque wooden fishing boats. 

    Lakshmangar: A more secluded option, Lakshmangar, lies 2-km north: head right at the hotel and follow the road for around twenty minutes until it dwindles into a surfaced track, then turn right, Wrapped around the headland, the beach is a broad spur of white shell sand with shallow water offering good Snorkeling. 

    Sitapur Beach: It is exposed to the open sea and thus prone to higher tides, Sitapur beach, 6-km south at the tip of the island, is less appealing, but the ride across Neill's central paddy land is pleasant.  

    Facts and Suggestions

    All Foreign nationals need to obtain prior permission before entering into Havelock.

    There are few internet cafes and ATMs in Port Blair.

    Bicycles can be rented here for a price between Rs 50-75 per day. Though not needed they can be useful if you want to travel around Neil in a day. 

    You can get an auto-rickshaw (tuck-tuck) and go around to see self-declared private 'resorts' to find accommodation. 


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