Ladakh Dream – Thrilling and Enthralling

If monotony is dominating your days and worries are ruling your nights, get away for awhile – take refuge in Ladakh. There is virtually nothing that a trip to Ladakh cannot fix, and you must know we are not even exaggerating.
The Land of High Passes, Ladakh, tops every adventurer’s bucket list in India. Disconnect yourself from humdrum affairs of life, indulge in an adventurous biking experience on some of the highest motorable passes in the world, or soak up the surreal atmosphere and scenery of Ladakh.
The diverse culture of the region, unique architectural marvels from the past, and more importantly, exceptionally stunning mountainous landscapes embellished with high altitude lakes and wide valleys – you have more than a few reasons to ditch any other destination for Ladakh. So, instead of putting up with the tantrums of your routine, avail of instant cash facility with EarlySalary, and set out on an adventure of a lifetime – set out for Ladakh.

How to Travel

They say the journey is as important as the destination, and this holds absolutely true in the case of Ladakh. The journey to Ladakh will take you through the most diverse range of landscapes, painting your memory lane with myriad shades of nature. Hence, the travel mode you choose to get to Ladakh plays a major role in your overall experience.
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By Road:

If you have a hunger for adventure and a lot of time on your hands, nothing beats the fun of a road trip to Ladakh. Riding a motorbike on the winding road of the high altitude mountains will become a life-altering experience for you that changes your perspective toward life and the world. Besides, you can always take a halt wherever you want to admire nature and capture pictures.
So if you want to take the road, rental bikes are easily available in Manali and Srinagar. Ladakh is also connected with Srinagar and Manali by bus services. But if you want to go straight to Ladakh by bus instead of breaking your journey in Manali or Srinagar, bus service is available between Delhi and Leh for certain months.
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By Air:

If you do not have a lot of time to spare on travelling, Leh Airport is connected with major cities like Delhi, Srinagar, Chandigarh, etc. by flights. It is naturally the fastest and the most comfortable way to reach Ladakh from any part of the country. Even though you miss out on the road trip adventure, this option lets you witness the overview of the snow-capped mountain ranges and the dramatic change in scenery throughout the way. It’s true that travelling by air may require you to raise your budget, but with a travel loan facility of EarlySalary, money is the last thing you should be concerned about.

What To See

Ladakh is replete with sites that are wonderful enough to make anyone stare in disbelief. While most of these sites have been bestowed upon the region by nature, the rest are architectural marvels of Tibetan culture. Though the list of places to visit in Ladakh is endless, the following are the most important sites you cannot afford to miss!

  1. Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri: Whenever you hear ‘Ladakh’, the sights of these azure lakes naturally invade your imagination. These high altitude lakes sitting in the shadows of the majestic mountains, reflecting the shades of the sky, are nothing like what you may have seen in your life so far. The moments when you sit by these lakes under a starry sky and admire their beauty will become the most precious moments of your life.

  1. Leh Town: The capital town of Ladakh, the place with maximum facilities, and the cultural hub of the region, Leh is located at an elevation of 3500 metres. This exquisite desert city houses a number of attractions for explorers, namely Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, and Leh Market. Besides, Leh is also the base camp for a few trekking trails.

  1. Monasteries: After the scenic beauty, the mystical land of Ladakh owes its popularity to its rich cultural heritage. Beautifully built ancient monasteries with backdrops of mighty mountains are iconic to the culture and tourism in Ladakh. Some of the must-visit monasteries are Diskit Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, and Hemis Monastery.

What To Do

From adventure junkies to culture vultures, from nature lovers to landscape photographers – Ladakh is a delight for all types of travellers. Depending upon how you would like to make your Ladakh trip exciting, there is a variety of experiences that can be undertaken here. However, there are a few experiences without which a trip to Ladakh is somewhat incomplete. Check them out!

  1. Mountain Biking: Thanks to the numerous high altitude motorable mountain passes of Ladakh, it is, without a doubt, the mecca of bikers. It is an otherworldly experience to ride through the chilly wind on the curvy roads of the region while the sights of magnificent mountains keep you hooked and motivated.   

  1. Trekking: For those seeking some nerve-wracking action, Ladakh region has some lesser-known as well as world-famous trekking trails. Walk on the frozen Zanskar River by opting for Chadar Trek or climb to the top of the world by indulging in Stok Kangri Trek. Or if you want to tone things down a bit and take a trek that is not so challenging, Ladakh also features trails like Markha Valley Trek and Lamayuru to Chilling Trek.

  1. Cultural Exploration: Ladakh has a completely different culture from that of any other part of the country. It is best to find accommodation at homestays to secure a chance to talk about the culture and history of the region with locals. Besides, trying local delicacies and visiting age-old monasteries are also good ways to get familiar with the cultural and culinary heritage of Ladakh.

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Best Season

The best season to visit Ladakh is purely a matter of choice as to what you want to witness. From the yellows of autumns to the whites of winters, every season brings its unique tones to the region. The peak season, however, lasts from June to August because these months feature favourable weather and road conditions.
If you are planning a road trip to Ladakh, it is recommended to plan your journey between these months to ensure safety. The winter months, on the other hand, bring life to a halt in Ladakh with freezing temperatures and disconnect the region from other parts of the country. The landscapes look surreal nonetheless with white blankets of snow covering the valleys and mountains. Since the roads to Leh are closed between October and mid-April, the only way to travel is airway.
Now that you have known almost all you needed to know about Ladakh, convince your friends to join you, persuade your manager to grant you leaves, and get advance on Salary with EarlySalary. Ladakh awaits you with all its colourful surprises!  

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