Get The Bird’s Eye View: 15 Skydiving Locations For The Perfect Adventure Junkie

“I wish I was a bird…” a line that perhaps every one of us has used at least once in their entire life. Naturally man, wasn’t blessed with wings, but that won’t stop the human kind to explore newer avenues. First it was the invention of the plane, then the thrill seekers took it a step further and tried sky-diving. Although, sought with risks, the activity has seen a rise in the number of takers. And, it’s just for these people that we have listed 20 of the best locations for skydiving.

  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia

    m_Victoria Falls, Zambia

    The African nation may not be the richest in terms of economics is concerned, but is surely blessed with natural resources. Victoria Falls happens to be one of them and is the scene of the battle when you dive out of that plane in to thin air. An up close view of the Zambezi River is one that will etch itself in your memory forever.  The fall lasts for about 25 minutes, enough time for you spread your wings and soak in the bliss.

  2. Hawaii


    While most of the youth notoriously know it for being the Baywatch territory, this place has a lot more to offer. First time skydivers can especially have a great experience given the beauty of the place. The fact, that tandem sky-diving is so heavily practiced makes it a great option.  After reaching the clouds, the great drop at 120 mph seems like gold for the adventure enthusiast.

  3. Interlaken, Switzerland

    m_Interlaken, Switzerland

    The Swiss Alps have long been fancied by many a adventure seekers. And, Interlaken with its fascinating panorama of snowy mountains and blue lakes is sure to captivate your senses.  What comes unique to this place is the fact that skydiving is done from a helicopter not the usual plane, and in all seasons. Needless to say, that if you ever were to visit Switzerland, this place should be at the top of your must visit locations.

  4. Everest Skydive – Mount Everest

    m_Everest Skydive – Mount Everest

    It is perhaps the holy grail of every thrill seeking enthusiast – Mount Everest. The fact that it offers a plethora of opportunities to explore its vast expanse is something most can only dream of. The highest sky dive adventure, has its own benefits, the rush of adrenaline, loss of fear, the impending excitement and a sense of achievement. At 29, 500 ft. few can argue that the mystical Himalayas provide a feeling eerily similar to that of the heavens of our imagination. Not bad, is it?

  5. Wollongong, Australia

    m_Wollongong, Australia

    This place although little known, has slowly and steadily climbed the ladder in best spots for sky-diving. An hour’s drive away from Sydney, Wollongong provides us a free fall onto the beach side. A great way to map the shores and indulge in the scenery consisting Norfolk Alpine trees dotting the beachfront. A skydive from 15,000 ft. sure sends the chills down the spines and it’s apt that all these never to be found again emotions be recorded! First timers are you listening?

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  6. Namib desert, Namibia

    m_Namib desert, Namibia

    While all others provide you the greenery and the serene blue charm of the water bodies. Namib does none of that. In fact, the landscape take a 180 degree turn of sorts. Out go the whirling trees and in come the restful sand dunes. Explore the vast expanse of the desert while taking in the stunning view of the Atlantic coast. Something tells me, this opportunity is not to be missed out on.

  7. Florida, USA

    m_Florida, USA 1

    Sky-diving is no mean feat and it is only safe to say that if one is not brave, one can pretend to be. Because, the drop zone in the Florida sky is the longest found anywhere in the world. If that’s not enough, you get to see what space travel feels like as you hover over the Kennedy Space Center. Not many in this world are luck enough to have a view of the space shuttle launch pads and assembly vehicles. Space coast beaches on the Atlantic coast are an added bonus.

    m_Florida, USA 2

  8. Sevilla, Spain

    m_Sevilla, Spain

    You probably have watched the trio of Farhan, Hrithik and Abhya doing the skydive in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Well, guess what, this is that very place. Arguably one of the finest places to learn skydiving, this place is home to some of the best sky-divers in Europe.  Bond, with your buddies or go on a lonely drop from crazy altitudes to feel the breath of fresh air surging through the lungs. With unlimited sunshine guaranteed, the free fall is a spectacle in itself.

  9. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

    m_Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

    Skydiving is crazy enough, but some people push the envelope in terms of adventure. Russian skydiver Valery Rozov, glided through in his parachute only to land on a patch of ice on an active volcano’s crate. Phew! Close isn’t it? But, we aren’t suggesting you try that out. A safer option would be a high flying sojourn among the snow capped peaks . And, just to keep you honest a close shave past the volcano and a drop near the hot springs to keep emotions in check.

  10. Le Marche, Italy

    m_Le Marche, Italy

    We wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Italians are a different breed altogether. Something about the landscape that inspires us to be more than just mortals. Perhaps, this is exactly the reason why, people land at Le Marche for a skydiving experience. Feel that adventurous spirit rise as we set eyes on the cool blues of the Adriatic sea and the rustic charm of the old, ancient buildings.  Oh, did we forget to mention the chance to relax with a sip of the best wine available anywhere in the world afterwards. An offer, you truly can’t resist.

  11. Mauritius


    The white pristine beaches of Mauritius have always enthralled us, the blue oceanic water, the wonderful hotels and the green environs. But, there is more it than meets the eye. Mauritius has its very own drop zone and it’s anyone’s guess that it’s as spectacular as any. In fact, such is the craze, they have named the location as Sky Dive road. While thrill seeking adults are often found, Mauritius authorities allow kids to take the plunge as well (of course with their guardians only). So, which one one of you kids are up for the challenge?

  12. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

    m_Fox Glacier, New Zealand

    The New Zealanders consider it as the “best drop zone in the world”. Though the world might argue, one glance from the top at the southern alps, subtropical rain forests and so many fabulous water bodies you’d lose count of them is enough to get you already and geared up for the dive. The scenery is obviously the cream, but with experienced skydivers in tandem, your focus need not be diverted from the underlying magnificence. Fun fact: It is the 2nd most scenic skydive, beaten only by the mighty Mt. Everest.

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  13. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

    Pal Jumeirah, Dubai

    Dubai, has over the years turned from a desert land to a mega metropolis. The turnaround has been a miracle of sorts. And trust the Shaikhs of the region to leave no stone un-turned to attract visitors from all around the globe. The fall over Palm Jumeirah is a classic example. Set you eyes upon the glitzy key-line, the shimmering beaches and man-made wonders right in the sea. Dubai even has parachuting contest of its won every year, ever more incentive to drop by.

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  14. Pattaya, Thailand

    m_Pattaya, Thailand

    It is rightly hailed as the sky diving hub of Asia. While it is difficult to hold off competition from Mt. Everest, Pattaya with its scenic locales, have attracted sould who are about to take baby steps in the world of adventure. With its provision for safe tandem skydiving, world class instructors and relatively cheap accommodation the asian contingent continue to throng Pattaya.

  15. Bled, Slovenia

    m_Bled, Slovenia

    How would it be to have a free fall in a dream sequence, full of natural bliss, scenery and winds coursing through your locks? Incredible, isn’t it? A rural landscape that is unspoilt is perhaps the biggest ace in the pack of this region.  The lake island of Bled has produced two former skydiving champions and it is best to learn the craft from while in their company. Yes, we’re serious. It is easily the most affordable holiday adventure in Europe and one that we heavily recommend.

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