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    Eco lodges in India boasts a wide range of amenities and activites for their visitors

    Photo credit: Pranav Yaddanapudi - flickr

    Ecological resorts, lodges and hotels have now become the new buzz word for environmental enthusiasts around the world. These eco-friendly alternatives adhere to environmental norms and continuously make improvements to its structure to reduce their impact on the environment. They follow the ‘green living’ mantra, thereby making them environmentally responsible.

    Interesting note: Most of the eco lodges in India and around the world, are located in and around forests and are usually constructed with eco-friendly building material. In these lodges and resorts, the staff is made to practise environmentally friendliness in all aspects of operation. 

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    Also, visitors are not allowed to smoke within the confines of the lodges and resorts. The food served in these getaways are all 100% organic and are usually grown in-house. In India there are a number of ecological resorts and lodges which provide environment-friendly and ‘green’ options for travelers.

    Bandhavgarh Park Eco Lodges

    The spotted deer

    Photo credit: Koshy Koshy - flickr

    Bandhavgarh Park lodges have been built with strict adherence to environmental guidelines. You can take a various tours through the park along with experts who will provide you with information about the species and their origin. Surround yourself with flora and fauna and become one with nature.

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    1. Tiger Trails Safari Lodge

    Have a relaxing weekend at the Tiger Trails Safari Lodge

    The Tiger Trails Safari Lodge is especially meant for adventure-seekers and ardent admirers of Mother Nature. Engage in safari trips where you will be guided by the best instructors as you catch a glimpse of the wildlife. There are camping trips where you can live in the midst of nature in a tent with modern luxuries available.

    2. Nature Heritage Resort

    Enjoy a nights stay at Nature Heritage Resort

    For wildlife lovers, Nature Heritage Resort is the place to be. Set your sights on tigers and various species of fauna. A photographer’s delight, this place will serve as an inspiration for some breath-taking pictures of nature.  The resort also provides all the necessary amenities which will guarantee that you never feel home sick.

    Corbett National Park Eco Lodges

    Birds at Corbett National Park

    Photo credit: Sankara Subramaniam - flickr

    The Corbett National Park eco lodges are surrounded by lush greens and are home to over 100 species of flora and fauna. While you rest and unwind, you will also get to witness to wildlife, birds, reptiles and other mammals.

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    The lodges and suites available here come with modern amenities as well as a tour of the entire parkthat is famous for its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Special jeeps that come along with tour guides will keep you company on this adventure. You will also be provided with valuable information about the history of the park in addition to information about the animals and plant species.

    3. Claridges Corbett Hideaway

    The Claridges Corbett Hideaway offers an experience of a lifetime. Spread over nearly 100 acres, this palatial resort is one of the most uber-luxurious eco lodges in India. There will never be a dull moment as you can enjoy elephant safaris in addition to other attractive tours. Relax and unwind while you also avail of the relaxing spa which offers rejuvenating eco-friendly natural massages that are devoid of chemicals.

    4. Corbett Riverside Resort

    The Corbett Riverside Resort can be termed as ‘magically wild’. Surrounded by nature, this luxury jungle resort will give you memories for a lifetime. For nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, this resort will offer you all the thrills that money can afford in addition to a relaxing vacation.

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    Gir National Park eco lodges

    Spacious and relaxing, Gir National Park lodge is a great way for you to detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enjoy nature at its very best here.

    5. Maneland Jungle Lodge

    The Maneland Jungle Resort lies in the heart of a jungle

    Maneland Jungle Lodge is home to the Asiatic Lion in addition to other animal species. Enjoy tranquil surroundings while you spend quality time with your family, or even yourself.

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    Escape from the daily grind and immerse yourself in the very heart of nature.

    6. Sinh Sadan Guest House

    The Sinh Sadan Guest House is another great option for wildlife lovers looking for a thrilling experience. Surrounded by nature and numerous gardens, this place is perfect for travelers who are on a tight budget. With decent accommodation available, all you need is a good book to keep you relaxed.

    Kanha National Park Eco Lodges

    The elegant peacock can be spotted at the Kanha National Park

    Photo credit: Sankarshan Sen - flickr

    Kanha National Park eco lodges offer a wide range of services and amenities that make your stay a comfortable and pleasurable one. These lodges are unique as they have been constructed by degradable products; making it friendly on the environment.

    They also promote sustainable eco housing in India and wildlife exploration at Kanha National Park. Despite the unassuming exteriors, the interiors are beautifully arranged and managed. You also have the benefit of tasting some of the local food in the area, which is both tasty and nutritious at the same time. 

    7. Wild Chalet Resort

    The Wild Chalet Resort is considered as one of the most famous eco lodges in India. Wildlife lovers patronize this resort as they have enjoyed the renowned jungle ambience. This resort is located close to the jungle, making wildlife viewing a lot more easier. Expert guides will give you an informed tour. You will never feel too far away from home as the resort provides television and internet facilities. Also, you can avail of swimming, angling and other adventure sports during your stay at the resort.

    8. Krishna Jungle Resort

    The Krishna Jungle Resort is known for promoting ecotourism and is also home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from wildlife, the fauna on display is breathtaking.

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    Enjoy a stroll down the various garden paths while you soak in the clean air that surrounds the resort. If adventure is what you seek, then you could also go on a safari.

