Whisk your beloved away to breathtaking locations and sweet embraces of nature to tell them just how much you love them. These are not only resorts and places but unbridled experiences that will be etched in your memory forever. From dining in the jungle to soaking up in an open air Jacuzzi and spending quality time over the bonfire, here are 25 places, experiences and resorts around Bangalore to surprise your Valentine.

  1. Candlelight Dinner at Taj Westend:

    When it comes to romance, clichés never fail. In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it is indeed hard to catch that one moment where you can reconnoiter the romance with your significant other. Surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner experience at Taj Westend and revel in the romantic ambience as your taste-buds are treated to amazing and delectable cuisine of the Blue Ginger Hotel. Your dining area overlooks a beautiful and dreamy tulip flower bed that looks like it has jumped straight out of a fairy tale.


    Feel like royalty as your enjoy the fantastic ambience that includes a private space enclosed by curtains and lit up by a cheery candlelight. You will also have the never before experience of having a private butler who will wait on you, hand and foot. Catch up on memories and share an experience as you relish a delicious 4 course meal prepared exclusively for you.

  2. Couples Cooking Session

    Thinking that cooking is your wife’s job is a surefire way to invite disaster! Instead, why b=not take her out and engage in a fun and yet helpful cooking session for couples. The session happens in state of the art cooking studio in the city. It is here that you can test your culinary skills and perhaps even show them off to your partner who thinks you are a disaster in the kitchen.


    Have unlimited fun with activities like making a recipe only with the available ingredients that the organizers will give you. You can learn under the guidance expert chefs who will teach you tips and tricks that you can put to use even in an everyday kitchen.

  3. Dinner Under The Stars at Taj Westend


    The romance of a starlit sky has been extolled enough in our beloved Bollywood songs, so you know it has the magical ability to revive a lost relationship. Give yourself the much needed pampering and joy of togetherness with a romantic experience of dinner under the stars at Taj Westend. The inky blue sky plays the job of being an ideal marquee to your shared happiness. Whisper sweet nothings or reaffirm your vows of love as you munch on a specially prepared by a chef who will visit you at the table. You will also have a butler right by your side to give you a feel of royalty.

  4. Take Home Chef Surprise:


    The best way to apologise after a long fight is to give your loved one a surprise that they will never forget! Cooking a bed breakfast, dinner or lunch might be the best way to cure those post-fight blues. However, if you do not know salt from sugar, there is still a way you can do that! Take home chef is one of the best choices you can make if you want to surprise your loved one. Ask your partner what their favorite meals and a trained and professional chef will whisk them up in your own kitchen. Chat with the top chef for a few minutes and watch as the magic of gourmet unfolds in front of your eyes.

  5. Rooftop Dining at Jade 735

    Take a time out and explore the happiness of just being with your partner in a specially tailored rooftop dining experience which will be unforgettable for you.  This unbeatable dinner experience will take you on a dreamlike setting on the rooftop of a gorgeous resort called Jade 735.


    The lunch will be served to you on a shaded rooftop on a palanquin that has been especially set up for this experience. Relax in these stunning surroundings as the stars sparkle on your amorous encounter. The dinner will be customized for you and your partner and is sure to keep your spirits up for days to come!

  6. Dining alongside Jacuzzi

    A never-before experience awaits you as you arrive at Jade 735 for a rare experience of dining beside a Jacuzzi on an open rooftop. At the Suite-Ra Lounge in the resort, you can dine beside a plush Jacuzzi in an ambience done up tastefully with curtains, ambient lighting, curtains and candle; if that is not a recipe for a romantic dining experience, then what is!


    While on this experience you can enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi bath with your partner and thereafter enjoy a delicious and customized dinner spread. You can bite into the in-house delicacies and relax in the massage chairs too! This Suite-Ra Lounge dining with Jacuzzi experience is one of its kind!

  7. Week Full Of Surprises

    Just how much you adore your beloved is hard to describe in words, but as we all know, actions speak louder than words! So say it with an action that is a world apart from anything you’ve done so far. Gift them not one day, not two days but a week full of surprises that consist of cakes, bouquets, gifts and games that embody a sense of pampering and celebration. Occasion or no occasion, you can avail of this activity just to give your beloved, the much needed reminder that you care!


    You can pick your experience from 3 distinct packages, all of which are just as exceptional in their own specific way! Day 01 comprises of a cake surprise. This is followed by games like knotty affair and spin the bottle on day 02. Day 03 carries with it an balloon bunch surprise, alongside a 100 reasons activity on day 04. Day 05 is the day that your adored would get a bunch of blooms, with an alluring mystery gift day 06! The experience closes on day 07 as your adored one gets a personalized gift from you.

