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  • Zurich, probably the best known Swiss City, is packed with some of the best places you’ll ever visit and the most exciting things you’ll ever do. Greifensee, Lake Zurich, Grossmunster and Fraumunster are some of the best places to visit in Zurich. It’s where utopian locales seem like the norm and every place you visit is picture-perfect.

    The Alps provide a splendid backdrop to medieval structures and contemporary buildings here. Indeed, Zurich’s natural landscape is one which will make you immerse yourself, whether it’s by hiking to Lake Türler or exploring Zürich Wilderness Park. To say that the city is culture-rich is an understatement. Exhibitions, museums and theatrical productions showcase the creative scene of Zurich.

    Along with recreational activities and historical sights to see, Zurich has an exciting food culture. The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant is here along with a legendary bar that once catered to the likes of Einstein. Dine on fondue (of course!) and try meter-long sausages. Savour the taste of exquisite wines and rare whiskies. The good life is here in Zurich and is waiting for you to dive in.

    This incredible city that’s embraced in rich history and contemporariness is one of the most livable places in the world. If you’re eager to see what it has to offer, we’ve put together a list of the best places to visit in Zurich.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Zurich:

  • 01Must Visit Places in Zurich

    Must Visit Places in Zurich

    1. Lake Zurich- Idyllic, pristine and picture-perfect, Lake Zurich is a tourist’s paradise. Taking in the ‘golden coast’ on a boat with gorgeous villas on the shore is a wonderful way to spend the day.

    2. Visit the old town(Altstadt)- Altstadt or Old Town is a melting pot of culture and history. It’s where history comes alive with 19th-century buildings and the iconic Grossmunster and Fraumunster.

    3. Grossmunster Church- One of the most famous landmarks in the city, Grossmunster Church boasts numerous highlights that are all worth taking in. The Romanesque crypt and stained glass windows are just a couple; pay a visit to see them all.

    4. Fraumunster  Chruch- The Fraumunster Church is as famous as the Grossmunster Church. It's where women of Europe’s aristocracy once lived. The five stained glass windows are a sight to behold with each telling a story.

    5. Cruise down the River Rhine- Cruising the mighty Rhine, which flows from Switzerland through to Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and France before reaching the Netherlands, is one of the must-dos here. Green hills, picturesque towns and charming houses are just a few of the sights to see along the scenic waterway.

    6. Window shopping at Bahnhofstrasse main street- If you have the cash, Bahnhofstrasse is the perfect shopping destination. If you don’t, the next best thing is to window shop! Check out brand name stores like Bvlgari, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tissot before sitting down for a snack at one of the many outdoor cafes.

    7. Rope & Adventure Park- Thrill seekers looking for something a little more action-packed only have to head to Rope Park to find what they’re looking for. Test your mettle at 10 rope courses that have five skill levels ranging from easy to hard.

    8. Enjoy water rides at the Alpamare water park- Europe’s largest aqua park finds its home in Zurich and you can’t give it a miss. With thrill after thrill of water activities including 11 water slides, you can spend the entire day here and not run out of things to do.

    9. Take a Boat on the Limmat River- A boat ride on the Limmat is the best way to appreciate Old Town and its delightful landmarks. You’ll eventually come to enchanting Lake Zurich before heading back the same way.

    10. Uetliberg Hill- A panoramic view of Zurich puts things into perspective and the best way to see it is from Uetliberg Hill. The summit has the Hotel Uto Kulm, an elegant establishment with rooms overlooking the city.

    11. Swiss National Museum(Schweizerisches Landesmuseum)- Among the most important is the Swiss National Museum, a place of cultural and historical significance. You’ll be taken on a tour of Swiss history through artifacts and reconstructed rooms.

    12. St. Peter’s Church- As you explore Old Town, make it a point to visit St. Peter’s Church, one of the city’s oldest parish churches and one of the four main churches. Its original foundation walls dating back to the 9th century can be still be seen.

    13. Kunsthaus Zürich- Art lovers will find the museum of their dreams at Kunsthaus Zürich, a museum of fine arts housing collections of around 4,000 paintings and sculptures as well as photographs and installations.

    14. Schauspielhaus Zürich- The 19th century Schauspielhaus Zürich is a prominent theater that stages about 20 productions each season. English-speaking audiences are treated to selected works such as Buddenbrooks and Measure for Measure. You can log on to the theater’s website for a list of shows.

