(Last Updated On: February 19, 2020)

The thrill of visiting a new country, the excitement of knowing their culture, the pleasure of spending time with the locals, everything adds up to a vacation worth reminiscing for years!

Taking a trip to a foreign country might be the next entry on your bucket list, well, you are not alone just like you many others plan but don’t implement it because of the stumbling block called MONEY. For us Indians traveling abroad is an expensive gig. We usually think that having a holiday in abroad is going to cost us a hefty amount. But, this is far from the truth, the only reason you think like this is because of the lower value of Indian Rupee (that you believe).

What if you are told that Indian rupee is not that low as you think, it is, in fact, higher than the currency of several beautiful countries. There are several exotic countries and places where you can enjoy like a king with Indian currency in your pocket. You can live your international-vacay dream without sweating loads of money.

Pack your bags, get your passport ready and get on a ride to those countries where you can have rejuvenating holidays without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Algeria

The opener to our list is the African country Algeria. Did you know that Algeria is the largest country of the African Continent not just that it is also one of the most attractive and charismatic geographical regions too? Situated on the beautiful coastlines of Africa, the country is rich in natural beauty and is an awe-inspiring place to have a vacation. The country is a perfect blend of rural beauty and urban cities depicting the true Roman culture. It is situated just a few miles away from the European nation. The currency value of Algeria is lower than Indian rupee with 1 Rupee equaling 1.63 Algerian Dinars. So, you can have a good vacation in almost half the amount you will have to spend in your own country. How interesting is that, I got my bags ready, what about you?

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Algeria from Mumbai at INR 31,904.

2. Vietnam

Next is a place with the richest, sumptuous and flavorsome food you can get your hands on – the Vietnamese food. It is placed rich in natural beauty, with lush greens and spectacular locales you can get to enjoy a variety of flavor in few bucks. The place is known for its rich tourist attraction and when you are there you’ll get the feel of an epic Spielberg movie. To add to it, the place offers you a great value for your Indian money with 1 Indian Rupee equaling approximately 334 Vietnamese Dongs. That means you can have a whole day’ meal in just one Indian Rupee. For me, it will be like becoming a king in Vietnam. So, if you want to have an extraordinary vacation by spending just a few thousand bucks then go ahead and book a flight to Vietnam, NOW!

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Vietnam from Mumbai at INR 11,052.

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3. Indonesia

The country comprises of thousands of beautiful islands like Bali, Java, Sumatra and is one heck of a place to tour. With a currency rate of almost 200 times, yes it’s one Indian Rupee equaling 197 Indonesian Rupiah you can do a lot of shopping in this country known for great local outlets. You can enjoy a tranquil evening at a beach or a rejuvenating spa session. The Indonesian beaches are the perfect place for photographers to capture some precious moments. The sunset views make your beach experience all the more exciting, making Indonesia a must-go place.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Indonesia from Mumbai at INR 12,661.

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4. Paraguay

Are you an adventurous soul? Are you someone who loves to take risks? One who is bold enough to test the adrenaline rushing through the veins? Then guys trust me Paraguay is a must go place for you. The country has a number of adventure sports making it a destination full of thrill. Whether its mountain sports or water rappelling, whether its hill climbing or rafting across fast flowing rivers you get the chance to test your metal. The currency ratio also adds to your profit with 1 Indian rupee equaling 83.31 Paraguayan Guarani, you gets to enjoy all these adventures without affecting your pocket much.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in  Paraguay from Mumbai at INR 51,054.

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5. Cambodia

A place that has a scent of history engraved in its every curve and turn, a place that is adored by history buffs for centuries. With lots of historical places and ruins and remains of some extinct civilization, the place attracts tourists who are fervent to know the untold stories. Cambodia is full of forest and enshrouded areas covering almost one-third of the land area. In Cambodia, you can go for exploring the lost civilization, the cities, and buildings. So, history lovers just pack your bags and get your tickets to Cambodia ready. The currency ratio is also on your side with 1 Rupee = 61.29 Cambodian Riels so, you can have all the fun at much cheaper rates.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport, Phnom Penh from Mumbai at INR 14,578.

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6. Mongolia


Another place where history enthusiasts can turn through the pages of times gone by is Mongolia. With a perfect blend of adventure and history, you can have a great taste of culture with fun. You can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of nomadic people and see what Mongolian culture is all about. You can also indulge yourself in lots of other refreshing activities. Other than that, you can also participate in amazing culinary delights. The currency difference of two countries makes your vacations a great covenant as you get you enjoy services 30 times cheaper, with one Indian rupee equaling 33 Mongolian Tugriks. Isn’t it a perfect holiday spot, so guys what you are waiting for? Go have a blast with a taste of history.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Mangolia from New Delhi at INR 36,303.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place branded for its rich bio-diversity, its flora, and fauna. You not only get to enjoy a perfect natural beauty but you also get it at vastly inexpensive terms with 1 Indian Rupee equaling 8 Costa Rican Colons. You can enter the world of the movie Jurassic park which was filmed in this beautiful region. The environment is full of greenery and cleanliness. If you are one person who loves the sight of green fields and sunsets then you are surely going to enjoy a retreat to Costa Rica.