  8. Poolside Dining at Jade 735


    Appreciate an unparalleled poolside dinner sojourn as you delight in a romantic visit with your loved one. Relish a delectable candlelight dinner by the pool, with a menu that has been personalized as per your needs. Delight on the wonderful poolside dining area, where you will get a private space all to yourself! Reinvigorate your relationship and sentiment with this experience that will without a doubt be one of its kind. This special poolside supper experience is done among the most excellent environs that incorporate a 10ft waterfall and a cheerful candlelight that will cast its shine in your eyes.

  9. Submerged Pool Dining at Jade 735m_Picture8

    If just candlelight, romance and dinner is not enough for you, then embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity to dine in a pool with 2ft of water lapping at your toes. This submerged pool dining experience treats couples with an unparalleled charm of dining in a way that is unheard of. The dining area is built especially for you amid a gorgeous expanse of natural beauty that is replete with a 10ft waterfall. Enjoy dining in a private nook that has been made just you and your partner.The dinner experience and meal choice can be customized to suit your tastes, choices and preferences. The meal includes a welcome drink and your own dinner; a-la-carte!

  10. Dinner in a Gazebo with a Movie


    If a movie date is your idea of a perfect romantic sojourn, then this experience is just for you. Combining the best of both worlds the getaway offers you the option to dine in a beautifully decorated gazebo seating. The dinner consists of a personalized menu that you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. The added advantage is that in this experience you can watch a movie of your choice on the rooftop in the open air and under the inky blue sky.

  11. Relaxing Milk Bath For Couples

    How would you like to revel in a lush sense of joy and happiness as you get pampered from head to toe! This is the exact experience that is waiting for you if you decide to opt for the rejuvenating milk bath for couples at Golden Palms Resort and Spa. You can revel in an experience very much like Cleopatra’s Milk Bath, which consists of a bath tub filled with milk, honey and rose petals that will nourish and replenish your skins while giving you the joy of being in the company of your most dearly loved.


    This experience is especially for you if you desire decadence and luxury in life. The offbeat and memorable session commences as you arrive at the resort and are greeted with a welcome drink and and a dinner at Café Solaire, after which the bath session begins. Enjoy this incredible experience of decadence and luxury.

  12. Pub Crawl Around Bangalore

    Put on your party shoes and take your partner for a whirl around town with the pub crawl activity. Paint the town red as you are taken around the breweries, discos and pubs that Bangalore is known for! As you commence on this activity, you will be briefed about the nightlife of the city and what the structure of the activity is going to be.


    Shake a leg to the groove of many parties that happen around town in pubs like Ice (Taj), Ibar (The Park), Blimey (MG1 mall) or Skyy (UB City), which happen to be one of the best places to see the city come alive! You can grab a bite at one of the late-night food joints around the city that are famous for their delectable cuisine. Put on your dancing shoes and boogie the night away to the best pub crawl in the city!

  13. Asian Food Walk


    Bangalore is known nationwide for its amazing nightlife and delicious cuisine to boot! It is here that all the gastronomical delicacies of the world boil down to bring you a taste platter unlike any other. This Asian Food Walk takes you across to some of the most famous oriental cuisine joints of the city. The food walk begins at ‘Fatty Bao’ and progresses onwards to ‘Ho-Gin-Minh’, ‘Fatty Sour’ at these places you can sip on various delectable cocktails as well as starters like dumplings, rolls and baos. The food walk then progresses onwards to ‘Mamagoto’ and Phobidden Fruit, which are both known for their stunning taste and sheer variety of gastronomic delights.  If you and your partner are foodies, then this is one of the most perfect activities to spend your time with!

  14. 5 Course Dinner Under a Helipad

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    If you want to put a fresh twist of experiences on your romance, then the best way to do it is to engage in experiences that are far cry from the ordinary! You can munch on a world class culinary fare at a romantic location that is unlike any other, A HELIPAD! The dinner consists of a massive 5 course meal that will be served by you by a butler who is at your service throughout the experience. Marvel at the gorgeous view of the city from the heights of a helipad which will fill you with wonder and awe! There will also be soft music playing to set the mood of the activity. Sip on a refreshing glass of wine as you indulge in a heart to heart conversation about life and love.

  15. Night Trek at Ramnagara


    If adventure and thrill is what gets you and your partner going, then indulge in an unforgettable night trek at Ramnagara which holds the promise of a fairytale romance that is worlds apart from anything you have experienced so far! Appreciate the gorgeous view of the scenery with your partner by your side and embark on an experience that will bring you closer than ever before. You will embark on this night trek along with a guide who is experienced and knows the ins and outs of the area. The cherry on top of this experience is that you will start on the 3km night trek and have the joy of reaching the summit to find a dinner, wine and cake waiting for you. What could be more beautiful than the raw beauty of nature for company! Witness the unparalleled view of the sunrise from the summit, an experience that will both-humble and delight you!