    15. Zürich Zoologischer Garten- Zürich Zoologischer Garten is the place to go to see conservation efforts come to the fore. It undertakes breeding programs of endangered species, houses around 4,000 animals and over 300 species.

    16. Zürich Opera House- The Zürich Ballet, Bernhard-Theater Zürich and Zürich Opera are all staged at Zürich Opera House, a 19th century structure in a neoclassical style. Before you go, check the official website for details on upcoming events.

    17. Rietberg Museum- The hugely popular Rietberg Museum is the perfect place to see art from Asia, Africa and Oceania. It’s a great place to learn about the cultures of these parts of the world. Try to catch the Japanese tea ceremony held in an authentic Japanese tea room.

    18. FIFA World Football Museum- FIFA World Football Museum is one of the best places to visit in Zurich if you’re an avid football fan. You’ll learn about the history of the sport and see exhibits of documents and photos about football heritage.

    19. Pavillon Le Corbusier ( Swiss art museum in Zürich)- A pioneer of modern architecture, Le Corbusier was an influential figure in urban planning (he also planned Chandigarh) and his last completed work can be seen at the Pavillon Le Corbusier. It’s currently closed for renovations and will reopen in 2019.

    20. Museum of Design- Zurich’s Museum of Design showcases architecture, industrial design and other elements of design culture. It houses over 500,000 objects that trace the development of the design. It also serves as a place to study design techniques and solutions for students of Zurich University of the Arts.

    21. Bürkliplatz  Town Square- Bürkliplatz Town Square is like an all-in-one place that contains a market, a boat dock and acts as a venue for different events. The Saturday summer flea market is a great place to find bric-a-brac and other interesting items.

    22. Botanical Garden Grüningen- Botanical Garden Grüningen is a serene locale that showcases Swiss and foreign flora. Keep an eye out for the greenhouse that draws design inspiration from the natural world to create a beautiful harmony.

    23. Linden of Hill Top- It can be frustrating finding the perfect spot for perfect views. But if you head towards the top of Lindenhof Hill, you’ll find just that. The elevated park provides spectacular vistas of Zurich’s Old Town and the Limmar River and is a great place to just chill out.

    24. Museum of Design, Zürich- Zurich’s Museum of Design showcases architecture, industrial design and other elements of design culture. It houses over 500,000 objects that trace the development of the design. It also serves as a place to study design techniques and solutions for students of Zurich University of the Arts.

    25. Castle in Kyburg- Surrounded by lush forests is a fairytale-like castle that you won’t want to leave. Kyburg today has a permanent exhibition that provides insight into the castle’s history. Don’t forget to explore the lovely landscaped garden that grows vegetables like in the old days.

    26. Aathal Dinosaur Museum- Learn about these fascinating creatures of millennia past at Aathal Dinosaur Museum. Go on a tour, watch educational films, take a break at the cafe and pick up souvenirs at the museum shop and fossil bazaar.

    27. Wildpark Bruderhaus- See animals like bisons, wild boars and red deer at Wildpark Bruderhaus. You can take a tour of the forest and learn more about these majestic animals. You can also sponsor an animal and help support the park.

  • 02Places to Eat and Drink in Zurich

    Places to Eat and Drink in Zurich

    28. Enjoy Spanish wines at Tasca Romero- This rustic eatery serves up hearty fare and Spanish wines to wash it down. The friendly, laid-back ambience and affordable menu are a hit among locals and tourists.

    29. Visit D-Vino for a classy night out- One of the best places to visit in Zurich when you’re eager for a fancy night on the town, D-Vino has weekly specials, a European menu and a great selection of wines. The bar also organizes individual tastings.

    30. Enjoy boozy brunch at Fork & Bottle- Start your day with breakfast with a twist at Fork & Bottle. The farm-to-table restaurant will work up your appetite with its selection of craft beer, boutique wine and seasonal menu. Try to catch the weekend if you can where options range from mouth-watering buttermilk pancakes to mushrooms on toast and Belgian style waffles.

    31. Eat out at the legendary Odeon café- The century-old Odeon café is a famous bar and restaurant known for its progressiveness and high profile clientele. It was the first bar to serve champagne in a glass and was a popular haunt for the gay populace. Bigwigs like Einstein and even Mussolini frequented the place.