    Kaziranga National Park Eco Lodges

    Elephant rides through the safari can be done in Kaziranga National Park

    Photo credit: Rajkumar1220 - flickr

    Kaziranga National Park is among the oldest National Parks in India. It is here that you will find various animal species, birds, mammals and reptiles in Wildlife Sanctuary at Kaziranga. Enjoy tranquil living in one of their many resorts while you relishin the amazing food along with good music. A network of buses will also keep you connected to civilization.

    9. Wild Grass Lodge

    The Wild Grass Lodge located in Kaziranga has been constructed out of sustainable material, giving it a rural feel and keeping up to its reptuation of eco lodges in India You could also get to experience what it actually feels like to go camping with the tents available for visitors who like the outdoors.

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    Nagarhole National Park Eco Lodges

    Nagarhole National Park boasts a range of wildlife

    Photo credit: Srikaanth Sekar - flickr

    The eco lodges of Nagarhole National Park is one of the sought after eco destinations in India, providing nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts a glimpse of the ‘wildlife’ along with Wildlife Adventure at Nagarhole. The colonial style setting is an added attraction. Enjoy sightseeing and also rest in the midst of nature.

    10. Jungle Inn

    Enjoy your dinner in a hut in the middle of the safari

    The Jungle Inn will help you live in peace with nature. This inn overlooks the forest and provides various wildlife sights. Visitors can also avail of rafting, swimming, rappelling and trekking. Therefore, if you love the outdoors, this inn is a great option for you.

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    11. Kabini River Lodge

    Take a slow river cruise at this eco lodge

    The Kabini River Lodge is home to a varied selection of wildlife such as tigers, elephants, deers and other animals. Touted as one of the best eco lodges in India, the sprawling estate will give you an experience of a lifetime. The forests that surround the area are rich in flora and fauna, makingit a sought after visiting place for royalty back in the day.

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    A safari through the open expanse will fill you with a sense of adventure and joy. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons when the greenery is lush and rich.

    Panna National Park Eco Lodges

    Photo credit: Brian Gratwicke - flickr

    Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh also offers eco lodges that are surrounded by forests on all sides. Rare animal species like the gazelle and the wild boar can be sighted.  Various bird species can also be seen, making it a biodiversity hotspot.

    12. Ken River Lodge

    Ken River Lodge offers a splended view of the safari

    The Ken River Lodge resides at the very heart of nature. This paradise offers luxurious living in addition to the rich and diverse flora and fauna which surrounds the place. The hospitality is great and the ambience is simply breath-taking.

    Pench National Park Eco Lodges

    Pench National Park eco lodges offers views of various plant species in addition to other animal species.

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    For sightseeing, a tranquil walk around the area is suggested. A wildlife tour is a must as it gives you a lot of information about the various animals found in the surrounding area.

    13. Pench Jungle Camp

    The Pench Jungle Camp is suited for nature lovers who enjoy spending time outdoors. The camp experience will thrill adventure lovers. You have the option of staying overnight in these camps in the jungle. For security reasons, your tent will be manned by a personal guard. You will also be provided with all the basic items required to keep yourself from getting bitten by bugs and insects.

    14. Mowglis Den Resort

    Mowglis Den Resort is spread over a large area and is home to tigers and other animal species. The forest surrounding the area is famous for teakwood. Enjoy your stay at the homely cottages that provide all the basic amenities while remaining eco-friendly in the services it provides. The food served at this resort is purely organic and fresh. For clean and balanced living, this resort is the perfect resting place.

    Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Eco Lodges

    Go bird spotting at Periyar

    Photo credit: Raja Selvaraj - flickr

    Eco Lodges of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Periyar are a great way to enjoy nature at its very best. The lodges are built from sustainable material so that they do not pose a threat to the environment. This wildlife reserve also boasts numerous bird species, attracting scores of bird watchers year round. A guided wildlife tour is something you should definitely enroll for, especially for those who are keen for some adventure.

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    15. Spice Village Hotel

    Take a river cruise to spot animals

    The Spice Village Hotel is a great getaway for you and your family. Surrounded by nature, this hotel provides an escape from the busy city life. Enjoy a relaxing stay in a hotel which prides itself on its staff service, whichcan be customized as per your requirements as well.

    16. Taj Garden Retreat

    Taj Garden Retreat has a colonial feel to it. Nestled in the lap of nature, this palatial resort will give you enough reasons to relax and unwind.  Even the water that fills up the large swimming pool in the resort is recycled so in order to conserve the water.

    Ranthambore National Park Eco Lodges

    Ranthambore National Park is of the largest and amongst the most famous national parks in Northern India. About 130 kilometres from Jaipur, its was once the former hunting gounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Today, the national park is a well known tourist destination, attracting nature lovers and wildlife photographers. The best of the eco lodges in India are in this park.

    17. Ranthambore Wildlife Eco Lodge

    Ranthambore Wildlife eco lodges are great for adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts who also wish to enjoy the tranquility that nature provides. Surrounded by lush lawns and dense greenery, it is the ideal place for travellers to relax, unwind and appreciate nature.

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    18. Tiger Den Resort

    The Tiger Den Resort offers amazing views of the mountains

    Tiger Den Resort which is situated in Ranthambore National Park will provide you with deluxe lodging facilities that ensure only the best accommodation possible.

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    Like other eco lodges in India, great hospitality, wildlife and world-class amenities make this residence a traveler’s delight. Also, you can opt for a wildlife safari which will enable you to take a more extensive tour of the entire area while you spot a few tigers along the way.