How to reach:  Fly from New Delhi to Costa Rica at fares starting from INR 62,592.

8. Hungary

Next to come is the Hungarian nation, the place that is known for its architectural beauty. With ancient buildings and castles giving a wonderful excursion into history, you can appreciate history and Hungarian culture simultaneously. This is the only European nation where you get great value for your money. The place is rich in natural beauty with a number of natural parks and reserves adding to its beauty. You should consider visiting Budapest for sure where you can enjoy the astonishing view of the river Danube and spend some quality time with a special someone. The currency ratio is quite good with 1 Rupee equaling 4.12 Hungarian Forints.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to Budapest Airport from New Delhi at INR 19,771.

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9. Iceland

This country welcomes you to the mid of lush green summers and Northern lights where you can spend some actual entertaining time in heart of the Nordic country. You can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the historical monuments and have a fun outing with your loved ones. The price difference is surely not much as compared to other countries but you can still save a buck or two with one Indian Rupee equaling 1.72 Icelandic Krona.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Iceland from New Delhi at INR 24,577.

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10. Zimbabwe

Any safari lovers out there? Am I hearing a big yes? If so then guys pack your bags for this African nation where you can get a perfect taste of African Serengeti. Zimbabwe is actually a stunning place to stopover if you love seeing the biological diversity, be it flora or fauna. The marvelous beaches and the picturesque beauty make the place a perfect tourist destination. The nation is known for its rich culture both in terms of diversity and history. It is also an appealing choice for couples seeking some quality time together. The currency ratio for Zimbabwe is 1 Rupee = 5.40 Zimbabwe Dollar.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to Harare from New Delhi for INR 32,284.

11. Japan

You can give yourself a remarkable bequest by planning a retreat to this splendid country next time. The Japanese culture is a perfect blend of beauty and technology. You can enjoy the traditional foods, have a go at most advanced technology sectors or even plan a visit to the vegetable mountains. Enjoying Japanese food in the traditional way is by sitting on the floor with just a mat when you are there do try it, it is an experience that ties you back to your roots. You can also enjoy the hot springs and get yourself a fresh evening. All of this delight comes in an affordable yet exciting package with One Indian rupee amounting 1.53 Japanese yens.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Japan from Mumbai at just INR 23,774.


12. Chile

If you are someone who wants to enjoy a laidback vacation then Chile is the best option you got. The country is known for its relaxed and casual culture. The county offers an attractive vision of panorama and innate beauty. It has been one of the favorite spots for nature lovers across the globe. For us Indians, it becomes more favorable when the currency part comes in play with one Indian rupee equaling approximately 10 Chilean Peso.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Santiago from New Delhi at INR 65,673.

13. Uzbekistan

This Asian country with a rich history including the silk-road also lands below India in terms of currency value. The country is a home to a rich and beautiful history of ancient culture, cities, and architecture. The golden history of this nation dates back to 2 centuries ago and is full of ancient wars and captivating anecdotes. The current currency value of the country is 1 Rupee = 44.76 Uzbekistani Som.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Karshi from New Delhi at INR 23,443.

14. Djibouti

The country’ name may seem a bit alien to you but we bet the geography isn’t. The county is home to much larger geographical diversity with varied landscapes and extinct volcanoes. The geographical area is as small as a regular Indian State but the area is known for its majestic canyons and basaltic plateaus amongst other geographical attractions. The currency ratio of the country is 1 Rupee = 2.65 Djiboutian Franc.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Djibouti from New Delhi at fares starting from INR 29,138.

15. Yemen

The Central Asian country also adds to the list of countries with lower currency value than India. The country does have a small economical background but the historical and geographical background is all-embracing. The place is celebrated for its heart-wrenching mythical tales and rich Arabian architecture along with some barren landscapes. It gives you a feel as though the Arabian deserts have resurrected. The currency value is 1 Rupee = 3.74 Yemeni Rial.

How to reach:  Catch a direct flight from Mumbai to Yemen at attractive ticket fares.

Some other neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Korea and Nepal also adds to the list with lower currency value than the Indian Rupees. The current values of currency ratios being:


16. Sri Lanka

1 Rupee = 2.18 Sri Lankan Rupee

The country is known for its religious richness with a lot of temples and pilgrimage places to look forward to.

17. Nepal

1 Rupee = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee

Another country with marvellous natural beauty and architectural richness to look forward to.

18. Belarus

Belarus (1 INR = 268 Belarusian Rubles)

A beautiful nation for a perfectly unperturbed and peaceful vacation.

19. South Korea

1 Rupee = 16.52 South Korean Won

Known for its rich religious endeavour and the first choice for martial arts lovers.

20. Laos

1 INR = 120.35 Laotian Kip

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