  16. Underwater Couple Photography Shoot


    If you love to go click at every special moment, then this activity is just right for you! But selfies are so overdone and studio sessions are too mainstream, right? Then, pick this activity where you can capture the special relationship that you and your partner share in an underwater photography shoot! Yes! That’s right! The activity takes place underwater as well as on the outdoors. You can meet with the professional photographer who will take care of everything for your shoot; right from props, storylines, costumes to make-up! You can also choose to have the session on the outdoors at a destination of your choice. There will also be a session on candid photography where you can capture each other’s best moods!

  17. Vythiri Village Resort, Wayanad

    Escape to the hills of Malabar region in Wayanad with your beloved. The Vythiri Village Resort in here is the ideal amalgamation of relaxation, rejuvenation and romance.


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    For it is in this place you and your partner will get to experience harmony with nature with wafting spicy fragrances, relaxing vibe of the streams and splendid sights of the mountain peaks. Have a riveting time and head back home with a new lease of life.

  18. Camping Experience at Sakleshpur

    To add adventure to your Valentine’s Day, head to the pristine land of Sakleshpur for a refreshing camping experience.Pitch your tent amidst verdant coffee estates and woody hills.


    At night, sleep under the starts with the soft embrace of Mother Earth and wake up to the sweet sounds of nature. Savour in breakfast by the lake. Later during the day, you both can discover the charms of this place together.

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  19. Stay at Silent Shores Resort, Mysore

    Lolling on 20 acres of absolute serenity is the Silent Shores Resort in majestic Mysore. This is where you can spend your Valentine’s Day with your loved one.


    The scenic environs lend to a peaceful state of mind and the elegantly furnished rooms clubbed with great amenities pamper you both. To further enhance your experience, get a couple massage at the rejuvenating spa.

  20. Stay at Yedamakky Cottage, Coorg

    Offering a sweet respite from the humdrum of daily life is the warm and welcoming Yedamakky Cottage in ambrosial Coorg. Let the whistling winds whisper into your ears as you take in the expansive sight of green stretches. Indulge in traditional Coorgi cuisine. Together, retreat to the enchantment of nature and splendour of misty hilltops.

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  21. Turtle Bay Resort, Udupi

    Spend quality time with each other at the Turle Bay Resort inUdupi. Fringed with Sowparnika River on the east and the sparkling Arabian Sea on the west, the stay offers splendid views.


    Get to know your loved one better over private walks on the beach with cool breeze passing by. Laze about the whole day and watch the spectacular sunset together.

  22. Stay at Kadkani, Coorg


    Get enraptured by the magic of dewy Coorg at the Kadkani Resort. Offering luxury in unhindered nature, truly unwind with your partner and forget about the rest of the world.

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    In this place, you are spoilt for choices with boating, river rafting, shuttle, volleyball and whole other indoor and outdoor activities. 

  23. Stay at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad

    Along with your beloved, bask in the warm embrace of Mother Earth at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad. The natural and refreshing aura is sure to melt away any tiffs and create a strong bond.


    Spread over 35 verdant acres, where the fresh fragrance of coffee, spices and tea comes wafting through, this place lends a surreal experience. The rustic stays made out of mud are perpetually pleasant. Let the love blossom over these pristine surroundings.

  24. Stay at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

    Escape with your loved one to the heart of untamed nature where myriad marvels abound in one place. Be it delightful brooks, bountiful forest or serene river, the destination of Bheemeshwari has it all.


    Seamlessly matching the wilderness surroundings are the Jungle Lodges here. Together, unravel the rustic delights or add the dose of adventure with the multitude of activities such as trekking, coracle ride, rafting, bird watching, mountain biking, zip-lining, kayaking and rope walk. Rest assured there will never be a dull moment this Valentine’s Day.

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  25. Stay at Amanvana Spa Resort, Coorg

    For a sweet respite from the bustle and mundane of everyday life, retreat to the beguiling Amanvana Spa Resort in misty Coorg. The ambience of the place is such that both you and your beloved will instantly feel relaxed and refreshed. Laze about in the sprawling bungalow that is aesthetically designed.


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    Come evening and engage in a sumptuous barbeque dinner by the river side. Watch with baited breath as the sunset paints the sky a bright hue. You and your love can even avail of the picnic package to the wonderful island that is sight to behold with its distinct flora and fauna. The entire experience will make the Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

  26. Stay at The Serai, Kabini

    Sweep your beloved off her/his feet at the mystic point where three bountiful wildlife parts converge. Stay at a charming cottage with a mesmeric view of Kabini Lake.


