Rappelling in India

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Rappelling in India

If mountaineering is tough for you, there are other adventure sports as option to choose from and have fun with. For example, you could go biking and if you still dont want to opt for that, you can then come and experience rappelling in India. You should be fit to take part in this adventure sport and leave home all your fears. It is not a free falling activity, but an activity that would keep you literally on the toes and feet. A rope would hang loose without touching the walls of the rocky slopes or anything else for support and the activity is performed under the strict watchful eyes of instructors that assure you safety at all times. Rappelling is best done from early May to the end of October across India.

It is quite different from mountaineering

Mountain climbing in India is different from rappelling, where the latter would be coming down from above with the help of a loose rope, the former is the reverse. With rappelling one would have to be in total control of their movements while descending from the rocky slopes or the face of the cliff. If the steepness of the cliffs face is too much, you can even slide down with the help of the rope given.

In India, rappelling is a rage just as trekking or any other adventure activity is, and there are many tourists from various parts of the globe who throng to the sub-continent to quench their thirst for adventure sports.

Some important places where rappelling is hot

Mountaineering in India and rappelling are fast catching the adventure seekers fancy. And there are many destinations across the Indian sub-continent to engage in such activities, for example;

  1. Rishikesh
  2. Uttaranchal
  3. Karnataka
  4. Sikkim
  5. Himachal
  6. Maharashtra to name a few

These are the best known spots to all those who come to experience trekking and mountaineering in India. Hence it comes as no surprise that India is growing to be a sought after destination for rappelling and other adventure sports as well, such as rafting, kayaking, sailing, paragliding and even scuba diving as well.

Thanks to the topography

It is because of the varied topography across the length and breadth of this mutli-cultural nation that India can offer to the world a range of adventure sport activities and thrilling times ahead. Right from the snow capped peaks to the raging desert and a wide coastal peninsula down south, India has plenty of room for adventure seekers to come and have their fill. For the discerning traveler looking for rafting in India or other sports such as rappelling and bungee jumping, India surely will give him an experience he would remember for the rest of his life.

Below is an introduction to some of the most sought after places for rappelling in India

The magnificent Rishikesh beckons: Rishikesh is not just a town thronged by pilgrims; you would find many adventure seekers from all across the place here as well. Known as the Mecca for all adventurous activities and tours, Rishikesh offers you the best of all terrains to trek on with breathtaking beauty around. The dotting hills, snow capped peaks, flora and fauna, rivers and streams, all of which contribute to making adventure sports a success in this place. Rappelling in Rishikesh surely is on your itenary this time.

An adventure seekers paradise, Uttaranchal: Take a look at Uttaranchal which is another adventure paradise for you. Many come to this place to trek and engage in rafting. If you have a fit and fine physical attribute and would like to spend that stored up energy well, try rappelling in Uttaranchal this time. You could even go rock climbing or biking as well. And you would also find many tourists opting for trekking in India tours too.

A cloudy affair at Himachal Pradesh: Play with the clouds or speak to them when you go rappelling in Himachal Pradesh. There are many destinations in this land of mountains and peaks to enjoy your adventure sports in. if you feel rappelling isnt your game, you could always jump onto one of the jeep safari tours and explore the tranquility of the dense jungles and thickets around. In short, there is always an adventurous moment awaiting your arrival in Himachal, you wont be left high and dry.

Rappelling down south with the sultry sirens: Come down south if spicy adventure tours is what you want, and this time we would like to show you how rappelling in Karnataka is done.  Right from Coorg to Dandeli there are loads of adventurous activities to do and have your thrills with. The feeling of  descending from the face of a cliff and enjoying the breath taking panoramic scenes around cannot be described in a few words here, you have to be in Karnataka to experience it all.

Maharashtra adventurous streak:  Maharashtra is just more than being a commercial state, and if you are looking at a weekend getaway, there are many options for you to choose from. One could go trekking in Maharashtra or even kiteflying as well. But whatever you do, dont miss out on the best adventure sport which is now a rage, rappelling in Maharashtra.

Sikkim calls rappellers: And how can the Himalayan kingdom be anywhere far when adventure sports are concerned and talked about? Rappelling in Sikkim is a treat, and why. Right from snow capped peaks, to rugged terrains, biking and mountaineering expeditions which takes you across the landscape. Trekking in Sikkim or spiritual tours as well, is sure a way to refresh the body, mind and soul.

And if you want to be a part of this action happening all over India at various locations, there is one name that can help you with the best packages and tours, thrillophilia is at your service!


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