    32. George Bar And Grill Restaurant- Tuck into delicious rump steak, sirloin and stroganoff at George Bar & Grill, the chic interior add a  classy touch to dining whether it’s lunch or dinner.

    33. Eat Fondue at Swiss ChuchiRaclette Stube/ take a cheese fondue cruise along the lake- You just can’t visit Zurich without sampling fondue and the best places to savour it are Swiss Chuchi and Raclette Stube. You can make the experience even more exciting by taking a fondue cruise aboard a ship on Lake Zurich.

    34. Eat Sausage at Zueghauskeller- Nothing beats a hearty meal that satisfies your body and your soul. At Zeughauskeller, you’ll be more than satisfied with fresh sausages cooked to perfection. You can even order sausages by the meter!

    35. Eat at the World’s Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant - Hiltl- It’s not often that you get to dine at an establishment that holds the world record for being the oldest vegetarian restaurant, which is why Hiltl is an absolute must-visit. The saffron gnocchi, Hiltl cordon bleu and country platter are divine!

    36. Drink Whiskey at the Old Crow- Over 1,600 spirits and whiskeys are available for your drinking pleasure at Old Crow. Soft lighting sets the mood before you order your choice of whiskey, some of them rare and from the owners’ personal collection.

  • 03Offbeat Places To Visit in Zurich

    Offbeat Places To Visit in Zurich
    Image Credit : Timon Klauser

    37. Discover Wirzweli-Weisenberg village near Zurich- Set aside a day to visit scenic Wirzweli-Wiesenberg near Zurich. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into the pages of a storybook.

    38. Haus Konstruktiv Art Museum- If you love conceptual art, you’ll certainly love HausKonstruktiv Art Museum. It holds up to around nine exhibitions a year showcasing the best of contemporary art.

    39. Sihl River near the Druesberg mountain in the canton of Schwyz- Take a walk or bike along the charming Sihl River. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy it at one of the many grassy areas.

    40. Beyer Clock and Watch Museum- Learn about the history of timekeeping at the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum. The museum is part of the watch shop, which incidentally, is the oldest in the country.

    41. Zürich Wilderness Park- Explore Switzerland’s wildlife at Zürich Wilderness Park that’s home to elks, wolves and brown bears among many others. Visitors get to see them in their natural habitat, which is a welcome change from zoos.

    42. MFO Park- MFO Park is an urban park that’s marked by a huge trellis and steel frames. There’s a lot to be seen here from film screenings to concerts and games.

    43. Laufen Castle- Laufen Castle is a gorgeous heritage site that overlooks the Rhine falls. It hosts special events like weddings and is home to a youth hotel and a restaurant.

    44. Adventure Park Rheinfall- Rounding off our list of places to visit in Zurich is Adventure Park Rheinfall, a place where you can get your dose of adrenaline. With the Rhine Falls in the backdrop, challenging yourself with more than 100 obstacles is an experience like no other.

    45. Sledding in Uetliberg- Come winter and Uetliberg turns into the ultimate sledding playground. Feel the snow-clad trees rush by as you zoom down the slope with the icy wind in your hair. Although it’s more of a kids’ slope, it’s a fun place for adults too.

    46. Cable car ride in Felsenegg- Zurich is laid out in all its glory from Felsenegg, which sits 800 meters high. Take a cable car to the top and see the city sprawled below with washes of green, jagged mountain peaks in the distance and buildings dotting urban spaces.

    47. Take a bath at Seebad Enge- Few things are more enjoyable than going for a swim or taking a bath after a day of sightseeing. SeebadEnge invites you to unwind at its swimming area with lake access, its barbecue and bar and sauna.

    48. Chinese Gardens- Chinese Gardens are one of the best places to visit in Zurich in summer. The temple garden is incredibly beautiful with a pond, a small island, a water palace and bamboo, pine and plum blossoms as beautiful highlights.

    49. Hiking to Greifensee- Explore Zurich’s green side with a hike to Greifensee lake. It’s the largest second to Lake Zurich in the canton of Zurich. There are several hiking trails to choose from and a variety of flora and fauna to see.

    50. Excursion to Lake Türler- Although not as famous as Lake Zurich and Griefensee, Lake Türler is nonetheless an idyllic spot with plenty of photo ops. Certain areas are open for bathing too although the best thing to do is to relax and soak up the sun.

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