    Take in the sights of greenery that abounds and the sweet sounds of birds chirping. Experience the beauty and warmth of Mother Earth along with your partner. Feel further alive with an invigorating massage at the exquisite spa.

  27. Stay at Eagle Eye Holidays, Chikmagalur

    Sojourn amidst 130 acres of verdant expanses of coffee, tea and spice plantations clubbed with orchid stretches. Overlooking the mesmeric and misty Western Ghats, the Eagle Eye Holidays, Chikmagalur will pamper you and your partner with that much needed break.


    To feel one with the soothing surroundings, stay on a tree house that offers an enthralling experience. Begin your day healthy with the yoga and meditation avenues available. Walk on the adventurous and wild side by indulging in trekking and rock climbing.

  28. Stay at Windflower Resort, Coorg

    Spread over 25 delightful acres of verdant coffee plantation, Windflower Resort in Coorg is an experience in itself. It is here you and your partner can spend cherishing moments. Wake up to the soft rays of sun penetrating through the huge bay window and take in the unrestrained sight of greenery in front of you.


    Enhance the whole experience by soaking up in the open air Jacuzzi that looks up to cotton candy clouds. You can even treat yourself and your partner to a hot oil massage that will relieve all the stresses away.

  29. Stay at Hornbill Resort, Dandeli

    Seek sweet refuge in the arms of unmarred nature with your precious one. The inviting Hornbill Resort in Dandeli located in the jungle is like a lover’s nest, where the mighty river Kali flows by lending a numinous charm to the whole place.


    Spend cherished moments by the natural Jacuzzi that this river creates. Romance the waters as you go on a thrilling water river rafting adventure. Also, the untamed jungles call for an exciting safari experience.

  30. Stay at Orange County Resort, Kabini

    Escape to the beguiling Orange County Resort in Kabini, where nature is in its purest form. Lounging amidst three hundred lush acres of coffee and spice plantations, the resort is fringed by the bountiful Dubare Reserve Forest on side and the mystic river Cauvery on the other.Orange-County-Resort-1

    It is here that the invigorating aroma of coffee comes wafting through. To make your stay more special, enjoy supper and wine by the lake as you see the mesmerising sun setting over the horizon.

  31. Stay at Seagot Banasura, Wayanad

    Rekindle the romance with your partner with a luxury camping experience amidst breathtaking nature. Seagot Banasura in Wayanad offers a one of a kind experience.


    Wake up together to the sound of chirping birds and make merry by the music and bonfire. You can also take the experience up a notch by going trekking, boating or getting an Ayurveda treatment together.

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  32. Stay at The Bison Resort, Kabini

    Along with your beloved, rejuvenate in the arms of wilderness at the The Bison Resort in Kabini. The unique stay is nestled at the convergence of the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks and on the shores of the mysterious Kabini River.

    A fascinating amalgamation of East African camp and erstwhile hunting lodges of the Raj, it is in this place that you both can explore the exotic wildlife. Have the exhilarating experience of dining in the jungle and taking a fascinating boat ride during moonlight nights.

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  33. Stay at SwaSwara, Gokarna

    Along with you loved one; attain nirvana at the SwaSara in laid back Gokarna. Attain harmony of the mind and soul together with the nurturing strokes of nature.


    The entire ambience of the place is such that you feel one with Mother Earth as it beautifully lies amongst verdant hills and swaying coconut palm trees. Meditate together on the hilltop amidst clusters of trees and indulge in flavourful Ayurveda food to be in the pink of health.

  34. Stay at The Grand Palace, Yercaud

    The misty and dreamlike hill top beckons for a lovely Valentine’s Day. At Grand Palace in Yercaud, you are showered with a double treat of the placid Yercaud Lake fringing on one side and the majestic valley of Killiyur Falls on the other.


    The environs are such that you would forget all of your stresses and are able to spend quality time with your better half. Indulge in the various recreational facilities that the resort offers and make the stay a memorable one.

  35. Stay at The Heritage Resort, Coorg

    Since long the dewy land of Coorg has been heralded as the ideal romantic destination offering an unparalleled experience to love struck couples. Permeating in this pleasant aura of this location is the Heritage Resort.


    Offering an unbridled view of the greenery, this is where you and your dear can wallow in tranquillity and serenity. Take a romantic dip into the pool that offers a breathtaking view of the hills. Invigorate at the Ayurveda Spa or discover the charms of the land by cycling together.


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